• Pure Vedic Astrology also talks about conflicting gemstones and should you intend to use gemology under Vedic Astrology without enabling the aid of an astrologer, to find cures and solutions, it helps to have an idea about the conflict of different gemstones. Vedic Astrology Gemstones and their Semi-precious substitutes.
  • Discover all about the extremely rare and stunning Padparadscha sapphires. Learn how these stones get their unique color, why the Padparadscha is such a sought after sapphire color, issues with determining if a stone is actually a Padparadscha, pictures, and updates with the current 2020 trends.
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Use of Red Garnet Stone in Astrology. The Sun has the status of the King among the sacred nine planets also referred to as Navagraha in Vedic Astrology. These 9 planets influence human life and destiny as per their positions in the horoscope. As per Astrology, to harness the power of the Sun the Gemstone Ruby is the most effective gemstone.

As known to mankind, Diamond is a shiny stone often found in mines. Besides, Diamond is the favorite of all the ladies around the world. The earliest of its kind was found in India in 4th century BC. In Hindi language, it is called “Heera”. In point of fact, Diamond is the hardest substance on our planet. Not only it is unbreakable but also it is one of rarest splendors in the world.

Yellow and brown colored diamonds are the easiest to be found. However, across the globe, people prefer the shimmering beauty of colorless Diamonds. Including it, there are 9 kinds of Gemstones. In Vedic Astrology, each of them has an association with 9 different planets. Diamond, being the most alluring gemstone is associated with the planet of beauty, Venus.

Planet Venus and Diamond

Venus, in the solar system, is the second planet from the Sun. Thus, after Moon, it is the brightest planet. In astrology, it is often denoted as the planet of affection because it is named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love.

It governs over the most intriguing parts of life. For instance, comfort, luxuries, attractiveness, peace, pleasure, romance, love, sex, and finances. Venus is all about convenience and content. A person with a strong Venus in Birth Chart is blessed with all the luxuries and love in the world. However, a malefic or weak Venus brings tremendous financial issues, trouble in love life.


To combat all the negative impacts, Diamond gemstone can be very favorable. It helps attract all the beautiful things in the world. Especially, if you are in the entertainment world, wearing a diamond could help you attain all the fortune.

Benefits of Wearing Diamond

  • Diamond is a luster signifies the vibrance and charm of nature around us. It helps to get a sheer perspective and look within ourselves without confusion.
  • One of the major benefits of wearing a diamond is it attracts luxuries, pleasure, comfort, romance, art, beauty, and happiness. As the stone harmonizes planet Venus, it draws towards bliss, wealth, and love.
  • Wearing a diamond draws delightful effects in professional as well as personal life. Also, it brings inner peace.
  • Diamonds are rather famous for enhancing health and intellect. Besides, it improves qualities, brings beauty, peace, good luck, social reputation, and prosperity.
Substitute of diamond in vedic astrology
  • Significantly, the diamond is extremely prosperous for marital life. It boosts sexual stamina.
  • Diamond improves overall physical strength. It is a gemstone that helps to combat enemies. In order to bring victorious traits.
  • Diamond is the most favorable gem for richness on a financial as well personal level.
  • According to Medical Astrology, diamond is helpful in combating problems related to throat, eyes, digestive system, sexual organs, kidney, bladder, etc.
  • In addition to this, if you have a fear of supernatural things, negative energies, Diamond would be the best gem for you.
  • According to our expert astrologers, it can be immensely helpful in developing a methodological, mature, and righteous approach. However, the wearers must keep a tight hold on their growing ego.
  • You might find white topaz andWhite sapphire as the substitute for Diamond. However, it is the closest stone to bring the positivity of evening star, Venus.
  • It is a favorable gemstone to increase longevity.
  • Moreover, it enhances a will in you to do good things. It provokes you to attain spiritual learnings and have a state of spiritual ecstasy.

Who Can Wear Diamond

As people wear Diamond to attract the positive effects of Venus, it is crucial to wear it correctly.

