1. So, Western Astrology uses the tropical zodiac. Its start point is 0 deg tropical Aries: where the Sun is on the first day of Spring. Vedic Astrology, on the other hand, uses the sidereal zodiac (start point 0 deg sidereal Aries which is anchored to Spica, a fixed star).
  2. The central point of the constellation Chitta is thus, the star Spica of the first magnitude. This is quite opposite the constellation Aswini’s central point, which marks the beginning of the Indian Zodiac. Hence, the calculations made from the star Spica will be perfect.

The Star Spics is affecting your Fate, Spica is considered the most auspicious star in the sky! Mother goddess / Mother Mary is the protector of these people. It brings unbounded good fortune, happiness, unexpected honour or advancement beyond native's hopes or capacity, wealth. As an example, as per the Western – Tropical zodiac, a person born on September 7 is a Virgo. As per Vedic astrology – Sidereal zodiac, the individual is a Leo. Another important point is – 3,000 yrs. From now, the individual born on Sep 7 would definitely be Virgo as per the Tropical Zodiac.

0-1 Degrees of all signs signify the beginning of important events in one's life with predictive astrology, such as solar and lunar returns.
29 Degrees of all signs bring about the ending of events in the life, such as relationships, leaving a place of residence and so forth with predictive astrology, such as solar and lunar returns.

0-1 Degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are extremely critical degrees, both in predictive and natal astrology. These are the four cardinal signs; the solstice points of the Zodiac. What has begun may or may not last. Cardinal signs indicate strong beginnings, but lack the stability of the fixed signs or the adaptability of the mutable signs. 0 -1 of Libra oftentimes signifies the beginning of a relationship in predictive astrology. The affairs ruled by the planets on these degrees, the houses they are posited in and the house cusps with the sign they rule in a natal chart, are usually of significant importance in the life.

0 -1 Degrees of Taurus is always permanent, in prediction, for better or for worse.

0 -1 Degrees of the other fixed signs: Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are long lasting. Fixed signs signify permanence, stability, and things that last. In predictive astrology, what has begun will more than likely last.

0 -1 Degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are beginnings subject to change. Mutable signs always signify adaptability, restlessness, and change. They can be vacillating and weak. In predictive astrology, what has begun is subject to change.

29 Degrees of Pisces signifies a permanent ending in predictive astrology, as is 29 degrees of Taurus.

13 and 26 Degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn give special importance to the planet/s or house cusps occupying the degree. The affairs ruled by the planets, the affairs ruled by the houses ruled by the planets, or by the houses these degrees are on point to something of the above-mentioned occurring in the life of the chart owner.

9 and 21 Degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius have a tendency to misfortune. 21 Degrees of Scorpio is a definitely a degree of loss, both natally and in prediction, but the loss is not always negative.

4 and 17 of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are similar to the 13 and 26 Degrees of the Cardinal signs.

15 Degrees of Leo is one of the worst degrees in the zodiac, either natally or in prediction. Prominent in the charts of serial killers, felons serving life sentences, in the charts of those who have fated hard luck, etc. Helen Keller, both blind and deaf from a very early age had her chart co-ruler Mars at 15 degrees of Leo, along with no air signs. [Air signs are communication]. Stevie Wonder [blind] Pluto at 15 degrees of Leo, Ludwig van Beethoven, deaf, Saturn at 15 degrees of Leo.

25 degrees of Leo is violent, and some who have this are in prison for violent crimes, especially those with their chart rulers on this degree. In addition, this is not a good degree for a planet to be on in a predictive chart. Problems will result from this placement according to the affairs it rules and/or house it is in. This is a very strong degree of alcoholism. Many who are chronic alcoholics have prominent planets on the 25th degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. The influence is especially strong if Neptune is involved.

15 Degrees of Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are also unfortunate, but not to the extent as 15 degrees of Leo, one of the worst degrees in the Zodiac.

16, 17, 18, 19, 22, and 25 Degrees of Taurus are all degrees of violence.

