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SA means ‘Infinity’, TA means ‘Life’, NA means ‘Death’, and MAA means ‘Rebirth’. Its called Panj Shabad (meaning five-sound mantra). Therefore, these five sounds help in balancing the hemispheres of our brain and heals our mind, body, spirit, giving you a peaceful sleep at night. 8th house in Vedic astrology rules over death, longevity, and sudden events. It has a direct impact on one’s lifespan and the nature of death. It could be natural, peaceful, accident by water or fire, suicide, violence, or due to a chronic illness. Hindu Dharma best describes we should sleep in the east-west direction. East-West Direction: Sleeping with head in east increases memory, concentration, good health, and inclination towards spirituality. The east-west position is considered best for healthy and sound sleep. 8th House in your Horoscope. The eighth house is considered to have a direct bearing upon one’s Longevity or span of life in this world. In considering the question of longevity, it is necessary to take into account the 1st and the.3 rd houses also in addition to the 8th house.

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What does 1st House Lord in 12th House mean?

When the planet that rules over your ascendant zodiac sign is positioned in your natal 12th house it means to have 1st lord in 12th house.


The considered combination indicates that the general direction in your life is concentrated on the matters and topics that are related to the 12th astrological house.

The general topics and significations of the 12th house are the following:

  • salvation – Moksha
  • spiritual awakening – enlightenment
  • foreign lands & settlement
  • religious journeys
  • expenditure
  • charities
  • long-term investments
  • repayment of debt
  • bedroom activities, sleeping, dreaming, etc

As a house of hardships. also carries negative significances:

  • losses regarding the ascendant or the first house in the current case – 12th step or house are always a loss of something.

The 12th house belongs to the Moksha Trikona or the triangle of salvation in Vedic astrology because it mainly signifies a loss of everything, including desires regarding materialistic matters, which help to get rid of all troubles and access peaceful heavenly realms.

Apart from this, the twelfth astrological house also belongs to the category of the houses of hardships or Dushtana Bhava in Vedic Astrology. That means that the 12th house carries significances that bring hardships, but inner growth at the same time.

There is a famous dictum that any planet in the 12th house strengthens its significations. In this case, it also strengthens the first house lord, or your self and soul. In fact, the soul functions efficiently in the spiritual environment that the 12th house provides.

Results of 1st House Lord in 12th House

Sleep In Vedic Astrology

Soul Direction

With your ascendant lord which is your main soul guide, is in the 12th astrological house your main goal in this lifepath is to become spiritual and enlightened.

For you, it is most important to grow spiritually and have higher meaning and purpose in everything you do.

Spiritual Evolution

With this planetary combination of your soul, ascendant lord in the 12th house of hardships, you are often prompted to go through hardships in life that in first place shake you to wake you up for spiritual enlightenment and become spiritually enlightened as a result. As soon as you become spiritual, your life gets a positive momentum.

Higher Purpose

Sleep In Vedic Astrology

With that being said, with everything you do, you always carry a higher purpose and meaning.

You only do something when it has some beneficial effect not only for you but also for others which makes this position wonderful.

It is self-explanatory that with this placement of 1st lord in 12th house you also have less greed.

Sound Sleep

Ironically, the 12th house becomes a very important house for gains and stability in life for various reasons.

To begin with, the considered house signifies sound sleep which is of utmost importance to function perfectly in the mundane day to day life.

The better your sleep, the better your mental peace, energy levels, and results of your efforts.

It is also scientifically proven that during sleep time your body obtains and applies information that is necessary to develop skills you try to learn from day to day life.

Secondly, in terms of Bhavat Bhavam in Vedic astrology, the 12th astrological house is the eleventh step from the 11th house.

Which means that the 12th house is the fulfillment of the 11th house. In other words, the twelfth house is a powerhouse of the eleventh house.

Loss Of Greed

Hence, if your first house lord is well placed in the 12th house, it helps you to increase your prosperity through the benefits of the 12th astrological house.

For example, long-term investments, export business, creative imaginative ideas, at the same time having a higher purpose in everything you do and less greed which definitely increases prosperity.

Greed is something that deludes the human mind and steers them away from higher purposes and higher wisdom, which also leads to dead-end eventually.

Because of greed people lose minds and let material resources control their minds and such people become delusional as a result which will bring various so-called “curses” and losses.

However, you are saved from this effect as you have no greed, but only higher purposes behind everything you do. Even when you make a lot of wealth, there is always a meaning for it, and you never abuse the resources.


You understand that resources are just plain material, but what can have power depending on human input and usage of the wealth.

With that being said, you never let materialism control you as you remain intelligent, good-natured, and ensure the healthy development of the pure soul.

This trait ensures that you will be in total control of material resources, and never let the resources steal your mind and steal your soul purity.


As your vitality is directed towards the 12th house, you have the wisdom and talent to outsource items and goods from foreign lands and turn them into profits.

Additionally, you have many chances to visit various foreign places throughout your life.

Rich Imagination

You also carry a vivid and rich imagination, which is the 12th astrological house all about.

With that being said, you perform exceptionally well in areas that require uniqueness and imagination.

Sound sleep becomes a vital part of your life because during your sleep time you acquire much-needed vision from your dreams and apply it while awake.

In addition to that, during sleep, your subconscious obtains all the information you learn through the conscious mind while awake.

Long-Term Investments

You are also a savvy long term investor and think a long way ahead before you act.

This amazing foresight allows you to execute the most correct decisions to put you in constant forward motion.

While you are not as quick as a rabbit, you reach your goals slowly, but surely.

You are very responsible regarding financial matters and you never take loans without analyzing the necessity and effectivity of it.

This foresight and analysis always ensure that you will gain through debts. You also have no problems with repaying the responsibilities that you took.

Good Deeds

As you are driven by higher purposes, you naturally perform good deeds in the society which will increase the luck factor enormously.

It is written in your deep soul that to give is to receive, and that quote drives you in your whole life path, and mostly to success.

Of course, the success here in this context is not solely being in the top 10 list of the richest people.

In fact, you consider your pure soul as your true wealth which is completely correct.

Wealth is meaningless material, but the soul and vitality are everything. It helps to attain both monetary gains and achieve salvation, which is the primary goal of every soul on earth, but not all souls make it there fast.

Hence, you are highly privileged to have a chance to obtain salvation with your spiritual soul and goof deeds and proceed to eternal heaven.

However, there are also negative significances the effects of which are effective when the 1st house lord is damaged in the 12th house by ill placement, bad conjunction, or inimical aspect.

Sleep Problems Vedic Astrology

Scorpio ascendant man vedic astrology calculator. Some of the negative effects are loss of wealth through enemies and debts, loss of mental peace because of insomnia, loss of strength and vitality of the soul, loss of interest and motivation, loss of charitable and generous nature.

Vedic Astrology Signs

Did you know that these mentioned effects manifest in specific periods?

Sleep In Vedic Astrology

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