Especially, people who have a malefic or afflicted Venus in their Birth Chart can wear this stone. It is favorable for all the signs. However, it is the best choice for natives of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Furthermore, people who are in trading and business can receive benefits by wearing Diamond stones. Additionally, it is beneficial for Musicians, Doctors, Artists, and Culturists.


Correct Method of Wearing

Substitute Of Diamond In Vedic Astrology

Diamond is a prosperous stone. However, like all the mighty things it also has a few rules. In order to have the best results of Diamond, it important to follow the right method of wearing it.

Authentication is the key to benefits. Before you wear the stone, make sure it is authentic. Besides, it must not be broken or blemished. Otherwise, it will not bring any prosperous results.

The ideal weight of Diamond should be between 1/2 carat to 1.5 carats. Preferably, men should wear it in the middle finger of the right hand. Whereas, women can wear it on the left hand either right or left hand. Alongside this, chanting Venus Mantra is also important.

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Venus Mantra-

Substitute Of Diamond In Vedic Astrology

Om Shum Shukraye Namaah

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Astrological Benefits of Diamond Gemstone
There are various gems such as Ruby, Diamond, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Coral, Pearl, Gomedth, Cat's eye, etc. which through their natural powers bestowed on them from mother earth, can play a huge role in changing the energy vibration around a person. It also influences the deficiencies of vital elements of human body called ‘panchabhootha’.
These elements are earth, fire, air, ether and water. These elements influence the three vital aspects of human body chemistry, which are Vaatha, Kabha and Pittha. One can wear gems according to their Zodiac Sign or Moon Sign. Astrologically diamond is called the gem of planet Venus. Venus signifies luxury as well as abundance.
Astrological Benefits of Diamond
Diamond influences Venus, thus causing positive changes in a person’s personal life. Marriage, beauty, love, music, modesty, relationship, sex and amusement are some of things that are found influenced by diamond. Wearing diamond can cause person to develop an attractive personality and become artistic in nature. Good Venus in ones horoscope brings sex, pleasure, comforts, luxury and high social status.
Who Should Wear?
If a person is badly affected with Venus causing disturbed marriage and personal life, they can try wearing diamond. It can cause improvements in their ill reputation as well as finances. In fact, bad influences of Venus can inflict someone’s health causing them to suffer from problems in their ovaries, generative systems, breasts, throat, kidney, cheeks and chins. Other health troubles that can improve by wearing diamond are diabetes, troubles in private parts, urine problem, problems in skin, etc.
Writers, public speakers, poets, priest, politicians, reporters, people in sports and in advertising or media can also benefit. Individuals who need to interact with people for their business wear diamond to influence their personality. There are also people in professionals as medicines and IT who wear diamond to improve their career.
When a Diamond should be Worn?
Diamond can be worn in Friday as well as in ‘amavasya’ (dark fortnight) between 1pm to 3pm in the right hand middle finger.
Effects of Diamond on Each Zodiac Signs
Zodiacs which are not usually advised to wear diamond are:
• Pisces: Piscean under some conditions can wear diamond but only after trial. It is best to consult someone who knows better about gems and astrology to get advises on such matters.
• Scorpio: For Scorpio considerable loss of finances occur when they wear this stone because Venus becomes lord of death and relationship (7th house) as well as expenditure (12th house).
• Leo: Leo should specifically try and avoid wearing diamond and ruby together.
• Aries: For Aeries, Venus becomes the lord of death and diamond becomes the enemy of ascendant Mars for which it is usually not advised.
In case of Taurus, diamond acts as their ‘jeevan ratna’, so it is extremely beneficial for them.
Zodiacs who can wear them, if the astrologer suggests are:
• Gemini
• Virgo
• Aquarius
Diamond is an extremely good gem for the Capricorn as it is for the Librans.
Cancers are only advised to wear this diamond if there are specific negative conditions in the horoscope, which could be balanced by this gem.
Those individuals for whom the Venus resides in the 1st, 9th, 10th 11th or 5th houses can wear diamond.

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