9 Degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius are both degrees of homicide.

17 Degrees of Gemini is degree of homicide.

6 Degrees of Cardinal signs: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries indicates a possible physical disability, and to a lesser extent, especially if the planet occupies the first house, is prominent and/or other factors in the chart support this.

6 Degrees of Leo and 6 degrees of Aquarius are both very bad for eyesight.

12 Degrees of Leo is a degree of beauty.

9 Degrees of Virgo and Pisces are known as fatal degrees, body in the ditch degrees and degrees of suffering.
9 degrees of Pisces is one of the worst degrees in the Zodiac.

9 Degrees of Sagittarius is a warrior degree, and is also a degree of homicide. Prominent planets on this degree are also seen in the charts of religious and spiritual reformers.

22 degrees of all signs, especially the fixed signs is bad, either natally or in prediction.

FIXED STARS: Allow 1 - 2 degrees orb for conjunctions and oppositions to other planets. Conjunctions and oppositions are the only aspects that matter, with conjunctions being most important. The following interpretations concern when a fixed star is conjunct a planet in one's chart or an angle or is prominent. The nature of the planet also should be blended in with the nature of the fixed star. Personal planets such as chart ruler/s and angles are important, with the influence of the fixed star being emphasized in both the life affairs and in the personality.

The four most prominent fixed stars are:

  • Aldebaran; 9 degrees of Gemini
  • Regulus; 29 degrees of Leo
  • Antares; 9 degrees of Sagittarius
  • Formalhaut; 3 degrees of Pisces

These stars can also be prominent in magick.

  • Aldebaran is known as 'Watcher of the East.'
  • Regulus is known as 'Watcher of the North.'
  • Antares, is known as 'Watcher of the West.'
  • Formalhaut is known as 'Watcher of the South.'

ALPHERATZ - [Sirrah] [14 Degrees Aries]
Freedom, love of movement, speed, intellectual and can indicate riches and honors. The personality often has strong motivation, willfulness and the ability to take action. Those with this placement often come before the public and are popular with the masses. There is a considerate and harmonious nature, which is good for relationships.

BATEN KAITOS - [20 degrees of Aries]
There can be forced migration, accidents, and shipwreck.

MIRACH - [0 Degrees Taurus]
This star can give happiness in marriage, bestow artistic talent, and give a love of beauty. There is often strong intuition, along with a brilliant mind, and much creative talent. The disposition is generous and loving. These people often make friends easily and inspire others. Mirach gives beauty, and a love of the home and family.

HAMAL - [6 Degrees of Taurus]
There is a need for personal independence. These people often have a strong will, and dislike authority. This placement gives independent thought and leadership ability. In some cases, there can be cruelty and premeditated crime.

ALMACH [Alamack] - [14 degrees of Taurus]
This star gives a popular influence, making one well liked and bringing benefits come from others, along with a prominent position, and possible fame. There is often artistic ability.

CAPUT ALGOL - [25 Degrees of Taurus]
Caput Algol is one of the most violent stars in the zodiac. In natal charts, this gives a most violent disposition, along with murderous tendencies. These violent tendencies are intensified when one is intoxicated with drugs and/or alcohol. Here is the nasty, violent, mean, and vicious drunk. On the upside, it can bestow athletic ability. The intense nature, when sublimated, can give the drive to reach the top, but the affairs of the planet occupying this degree often end in disaster and misfortune. When conjunct the descendent, violence can come from others, especially the lover or marriage partner. I have noted more than one person with the Sun in conjunction with this star in being a pathological liar.

ALCYONE - THE PLEIADES - [29 Degrees of Taurus]
This star is bad for the eyesight and can even bring blindness. It also brings sorrowful events with something to cry about. There can be keen insight, strong ambition, and a harshly judgmental nature. There is often a love of nature, and the outdoors. There can be possible injuries to the face.

