Fifth house in astrology: The fifth of the astrology houses, or the House of Pleasure, describes the creative and joyful activities, including entertainment, games, athletics, and sex. It is ruled by the Sun and the sign of Leo and signifies the creation of art and culture. Sun in 5th House: The Sun in the 5th House is a wonderful placement as it illuminates the creative mind with immense passion. You will have a strong desire to express your creativity through writing, drama, art, sports and romance. This placement also inflates the ego and causes overconfidence.

Sun In Fifth House Vedic Astrology Chart

Sun in Fifth House:

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May astrological sign. Sun in 5th house has been called “Parivar ki unnati ka malik” i.e. ‘Catalyst of family‘s prosperity‘ and it has been said “Bhadon suraj paanchvein ghar ka, Tez tapish ka pakka ho. Rqia par upkaari have, Sarllm alp naa aayu ho “.

The native will experience excellent mental powers, helping him to understand any situation minutely, thus helping himself deeply to understand mysteries of Life. This year his intelligence and intellect have the ability to earn him wealth. He can be recipient of unexpected wealth which will form the base of his family’s prosperity.

Joy from own children would be experienced. Kids will flourish. Friends will specially contribute in his prosperity and growth.

Sun in this house either in conjunction or aspect of enemy planets result in increase of jealousy. Expenditure will be on the higher side. Agony and distress would be felt from persons close to him. Misery in undesired journeys would be experienced. This year would not be good for marital happiness. Possibilities of differences of opinion with spouse. Spouses health can be cause of concern to him. Legal judgments can go against him. Matters related to children may cause problem. A deep friendship can tum into enmity, resulting in loss of prestige and money.

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Sun is malefic in following cases 1. If there is a planet in the twelfth house. 2. If Jupiter is in 10th house. 3. If Saturn is in 3th house.


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To increase the benefic results and reduce the male?cs take the following precautions and remedies 1. Feed jaggery and grams to red faced monkeys.

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