20, a Super Blood Moon lunar eclipse will turn the moon a dark red color and help to liberate our deepest inner truths. The shadow of this rare eclipse, which in the U.S. Can be glimpsed from coast to coast, will clear stagnant emotions and unearth self-knowledge that has been buried inside of us for years, decades—or even lifetimes. Planets symbols in vedic astrology pisces.

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  1. No, it's not as spooky as it sounds The super blood moon is supposed to take place on May 26, 2021, but what does this actually mean? While the name Read more on womanandhome.com. Moon; Astrology; Lifestyle (UK) Supermoon; Horoscopes.
  2. Astrology is concerned with natural cycles and the cosmological, rather than man-made, measurement of time. Therefore an astrological Blue Moon would be more meaningfully defined as a second consecutive new or full moon that falls in the same astrological sign, not necessarily falling in the same calendar month. What does a super blue blood.
  3. Using Astrology It is September 28, 2015 as I write this and we just had a rare, dramatic and beautiful lunar eclipse. It was called both a Blood Moon and a Super Moon. This combination last occurred in 1982 and won’t occur again until 2033.

Full moon lunar eclipses, like the one coming up on Jan. 31, 2018, dubbed the super blue blood moon, are always considered a wild card in astrology. Its effect on your horoscope cannot be predicted, except to admit that it will be, well.. unpredictable. But the meaning of the super blue blood moon for each zodiac sign is a little easier to interpret, since the purpose of eclipses is generally understood to astrologers to be a cataclysmic change that propels people forward into the next phase of their lives. In order to understand the purpose of this moon, we have to look a little more closely at the astrology of this particular moment in time, as well as the astrology that was going on six months ago.

We know, for instance, that the lunar calendar ties this blood moon to the new moon that occurred on Aug. 21, 2017. That new moon was a particularly powerful one, as it occurred in conjunction with a solar eclipse, which marked a new beginning with new opportunities to achieve things you've never achieved before. Lunar eclipses are a little more emotional. While solar eclipses mark a new beginning, the lunar eclipses mark the end of a lunar cycle, and a period of growth in our lives.

Themes Of The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

To find out what the meaning of this super blue blood moon eclipse for your sign in particular, you'll have to look at the house of your chart it falls in, and lucky for you, I've done it for you.

If you have little to no personal planets in these houses, you'll know it, because you won't notice any sort of effect on you from this moon. You might notice its effect on the lives of people around you, but your own feathers won't be ruffled at all.

A Quick And Final Ending

If this eclipse falls in a house where you do have personal planets, you can expect a new piece of the puzzle of your life to be put in place, signaling a quick, final ending to an old chapter.

Super Blood Moon Meaning Astrology

You might feel like what you learn at eclipse time is like the rug being pulled out from underneath you. The information presented to you could be a quick and final blow to a situation you might not have even known was in jeopardy. You could lose a job you've been suppressing your hatred over for months. You could find evidence of an affair you had buried suspicion about. On the other hand, you could have been aware of this discomfort all along, and the eclipse could be the moment you've been waiting for to make your final move. In that case, you might be the catalyst for the changes you have been wanting to make, and the fear that's kept you from making those changes will somehow disappear.

Here's what you can expect to learn at eclipse time, based on the house that is affected.

Aries: Fifth House (Self-Expression)

Since this eclipse is in your fifth house of self-expression, there's a chance that you will make your true feelings known to someone close to you, or that they could do the same for you. The fifth house also rules children, so *gulp* pregnancy news could also be on the table.

Taurus: Fourth House (Domestic Life)

Now is the time to make any changes to your domestic life, which could be dissatisfying you in any number of ways — from your roommates, to your apartment decor, or the apartment you live in itself.


Gemini: Third House (Communication)

The third house rules communication, siblings, and neighborhoods, so expect a new, major upheaval in either of those areas. I wish I could be more specific, but it's likely that if you're affected by this eclipse, you already know what I'm talking about.

Cancer: Second House (Earned Income)

Look at the areas in your job where you're underperforming or haven't stepped fully into your power yet, and get ready to make your move to impress those around you with your true earning power.

Leo: First House (Physical Appearance)

This eclipse is pushing you into the spotlight as some major changes occur in your house of personal identity and physical image. Take action. Your higher self is calling you.

Virgo: Twelfth House (Spiritual Life)

With an eclipse in your twelfth house, you can expect a clear spiritual awakening about the purpose of your life. It might be clear that you have to let one thing go in order to serve that purpose, but it will be worth it.

Libra: Eleventh House (Hopes, Dreams, And Friendships)

An affiliation with a group of people, or one friendship in particular, no longer serves your higher purpose. You'll finally be ready to move on from it, and you can feel confident in that decision.

Scorpio: Tenth House (Career, Public Image)

If you're unhappy in your job, you might feel as though this eclipse brings you to a place of willingness to let go. Even if you feel the security is good, it's better to go after what excites you. Something better lies ahead.