HYADES - [5 Degrees of Gemini]
Hyades gives a powerful sex drive, along with a greedy, overindulgent and excessive nature. These people are often exploitive of others. There can be tremendous success in life, but a lack of control and bad habits can cause one's ruin. There is often much vitality and the energy level is high. This placement gives a talent for martial activities and the military.

Spica Star Vedic Astrology Chart

This star gives artistic talent, writing ability, popularity, scientific and occult ability, and is often prominent in the charts of astrologers. These people often make outstanding contributions in their chosen fields.

ALDEBARAN - [9 Degrees of Gemini]
Watcher of the East
Aldebaran rules the hands and fingers. There is a tendency to weakness of the lungs and possible pneumonia. The death is often violent. Those with this placement have high ambitions, and they often attract dangerous enemies.

See full list on horoscopes.astro-seek.com

RIGEL - [16 Degrees of Gemini]
Rigel gives lasting riches, honors and favor. When prominent, it is good for military careers, [especially if in conjunction with the midheaven] and mechanical ability. There is teaching ability and the personality is somewhat conforming. Ambitious and hard working, these people can stay on top, as long as effort is maintained.

BELLATRIX - [20 degrees of Gemini]
Bellatrix brings military and other honors which can end in disaster. This star is bad for the eyesight. There is an aptitude for quick decision-making. Those with this star prominent are often strongly opinionated, and have a belligerent, daring, and adventuresome nature. If Bellatrix is in conjunction with the midheaven, one may be a swindler or forger.

CAPELLA - [21 degrees of Gemini]
There is often superior intelligence, along with a love of learning and research. Capella brings martial and/or ecclesiastical honors and riches, often followed by squander and waste, leading to ruin. The personality can be eccentric and unusual in some way.

ALNILAM - [23 degrees of Gemini]
Alnilam bestows honors, especially when in conjunction with the midheaven.

POLARIS - [28 degrees of Gemini]
Polaris can give spiritual powers and much respect gained from them. There can be possible chronic illness and/or physical problems. Money coming from others can encounter problems and loss. When this star is prominent, the instincts and common sense is strong along with the ability to find one's way.

BETELGEUSE - [28 degrees of Gemini]
This is one of the most fortunate of fixed stars and is frequently prominent in the charts of those who have had major success in life . Betelgeuse brings wealth, honors, fame and fortune.

Powerful position in government, along with honors and fame. There can be danger from dogs, along with being vulnerable to violence.

CASTOR - [20 degrees of Cancer]
Possible violence, along with sudden fame, followed by prison or disgrace. Castor brings weakness of the eyes, and injuries to the face. The disposition is usually well mannered, with strong principles.

POLLUX - [23 degrees of Cancer]
Pollux gives athletic ability, and is favorable for martial artists, boxers, fighters and warriors. This star is bad for the eyesight, and can bring injuries to the eyes and face. There can be connections with poisons. Honors are often followed by disgrace, and possible imprisonment. There can be a cruel, subtle, and scheming nature.

PROCYON - [25 degrees of Cancer]
A love of dogs, but there can be danger from their bites. Achievement comes through personal efforts. Danger from liquids, poisons and gases. The nature is often jealous, combative, and strong willed. These people like to see ideas put into action.

PRAESEPE - [7 degrees into Leo]
Praesepe is very bad for the eyesight. Losses can come from others. The character is adventuresome, brutal, perverse, and reckless.

Spica Star Vedic Astrology

ALPHARD - [26 degrees into Leo]
Lack of control, violence, unethical, subject to imprisonment and tragedy. Connection with poisons and toxins.

REGULUS - [29 degrees into Leo]
Watcher of the North.
Astrological ability, independent and high spirited. There can be destructive tendencies, and military honors. These people often obtain positions of power, along with success, and have leadership ability. There is also the possibility of disgrace and a disastrous fall from a prominent position.


ZOSMA - [9 degrees of Virgo]
Victimization, unhappiness, suffering, subject to disadvantage and abuse. Those with this star prominent often seriously suffer in some way. There can be physical problems and/or disabilities.

