Horoscope Libra November 2021. November is another easygoing month for the most part. But you’ll need to make it a point to relax and unwind every evening after Mars enters Virgo, your solar twelfth house, on the 10th. Otherwise, you could be so keyed up that it will be tough to get a solid night’s sleep. Calm your mind and put the day’s events behind you. November 2021 Libra horoscope predicts splendid health prospects. Astral combinations are encouraging and there is no possibility of any serious medical problem during the month. Chronic ailments will remain under control and small medical problems require immediate attention. Your attention should be diverted to maintenance of your good health. November 2021 horoscope libra astrology. In November there will be events that will seriously affect your behavior. Awake care instincts will awaken. Libra horoscope November 2021. You will want to do something important, something that will have a spectacular meaning for other people.


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College Basketball is not the only place having a run at March Madness. Cosmically we are in the midst of some heavy duty full court dunk and slam. Two of our major players this month are Saturn and Neptune in opposition. Since before the beginning of the year, Saturn, the Karma King, has been in retrograde, slowing down operations and really making us work hard, think hard, and question our purpose on the planet. Neptune, the Water King, rules our dreams, visions, and psychic/spirtual insight. This tug of war is along the fault line of Leo, the ego/heart, and Aquarius, the revolutionary. We are in the midst of a major see-saw of bringing our dreams and visions into action. How do we cut through the bull-honk of karmic confusion and manifest our destiny? And on a simpler level, how can we be practical, loving, and creative all at the same time? This tug of war is a re-heart-er: you do not have to be a basket case to be a visionary, you do not have to be a PhD to be a business person. The context is changing and so are we with it.
To usher in those changes we have two eclipses bookending one another this month. As always, they come in pairs, creating a portal of fertility for change, evolution, death of the old, resurection of the new. The first full lunar eclipse was on March 3rd at 13 degrees Virgo, enlightening the darkness of the mundane details of physical existence. In order to have a meditation practice or any practice for that matter, including being a present parent, partner, friend, you have to organize your underwear drawer, have your datebook in order, and clean out the fridge. This eclipse is a potent time to take care of practicals, make commitments to structure, re-shape your work, your time, and your life. Take a look at what and where you are serving in your life. Is it whole-hearted, steeped in truth, and rejuvenating for you? If the answer is no, time to go back to the drawing board and focus your precious energy in a new way.
On the other end, we have a partial solar eclipse on March 18th at 28 degrees Pisces. The last degrees of any particular sign are about the fullest potential and expression of that archetypal energy. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the evolution into deep spiritual realms beyond the structures and limitations of body/mind. The only way beyond, however, as we know, is THROUGH. This new moon solar eclipse has come as a propulsion jet into spiritual warriorhood (Pisces) through service and grounded application of our skills (Virgo). Set intentions, make wishes, drawings, prayers, songs, meditations, dances, and love notes to yourself about the turning of a new season in your life, the coming adulthood of your visions and relationships. Stay tuned as your wishes become reality. April brings showers to feed your newly planted seeds. More on that later ;) Amen.

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