Sagittarius: Ninth House (Philosophical Beliefs)

A new trip or a project that involves a huge leap of faith is now weighing heavily on you; don't waste time procrastinating. Take your ideas and broadcast them to the world.

Capricorn: Eighth House (Psychological Transformation)

This eclipse is transforming your approach to finances, money, and your work-life balance. You can expect a sudden moment of insightful clarity around this time. Follow your gut.

Aquarius: Seventh House (Partnerships)

It's time to balance your desires with the desires of people around you. This eclipse brings a huge change in the area of relationships, either by making one official or by ending it suddenly.

Pisces: Sixth House (Daily Responsibilities)

Your self-worth is about to go through the roof, though sacrifices need to be made in the areas of either your health, daily work, and lifestyle. You're done settling for less.

What does a blue moon mean in astrology?

Therefore an astrological Blue Moon would be more meaningfully defined as a second consecutive new or full moon that falls in the same astrological sign, not necessarily falling in the same calendar month. These are the “Blue Moons” relevant to astrologers.

What does a super blue blood moon mean?

It refers to a total lunar eclipse because, when the moon is completely eclipsed it takes on a reddish colour. During this eclipse direct sunlight is completely blocked by the earth’s shadow. The only light that can be seen is refracted through the earth’s shadow, and this light looks red just like with the sunset.

What does a blood moon Symbolise?


The claim of a blood moon being a sign of the beginning of the end times originates in the Book of Joel, where it is written “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.” This prophecy repeated by Peter during Pentecost, as stated in Acts, though Peter

Full Moon Meaning Astrology

What does a rare blue moon mean?

Blue-colored moons are rare – aren’t necessarily full – and happen when Earth’s atmosphere contains dust or smoke particles of a certain size, slightly wider than 900 nanometers. Particles of this size are very efficient at scattering red light.

What is the rarest moon?

Because of the way light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere during an eclipse, red light from the Sun is reflected onto it and gives it a reddish colour and the nickname blood moon.

Moon and astrology

What happens on a blood moon?

This blood moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse. During a total lunar eclipse, Earth lines up between the Moon and the Sun. The air molecules from Earth’s atmosphere scatter out most of the blue light. The remaining light reflects onto the Moon’s surface with a red glow, making the Moon appear red in the night sky.

Super Blood Moon Meaning Astrology

What is a wolf moon?

The January full moon is often called the Wolf Moon, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which may date back to Native American tribes and early Colonial times when wolves would howl outside villages.

Is today a blood moon?

It’s a partial lunar eclipse, which will occur on Thursday, November 18, 2021 and be visible from North and South America, Australia, parts of Europe and Asia. In fact, it’s so nearly a “Blood Moon” total lunar eclipse.

When’s the next Super Blood Moon?

Partial Lunar Eclipse of Nov.

The next total lunar eclipse, or “blood moon,” will occur May 26, 2021, and it will be at least partially visible from eastern Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean and much of the Americas. A partial lunar eclipse will follow on Nov.

Will there be a blood moon in 2020?

Earth’s atmosphere bends sunlight, so the planet doesn’t cast a jet-black shadow. So, if the whole moon passes through the innermost part of Earth’s shadow, we see a copper-colored lunar face. This is known as a total lunar eclipse, or a “blood moon.” In 2020, we’ll observe four penumbral lunar eclipses.

Is the moon turning to rust?

The moon is turning ever so slightly red, and it’s likely Earth’s fault. Our planet’s atmosphere may be causing the moon to rust, new research finds. Rust, also known as an iron oxide, is a reddish compound that forms when iron is exposed to water and oxygen. “The Moon is a terrible environment for [rust] to form in.”

Full Moon Today Astrology

What does a orange moon mean?

The light that is reflected off the moon has to travel through the atmosphere to reach us. This is part of the reason why the bright orange/red moon is typically seen closer to the horizon. The atmosphere contains many particles and what happens is the light that’s traveling through gets absorbed and scattered.

What are the full moons for 2020?

Super Blood Moon Meaning Astrology Moon

Full moons of 2020

  • Jan.
  • Feb.
  • March 9 – Worm moon (supermoon)
  • April 7 – Pink moon (supermoon)
  • May 7 – Flower moon (supermoon)
  • June 5 – Strawberry moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse (not visible in U.S.)
  • July 5 – Buck moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse.
  • Aug.

How rare is the blue moon?

Blue moons are relatively rare as well, occurring on average just once every 2.5 years or so. We last saw one in March 2018. The next one is in August 2023.

Super Blood Moon Meaning Astrology Sign

How often do blue moons occur?

Super Blood Moon Meaning Astrology Symbol

How often does a blue moon happen? Normally blue moons come only about every two or three years.

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