DENEBOLA - [21 degrees into Virgo]
Honors and wealth, impulsiveness, disgrace, regrets, misfortunes through natural forces.

VINDEMIATRIX - [9 degrees into Libra]
There can be a tendency to having spinal problems. The marriage can be unfortunate, and in some cases, the loss of the partner through death. There are often major problems and losses through women. [Bill Clinton is a perfect example here].

ALGORAB - [13 degrees of Libra]
One who is destructive, malevolent, fiendish, deceitful and lying. Here is the dishonest businessperson or politician. The character is self-centered, and can be charming and sly. There is a very strong tendency towards dishonesty.

SPICA - [23 degrees of Libra]
There can be wealth and honors, along with fortune and fame. Spica gives ability in the sciences, in the arts, writing ability, musical talents, and much creativity. These people are usually sociable. Spica is a great benefactor to any planet it is conjunct.

ARCTURUS - [23 degrees of Libra]
Lasting success through personal effort and self determination. Fortune can come through travel. The nature can be hot tempered.

PRINCEPS - [2 degrees of Scorpio]
above average in intelligence, good for research and a talent for science.

ALPHECCA - [11 degrees of Scorpio]
This star makes one artistic, with a talent for poetry, and the occult and healing ability. There is often success in business, along with leadership ability. There is a tendency to be a loner.

SOUTH SCALE - [14 degrees of Scorpio]
This star can bring troubles, as it is conjunct 15 degrees. There can be physical anomalies and/or serous health problems. It has a reputation for making one susceptible to poisoning.

NORTH SCALE - [18 degrees of Scorpio]
This star often gives honor, distinction, ambition, and good fortune.

UNUKALHAI - [21 degrees of Scorpio]
This star indicates a loss in some area, both natally and in prediction. This loss is not always negative in prediction. There can be perversions, a lack of self-control and a danger of poisons. The personality can be crude and vulgar.

ANTARES - [9 degrees of Sagittarius]
Watcher of the West The nature can be impulsive, headstrong, stubborn, and courageous. The life meets with unpredictable events, unexpected upsets and changes, and a loss of success can come from self-undoing. There is military and martial aptitude, bringing honor and favors. This is a warrior star. Those who have this star prominent in their charts often rebel against spiritual and religious oppression, bringing drastic changes in these areas.

LESATH - [23 degrees into Sagittarius]
Outspoken, perverse, associated with acids, and danger.

ACULEUS - [25 degrees into Sagittarius]
There can be trouble with the eyesight. Aculeus bestows leadership ability, but makes one subject to mental, verbal, and/or spiritual attack. These people are often victims of gossip.

ACUMEN - [27 degrees into Sagittarius]
These people on the down side can get worn down by life and just not care anymore. There can be disgrace, legal problems, and possible imprisonment.
March 4 astrological sign pisces.

WEGA - [15 degrees into Capricorn]
Occult talent, along with riches and fame. The nature is idealistic, pretentious, hopeful, artistic, and refined.

DENEB - [19 degrees into Capricorn]
Good for military, successful warriors, ability for leadership and command. The nature is often benevolent.

TEREBELLUM - [24 degrees into Capricorn]
Greedy, scheming, shrewd. There can be fortune, but with guilt and possibly a bad reputation.

ALTAIR - [1 degree into Aquarius]
Bold, confident, stubborn, sudden wealth, position of high command, danger from reptiles, an adventuresome risk taker.

GIEDI - [2 degrees into Aquarius]
Sacrifices are often made, and strange events occur in the life. There is much suspicion and mistrust.

ARMUS - [11 degrees into Aquarius]
Nagging, unstable, contemptible, spiteful.

DENEB ALGEDI - [23 degrees into Aquarius]
One's life is often full of changes, along with living on the edge. These people are usually trustworthy, just, and fair, with a knowledge of human nature.

FORMALHAUT - [3 degrees of Pisces]
Watcher of the South.
The effects of this star can be variable, for better or for worse. This star can bring success and financial wealth, but there is often very hard work along with plenty of responsibility. It can increases and amplify whatever planet it conjuncts.

