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The famous superstar Sridevi died in a hotel room in Dubai and the night of 23-24 Feb 2018. Her body was found in a bathtub at about 02:00 hours of the 24th.

Sridevi was Krittika Nakshatra (nakshatra lord is Sun), Vrishabha Rashi (Taurus Moon Sign) and running her Shani Mahadasha from 2016 onwards.
In her birth chart, Moon is in Moolatrikona, Jupiter in own house of Pisces/Meena and Saturn in own house of Capricorn/Makara.

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Her movie Mom (2017) was released in July 2017Shani opposite venus vedic astrology. – in her Saturn -Venus Dasha – A few months short of the difficult Ashtama Shani.

During her death she was also under the 6th House transit of Jupiter and the extremely troublesome Ashtama Shani – Saturn in the 8th house in transit till 2020.

  • According vedic astrology actress Sridevi must live 70 years. Whether healthy or unhealthy this is what indicated by her horoscope. Sridevi horoscope analysis by well known astrologer Prakash Ammannaya.
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A brief analysis of a birth chart is given below.

The Vimsottari Dasa- Bhukti- Antara- Sookshma period on 24 Feb 2018 was Saturn- Saturn- Sun- Venus.
Saturn and Sun are both owners of Mrityu sthana/badhaka – Sun is the owner of 2nd house and Saturn is the owner of the 7th house;
  • Saturn occupies Vinashak star Dhanishta, while Sun occupies Naidhan star Aslesha from Moon.
  • Sun, Venus and the ascendant are in Sarpa Drekkana.
  • Venus is Badhaka and also owns the 64th Navamsa from Moon.

Sridevi Vedic Chart

The 8th house also gives clue about the cause of death.
It contains Aquarius and Apamrityu Saham (Aquarius 17° 1′) owned by Saturn, posited in a maraka house. The 8th house is aspected by 3rd and 12th lord- Mercury.

Mercury owns the 22nd Drekkana and is the star-Lord of accident Saham (Scorpio 28° 44′) while signifies intoxicants (alcohol) and the mystery surrounding her death.


The aspect of 12th lord Mercury on the 8th house supports her death in a foreign country.

The 3rd house, Taurus from Arudha Lagna (AL) Pisces also gives clues about death. This house is occupied by exalted Moon (a watery Planet) conjunct with Mrityu Saham (Taurus 2° 39′) casting aspect on the accident Saham (Accident Saham = Ascendant+Saturn-Mars).

Moon is related to Dasa Bhukti- Antara planets Saturn, Sun and Venus in Navamsa.

Sridevi Vedic Astrology Horoscope

The analysis supports the version of Sridevi’s death by accidental drowning.

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