During the Solar Eclipse in 2021, it is believed that natives of malefic zodiac signs, pregnant women, natives suffering from ill-health and diseases and pregnant women must avoid witnessing this celestial phenomenon. Worshipping the Lord, chanting. Today's Telugu Panchangam: 06-April-2021: మంగళవారం, శ్రీ శార్వరి నామ సంవత్సర ఫాల్గుణ మాస బహుళ దశమి రాత్రి 02.11 వరకు, శ్రవణం రాత్రి 02.34 వరకు, వర్జ్యం ఉదయం 06.10 నుండి ఉదయం 07.46 వరకు.

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Times and Dates for the 2021 Moon Phases Calendar are set for New York.
Jan 0604:373rd Quarter Moon Jan 202116 ♎ 17
Jan 1300:00New Moon January 202123 ♑ 13
Jan 2016:011st Quarter Moon Jan 202101 ♉ 02
Jan 2814:16Full Moon January 202109 ♌ 06
Feb 0412:373rd Quarter Moon Feb 202116 ♏ 08
Feb 1114:05New Moon February 202123 ♒ 17
Feb 1913:471st Quarter Moon Feb 202101 ♊ 21
Feb 2703:17Full Moon February 202108 ♍ 57
Mar 0520:303rd Quarter Moon Mar 202115 ♐ 42
Mar 1305:21New Moon March 202123 ♓ 03
Mar 2110:401st Quarter Moon Mar 202101 ♋ 12
Mar 2814:48Full Moon March 202108 ♎ 18
Apr 0406:023rd Quarter Moon Apr 202114 ♑ 51
Apr 1122:30
New Moon April 202122 ♈ 25
Apr 2002:581st Quarter Moon Apr 202100 ♌ 25
Apr 2623:31Full Moon April 202107 ♏ 06
May 0315:503rd Quarter Moon May 202113 ♒ 35
May 1114:59New Moon May 202121 ♉ 18
May 1915:121st Quarter Moon May 202129 ♌ 01
May 2607:13Lunar Eclipse May 202105 ♐ 26
June 0203:243rd Quarter Moon June 202111 ♓ 59
June 1006:52Solar Eclipse June 202119 ♊ 47
June 1723:541st Quarter Moon June 202127 ♍ 09
June 2414:39Full Moon June 202103 ♑ 28
July 0117:103rd Quarter Moon July 202110 ♈ 14
July 0921:16New Moon July 202118 ♋ 02
July 1706:101st Quarter Moon July 202125 ♎ 04
July 2322:36Full Moon July 202101 ♒ 26
July 3109:153rd Quarter Moon July 2021 #208 ♉ 33
Aug 0809:50New Moon August 202116 ♌ 14
Aug 1511:191st Quarter Moon Aug 202123 ♏ 01
Aug 2208:01Full Moon August 202129 ♒ 37
Aug 3003:133rd Quarter Moon Aug 202107 ♊ 09
Sept 0620:51New Moon September 202114 ♍ 38
Sept 1316:371st Quarter Moon Sept 202121 ♐ 16
Sept 2007:54Full Moon September 202128 ♓ 14
Sept 2821:573rd Quarter Moon Sept 202106 ♋ 09
Oct 0607:05New Moon October 202113 ♎ 25
Oct 1223:251st Quarter Moon Oct 202120 ♑ 01
Oct 2010:56Full Moon October 202127 ♈ 26
Oct 2816:053rd Quarter Moon Oct 202105 ♌ 37
Nov 0417:14New Moon November 202112 ♏ 40
Nov 1107:451st Quarter Moon Nov 202119 ♒ 21
Nov 1903:57Lunar Eclipse November 202127 ♉ 14
Nov 2707:273rd Quarter Moon Nov 202105 ♍ 28
Dec 0402:43Solar Eclipse December 202112 ♐ 22
Dec 1020:351st Quarter Moon Dec 202119 ♓ 12
Dec 1823:35Full Moon January 202127 ♊ 29
Dec 2621:233rd Quarter Moon Dec 202105 ♎ 32
  • 2021 Moon Phases Calendar

The planets are extreme.

Eclipses by nature create a shadow where truth can be hidden.

Kala Sarpa is very strong and produces fateful events.

Solar Eclipse August 2021 Vedic Astrology

All of the planets but Mars are within a 16 degree orb.

It looks like this.


Sun-29.07 – Dhanishtha


Mercury retrograde-22.07-Shravanna





And one planet in Aries

Mars -23.34 Aries

Vedic astrology chart south fl. ENERGY VORTEX

We live (like it or not) in a world where energy flows in waves, like the ocean and the wind. There are peaks and valleys. There are points with absolute balance and points of extreme polarization.

Solar Eclipse August 2021 Vedic Astrology Predictions

This new moon is one such point of extreme polarization.

Many of you are feeling uneasy and this is why.


The symbol for this nakshatra is the drum.

The heart beats inside of you and follows a rhythm that is in tune with nature.


The symbol for this nakshatra is the ear.

Truth has a frequency that resonates.

The key is to listen to your perception of truth.

Lies have a different frequency that causes an inner energetic disturbance.

Our job is to decipher and follow the path that causes a feeling of peace and wellbeing.


We live in an ecosystem where there is a food chain, or heirarchy of power.

The ancient vedic system divided humanity into areas where they could know where they belong. These classes where the

Brahmins: priest class of healers and rulers of noble education. Brahmins are typically vegetarian.

Kshatriyas: warrior class

Vaishyas: merchants

Shudras: laborers , slaves

As much as we look down on this, in fact, it gives people a clear definition of where they belong. They find valor and pride within each class.

In this current earth everybody is so confused because they do not know where they belong.



Two percent of humanity are born without the ability to feel empathy and with a need for domination and control. Let’s say their cerebellum ( reptilian ancient brain) is more developed.

Unfortunately this group infiltrate the governing bodies.

I believe there can be narcissists with good hearts and ones with bad hearts.

These are at battle in our current time of Kali Yuga.

Solar Eclipse August 2021 Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Basically it is dark vs. light.


The ruling energy in this new moon is one of governance by force.


This creates an element where mistakes can be made and communication wrongly filtered.


Within every moment of darkness lies a spark of light where diving intervention can catch and flip the switch.

Now is a time that we need this. Let you carry the light within you that you may be a spark.

World Astrology 2021

Om Shanti Om

Vedic Predictions For Usa 2021


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