Learn vedic astrology online in a comprehensive course that will teach you the basics in a 12 lesson course that is packed with information audios and exercises for you to practice eon. In addition you are given answers too to check your progress.two courses. Learn in face to face classes and in a correspondence course. Vedic astrology 2020 predictions. Check out some of the Case Studies Using Vedic Astrology. Learn All about VEDIC ASTROLOGY and How This Predictive System Reveals Your DESTINY. Check out some of the Case Studies Using Vedic Astrology. [email protected] +61 413 124 809; ASTROLOGY TV; ABOUT; NEWS BLOG; CONTACT; Search for: Search. FREE Daily Horoscope. Astrology learnt through the study of your own horoscope is particularly beneficial. Horoscope interpretation is therefore introduced early in the course. Because of this students quickly apply their lessons to everyday living and enhance their understanding of friends and loved ones. Vedic astrology training in Australia, India, Austria, USA. Master of Applied Social Science (counselling). Clinical Hypnotherapy. NLP practitioner. Family Constellations practitioner and trainer. Founder of two psychotherapies and author of three books.

  1. Vedic Marriage VedicAstrology, or Jyotish, the science of light, is a wonderful system of counseling and prediction, as well as for prescribing remedies and actions to better our lives and optimize our karma on all levels. There is probably no other system of such depth and efficacy in this regard.
  2. Second marriage (2nd Marrigae ) in Astrology Possibilities of Second Marriage 2nd Marriage in Vedic Astrology. In the present day situation there are many commercial, physical, financial reasons for a quck divorce. Men should understand that nowadays women are brought up in a very much independent thinking with lot of education and much.

In Vedic Astrology 7th house and its lord in a birth chart is considered as the main indicator of marriage. It is the house of marriage or partnership or conjugal relationship. So, the planets in 7th house or 7th house lord need to be checked carefully, whether they are placed in an auspicious manner or not. Read: Effect of 1st Lord in 1st House.

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My name is Rajat Kapoor. I am an expert and practitioner of Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, Numerology, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Aura Cleansing and Past-Life Regression, kundalini and chakra activation, color therapy. I also conduct auspicious poojas and hawans, Apart from these, I also offers consultation on Gemology and Rudraksh.


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One thing that sets me apart from other spiritualists and has made me the most favourite of my clients, is my solution-oriented approach that addresses their problems head-on, instead of going round in unnecessary rituals.

Always a keen observer of religious practices, my interest in spirituality developed during my brush with Finance Management when he met my present Guruji. He discovered the spark in me and advised me to take the path I am on today. I gave it a try and my work was appreciated giving me encouragement to fuel the passion.

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My clientele includes corporates and business houses.

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I want to help people by changing their lives and improve millions of lives by empowering them with spiritual blessings.

I can be contacted only between 10 am to 10 pm on email-id [email protected]

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