DENEB ADIGE - [4 degrees of Pisces]
This star often gives above average intelligence, and an idealistic nature. Money can be made through the arts and sciences. There is often psychic talent and a likable disposition.

ACHERNAR - [15 degrees of Pisces]
Royal honors, success in public office, philosophical, patient, inclined to religion. There can be misfortune and problems with any planet at 15 degrees.

MARKAB - [23 degrees of Pisces]
There is a tendency to danger from fire, fever, cuts and blows. This star can bring good fortune, and is favorable for spiritual pursuits and meditation. Ones ambitions are often not realized.

SCHEAT - [28 degrees into Pisces]
There can be misfortune, possible suicide, drowning, one's being murdered, along with rapidly gaining and also losing friends. The nature is often unpredictable, with a tendency to fantasize.

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Astrological Talisman Of The The Fixed Star Spica

New Moon in Virgo :: Navaratri + Many Planetary Shifts

New Moon in Virgo

The new lunar cycle begins Tuesday, September 19th, at 10:30 pm PDT, with Sun and Moon in sidereal Virgo. After a couple of months full of a lot of emotion and fire with many planets (and eclipses!) in Cancer and Leo, we have a chance to ground out a little bit more under the influence of earth-sign Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the intellect, which brings a more practical and impartial nature to our energies this month. There is opportunity for curiosity and learning. The cycle begins in the Vedic nakshatra called Uttara Phalguni, which reminds us to take time in relaxation in order to re-kindle our productive energy.

The placement of Mercury and the nodes at the time of the Dark Moon, however, continue to make for a strong amount of “shadow” and subconscious energy to be present. Mercury, the lord of Virgo, will be in the 12th house from the Sun and Moon, and joining closely with Mars, showing a lot of intensity in the subconscious and potential for feeling disconnected. This New Moon also occurs under a full kala sarpa yoga, an alignment in which all seven planets are in between the two nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, in the cosmic circle.

Kala Sarpa

The kala sarpa yoga can be translated as “black snake” or “serpent of time.” The Moon transits the entire zodiac each month, so for two weeks of each month Moon will be on the other side of this axis, breaking the kala sarpa yoga, but for half of the month all planets will fall on one side of the “black serpent.” This will occur frequently over the next several months, when all seven planets will be situated to one side of the nodal axis (see photo) for half the month. The Moon transits the entire zodiac each month, so for two weeks of each month Moon will be on the other side of this axis, breaking the kala sarpa yoga, but for half of the month all planets will fall on one side of the “black serpent.”

Spica Star Vedic Astrology

When this alignment occurs, more of the shadowy and subconscious energy represented by the nodes is present. We may expect to be more introverted during this time, but it is also possible that more disruptive events can occur. People who are born under this alignment tend to have many “heavy” experiences throughout life. There can still be many positive and auspicious events during this time as well (or for those born under a kala sarpa yoga), but they tend to come after or despite some hardships or challenges.

Look for this yoga to occur for half the month from now through January of 2018. We experienced a similar occurrence last year (2016) from roughly September through January. This doesn’t happen every year, but we happen to be in a time where both Jupiter and Saturn, the slower-moving planets, are both to one side of the nodal axis. Thus this alignment occurs when the faster-moving planets, Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, (plus Moon for half of each month) are also on one side of the axis.


Thankfully, there is a wonderful opportunity at hand to get in touch with the shadowy, subconscious energy of the nodes, through ritual worship and practice offered by Navaratri, the “nine-night” festival of the Goddess, which begins on the first day of this lunar cycle. This is a Hindu festival dedicated to worshiping the Goddess, Devi, in her many forms, for nine days and nights. As the night represents darkness and ignorance, we pray to her to help reveal and remove our shortcomings, bestow blessings, and confer wealth and knowledge. We face the darkness and call on the Divine Mother to remove it and let the atman, or the pure divinity within each of us, shine forth.

