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Detailed analysis of your horoscope can predict the prospects of a beautiful spouse for you, with the help of Vedic astrology techniques. In 7th house, then the spouse can be very fair. The Sun is a regal planet, so the spouse can come from a royal kind of family. The father of the spouse can have some connection to the government. Jupiter signifies husband in a women’s chart as per Vedic astrology. So Jupiter and planets associated with it should be checked for getting some hints about husband Profession astrology. In Nadi astrology Mars signifies husband. So we need to check both Jupiter and Mars. Usually, An exalted lord of Upapada will bring a spouse from a noble family, while in the case of a debilitated lord of Upapada the spouse will be from a family below the status of the native.More In-Depth detail on UL will be explained in another post. Spouse Physical Appearance in Vedic Astrology when 7th Lord is Placed in Pisces When your 7th Sign is Aquarius or 7th Lord is placed in Aquarius Sign, It will give your Spouse Short height, bulky, smooth and silky skin, beautiful face, large eyes and fair complexion. Get Your Marriage Report.

  • This article talks at length about various Yoga’s for Love, Romance and marriage in classical Vedic Astrology.
  • It explores how much love and happiness that you get from your spouse that is your husband and wife. 🙂 it also talks about to overall health of your husband and wife and impact of the same on love.
  • It goes to explore the longevity or life span of your spouse or husband or wife. what is the possibility of your multiple marriages.
  • this goes at length to check if one could have children or not.
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  • also what kind of man your wife could connect to or what kind of women your husband could connect to. 🙂
  • It takes up love and compatibility of Indian celebrity, whose fell in love, her husband was an imminent person. but longevity was less. etc
  • It then also takes Up the recent case of Love of Cricketer Virat Kohli with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.
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    How would be your Love or married Life? Know more about Your Husband and wife 🙂

    • Would you get Happiness through your wife or Husband based on your Horoscope or Kundli? If the lord of the seventh house or yuvati bhava is in own sign or rashi or is strong, exalted- one could have full happiness through wife or husband. So strength of 7th bhava means good things from the spouse that is wife or Husband 🙂
    • Would your wife or Husband be sickly based on your Kundli? The wife or husband could have bad health if the lord of seventh house is in eight house or 12th house. But this effects gets reduced if placed in own sign or exaltation.
    • Do you have high sex Urge and what is longevity of your spouse? If the planet Venus or shukra is in seventh house – the element of sexual urge is higher in the person. Venus the planet of love and sex in 7th bhava gives more sexual Urge or urge for love. If there is a conjunction of Venus with a malefic , then in case of mans kundli- it could lead to loss of wife. Venus means wife and conjunction with mars or Saturn or rahu etc could impact the wife’s longevity
    • What could cause multiple marriages If the lord of seventh is strong and in conjunction or has aspects of benefics- the person could attain wealth, be happy and also fortunate. On the other hand if it is weak, in not so friendly sign or rashi, combust(near sun)- the person may have married many times or have sick wife. as the multiple aspects means multiple marriages plus weak 7th bhava means issues in health of lover or wife.
    • Would one marry many times based on your horoscope – be it for Husband or wife? If the lord of seventh house or yuvati bhava is in sign or rashi of Saturn(shani)[Aquarius/Capricorn) or of Venus(shukra , rashi= Taurus(vrishabha),Libra(tula) and there is an aspect of benefics- one may have many wives or husbands. As Saturn signs or signs of shani means one may go away form relationships or means more relationships and Venus signs mean more love or more marriages :).Also if the lord of seventh be in exaltation – the same as above results could come forward. Once again the principle of more love could be seen here :).
    • What may cause one marry or connect to females who may not have children? If planet sun or surya is in seventh house- the person might make friends with barren females. The reasons is sun is treated as a malefic here.
    • What kind of females could cone connect to? Moon here could create connection with female according to the sign or rashi found here.
    • What is the impact of mercury and Mars may be in the 7th house of Love and Marriage in any Horoscope? Mars here a planet of vigour suggest connection with girls that are of marriageable age and also with barren females as heat of Mars kills the fertility of 37th house.Budh indicates harlots, mean females and females, belonging to traders’ community.
    • Pure impact of mercury or Budha in 7th house or bhava of any horoscope or kundli? The presence of mercury in seventh house or Yuvati bhava means connection with females or males of business community.
    • What is the impact of Jupiter or Guru in the 7th House of the Horoscope? If Jupiter or Guru is here, then wife of a Brahman or a learned person or even a pregnant female( Jupiter represents pregnancy as well) would be in connection.

