All planets in the zodiac have a motion which is direct or backwards. Retrograde planet also known as Vakri Graha simply means the planet is moving backwards in the Zodaic.Therefore the question asked is do planets actually move backwards, and the answer is that it is just from our point of view it appears like the planet is moving in the opposite direction, like when the planets are at the bends. All planets including the luminaries Sun and Moon move direct. On the other hand Rahu and Ketu which are not physical energies but mathematical points of energy and also known as the nodes of the Moon are always moving backwards or in retrograde motion.

Learn more about retrograde planets here:ARTICLE HERE: The planets get retrograde if that gets placed in the 5 th, 6 th, 7 th, 8 th or 9 th position of the planet Sun. Effects related to Retrograde Planet: How Ganesha will help you to overcome the struggle of the Retrograde Planet. Retrograde Jupiter: The retrogression of Jupiter will give you.


RAHU/KETU- Always moves retrograde, they never move direct. In your astrological chart you will see Rahu and Ketu , it is understood that they are in retrograde motion. This is applicable for every single chart on this planet. Sun and Moon never go retrograde.

Effects of Retrograde Planets in Birth chart

Retrograde Mars: Such a Native will be very rigid and reckless in his behavior. The native can be a sex pervert. Will be interested in Pornography and pleasure through unnatural sexual behavior. Not easy to satisfy them sexually. If the affliction on Mars is severe the native may be homosexual. Men with retrograde Mars and especially if Mars is the lord of 8th house are more prone to suffer from Hernia, piles etc while females are likely to have painful and disrupted menstrual periods.

Retrograde Mercury: The native with Mercury Retrograde in their horoscope tends to think in terms of symbols and insights rather than facts and figures. These natives are more powerful on the sub conscious level, therefore such natives are highly creative, philosophical, stay in deep thoughts. Such natives keep talking to themselves. They might not be the best company to have around as they can bore you with their talks and wisdom but they are trustworthy and harm no one.

Retrograde Venus: The native love everyone else except their own partner. The native is inclined to unconventional methods of expressing love. The native will focus too much on beauty, being and staying young. The native will spend tremendously on expensive perfumes, clothes, food and will be fond of wine. The effects of retrograde Venus show more on men than women.

Retrograde Jupiter: The native with Jupiter retrograde will get success from others failures. Astrology solar eclipse december 2020. They will get prominence when others are unable to get results. They have amazing ability to succeed in work which has been ignored by others. Such natives are great in reviving closed enterprises and unhide hidden assets. They may not be good at bargaining but they do know their true potential and expertise.

Retrograde Saturn: They are the kind of people who are more comfortable by working from behind the scheme. They dislike limelight and public appearances. They can be impractical, unreasonable and completely unrealistic at times. They like being isolated and being unbothered and do not mind being separated from people around them.

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology


Planets go retrograde they are closest to the earth. At that time the relative speeds of the 2 planets create the illusion that one is moving backwards. This is similar to when we are in a faster moving car and the one next to us is moving slower. At that time, the slower moving car appears to be moving backward.

Even though it is not moving backward, for all intents and purposes it will slow us down. If we are depending on those in the car (like we are on the planets), we will only fully reach our destination until those in the car also arrive.

Speed Of Retrograde Planets In Vedic Astrology Ephemeris

Retrograde planets are much like that. They are areas of life that do not keep up to speed with the rest of our life. These delays often arrive in the form of mistakes we make and confusion about what to do in the areas of life ruled by the Retrograde planet.

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Current Retrograde Planets

In the example to the right , all planets would be retrograde. Mercury and Venus are moving faster and at the same part of their orbit as the Earth. The Earth is doing the same relative to Saturn Mars and Jupiter.

In such cases,the innate quality of the retrograde planet will be important and developed internally to the native, as well as the psychology of the planet (psychology is internal).

However, the things in life ruled by the retrograde planet AS A HOUSE RULER AND ORGANIC, LIVING KARAKA will not unfold smoothly.

Vedic Astrology Dominant Planets

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology – Video

Speed Of Retrograde Planets In Vedic Astrology February

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