Navaratri worship can include creating a special altar to the Goddess, and making daily offerings including flowers, food, incense, light (a flame), ghee, as well as prayer, meditation, mantras and bhajans (devotional songs). The Devi Mahatmya (a.k.a. Chandi Path), the story of Durga, is a traditional text to read throughout this festival. Occurring in the fall-time in India and the northern hemisphere, this Navaratri also coincides with the harvest season, and is a time to give thanks for the abundance of the harvest and pray that it carries us through the winter season.

In many places, the first three nights of Navaratri are dedicated to Goddess in the form of Durga or Kali, warrior goddesses who help us to cleanse our impurities, the next three to Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and devotion, and the last three to Sarasvati, goddess of wisdom. In other traditions, there are nine different forms of the Goddess honored on each of the nine days and nights. Be sure to follow me to receive daily updates throughout the festival!

Nodes Have Changed Signs

Since the onset of the eclipse cycle in early September, the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, have fully transitioned from the Leo-Aquarius axis to the Cancer-Capricorn axis. This completes one year-and-a-half transit as it begins another. From now through March of 2019, we will experience Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn. The obsessive, insatiable Rahu in Cancer will cause us to experience a heightened state of emotionality throughout this time, with perhaps overwhelming sensitivity at times. The confusion of the nodes impels us to take time to get a better understanding of our hearts, and much will be revealed around the eclipse cycles that come in January-February 2018, July-August 2018, and January-February 2019.

With Ketu now transiting sidereal Capricorn, we will have to observe our shadows in the way that we balance our emotional nature with our practicality. Ketu in Capricorn could make us resistant to taking responsibility and practical steps for the future, but he will eventually raise self-awareness around any challenges we have here. We can be very self-critical in the area of Ketu’s transit, which will also affect each individual where Capricorn falls in the natal chart. Conversely, we may encounter impatience, restlessness, and even lust in the area of life indicated by Cancer in our natal chart, while Rahu transits there. I am happy to offer this Full Report and Forecast for Your Sign Here. (If you’re already on the free mailing list, you’ll be getting it in your inbox later today!)

Jupiter in Virgo/Libra

Jupiter has technically transitioned zodiac signs recently, moving from sidereal Virgo’s into sidereal Libra’s designated slice of the pie-in-the-sky. Virgo is a much larger constellation than Libra, however, and in areas where abundant stars are visible just after sunset, one can see that Jupiter is still traversing the constellation of Virgo. The two do not each take up 30° of the 360° ring of the zodiac, in real observational terms, but rather Virgo takes up more than that portion while Libra covers less. Thus, we may be beginning to feel some energy of Jupiter in Libra (more inspiration for harmony, compromise, and the arts), I believe we are still experiencing a strong quality of Jupiter in Virgo (elevating our desire for organization of life’s details).

Also remember, most Western astrologers will say that Jupiter has been in Libra for the last year already, which can cause some confusion. That is based on the tropical zodiac, based on the seasons. Now is a great example of how the tropical zodiac does not correlate with the observable position of the planets and constellations as we see them from earth.

In the Vedic zodiac, Jupiter is still considered to be in the constellation of Chitra, which bridges the designations of Virgo and Libra. This nakshatra correlates with the star called Spica within Virgo (which Jupiter is closely conjunct at the moment), and translates as “the brilliant,” as it is one of the brightest stars in the sky. It is the sign of the celestial architect, and does bring forth a strong artistic quality. This is, therefore, a good time to allow your artistic inspiration to shine through, especially through both skillful and intelligent endeavors.

Mercury, Mars and Venus in Leo

Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all transiting sidereal Leo now. Venus in Leo can cause us to bring forth a lot of “me-first” in relationships, while the proximity of Mars and Mercury in this fire sign can lead to arguing, so be especially aware of these tendencies this month. The three are all catching an aspect from Saturn, now moving forward in direct motion in Scorpio, so that could help to add some mature caution to our impulses.

Spica Astrology








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