    Example case study of Love, Compatibility, longevity of relationship of a celebrity .

  • The lagan for her is cancer sign or karkat Rashi. This is the sign that rises in the Horoscope(kundli). The lord moon or Chandra is in the 12th house .also the love and compatibility house number 7th is ruled by Saturn sign of Capricorn or makar rashi.
  • Saturn or shani dev for her sitting in the lagna itself . so it is sitting on the cancer sign . but still it is sitting on the Kendra Bhava. that is Lagna or ascendant.
  • Which planets suggest great compatibility and love for her and her spouse?
    Saturn is fair at around 15 degrees which is very close to Bhava Madhya of the Horoscope. Saturn is fairly strong in shadabla at 326.24 units .so that is fair above average .so she had a very good relationship with her illustrious husband . the love between them was deep enough.
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  • why was hers a love marriage?
    Now as they had love marriage , let us look at the 5th house of love for her horoscope. The love marriage aspect of her is ruled by mars or Mangal that is Scorpio sign (vrishchika rashi).also Mars or Mangal is sitting in the 6th house.
  • what was the cause for passionate love and spouse or husband being a foreigner?
    mars is in the Jupiter sign of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi. so this suggests that she would fall in love with someone from sattvik countries like India. ketu here in the 5th house suggest sudden and passionate love ;).
  • what planetary combinations converted love or passion into marriage or family life?

  • sun or surya dev The Lord of second bhava is also there in the fifth house .this closely suggest that connection of love and her family life 2nd house is for family life.
  • so over all this means that her love affair will convert into a family relationship .
    as Mercury or budha is also there for her, so that suggests that her lover cum husband would be foreign in nature. yes he was a foreigner for her.
  • as twelfth house is involved . also the horoscope suggest that it would be by her own initiative as 3rd house of initiative is involved .
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    why is there only one love and no multiplicity of marriages? Naveen rama vedic astrology ny.

  • also we note that her kundli or horoscope suggest that she would not marry again as Saturn is weak . so this doesn’t suggest multiplicity of marriages
    Now we can see how Vedic astrology very clearly delineates the Destiny of any person clearly ;).

  • What does the Cricketer Virat Kohli’s Horoscope say about him?

  • Now as the birth time for Virat Kohli is not clear so we use his moon chart for analysis of data & married life and love matters. Now from the Moon Lagna the 7th house or bhava is Jupiter or Guru. Jupiter for virat Kohli is sitting in the 9th bhava of his horoscope. 9 degrees 40 minutes in Taurus sign and is retrograde. The dispositer is ruled by Venus or shukra.
  • so it is very clear that Anushka Sharma would be ruled by Jupiter and also we note that Jupiter or Guru is a Brahmin planet and Anushka Sharma is a Brahmin(Sharma :)) so this should be no wonder to anyone :). It means the life partner would be from a family of good ethics if not Brahmins.
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  • Venus or Taurus being the dispositer for Jupiter(guru) in Virat Kohli’s Horoscope so makes anushka Sharma’s naturally to be beautiful . Jupiter or Guru is fair in strength Venus or shukra is debilitated in the Virgo sign in the 10th house. so average h Sukha from his wife Anushka Sharma is there for cricketer Virat Kohli .but overall average the couple would work fine. also note that the Lord of 8 houses is sitting in the 7th house of Virat Kohli.
  • that he may face unexpected problems in life of Virat Kohli and also possible health problems to his wife Anushka Sharma that could be unexpected in nature. due to this also Virat Kohli’s love life could be eventful .
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  • the married life would be fairly ok because of Jupiter is a benefit planet and sitting in 9th house of blessings and purvaj or pitri blessing and also God blessings. so it will work out fine. the Lord of house of dispositor of Jupiter( Taurus lord Venus) is in the Chandra lagna itself .which is very good for Virat Kohli that means that overall strength is around 70 to 80% for Virat Kohli in matters of marriage and love
  • What about Love matters for Virat Kohli?

  • Saturn or Shani the lord of 5th house of love for Virat Kohli to sitting in the 4th house . so now Saturn being a planet of delay and obstacles at times could means they will be more than usual delay in the love matters of Virat Kohli before convert to marriage or family life. yes we know that it took a while for virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma the Bollywood actress to come together and tie the nuptial knot :). several Years.
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  • wish both of them best in life :)!!!
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