A sense of beauty and grace, light heartedness, merriment and thoughts of love are the key notes of this conjunction. The native has refined mental qualities and his mind is sympathetic, artistic and poetical.He displays grace in speech, writing and is communicative. Etiquette of Venus and communication ability of Mercury make the native a good diplomat. His selection of time and words is exact in this respect. On this account he also proves to be a good partner in marriage .or otherwise. The understanding for relationship is great with this conjunction and if the native also has strong Saturn, he can be a good mathematician.

North indian vs south indian vedic astrology

Namely, in this classical source is mentioned that if the 4th house is occupied by a natural benefic while Venus is in the 1st house, it extends the enjoyment of comforts and luxuries. Furthermore, if Venus is in its own sign, it forms a very powerful and fortunate planetary combination called Maharaja Yoga.

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Sun And Venus In 4th House Vedic Astrology

Generally, the native with this aspect chooses the social and pleasurable side of life, not the laborious. He takes delight in enjoying the lighter form of literature. He is usually healthy as he worries very little and jealousy does not agree with his temperament. According to classical authors, if Mercury and Venus are conjunct at birth, the native is abundantly rich, supreme in his descent, sweet in speech, delightful and becomes a politician.

He sings sweetly, makes fun and likes scents and flowers. He studies Vedas, becomes virtuous and Wise and is able to maintain many people. lf Mercury conjuncts Venus in the lst house, the native is proficient in governmental works and earns the favour of the king. He is learned, rich and observes moral code.

Sun and venus in 4th house vedic astrology compatibilitySun And Venus In 4th House Vedic Astrology

lf the conjunction occurs in the 4th house, the native possesses pleasing physique, has friends, relatives and children. He behaves like a king and becomes a high official. lf Mercury conjuncts Venus in the 7th house, the native has a beautiful and conducive wife, enjoys many comforts and possesses a handsome and healthy body.

Vedic Astrology Houses Meaning

He is always eager to enjoy the company of cute dames. He displays diplomacy and common sense in day to day affairs. If the conjunction occurs in the 10th house, the native has a pleasing appearance and is wise politically. He is a king or his equal, virtuous and wealthy.


4th House In Vedic Astrology

He honors the guests, gets engaged in religious discussions, completes the tasks undertaken successfully and patronizes holy and pious people. Should Mercury and Venus be in one house, the native will be spiritless, his welfare will be checkered. He will have mean wife and sons and yet he will shower affection on them. Should the conjunction be in the lst, 5th or 9th house he will earn titles and immense money.

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