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Note: For an explanation of the method behind the Lunar Conception Calculator read Lunar Conception: a Discovery of Dr. Jonas

The Cosmic Patterns Software team is dedicated to developing the highest quality and standard in astrology software: Sirius, Kepler, and Pegasus. We develop the world's finest astrology software at the best prices. Requests and suggestions from our customers drive our software development.


Neither the creators of the Lunar Conception Calculator nor the owners of the website are medical professionals, so if you'll decide to use the results of this calculation in any way, you will do that at your own risk.

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  • Us as we are active on Facebook and it is a great place to make contact. We are always on the look out for new Distributors for our software, so if you have a small astrology group you would like a tailored solution for then Prometheus+our help getting things perfect for your group might be the right thing for you.

Risk Factor

Please note that for some women conception on one of the dates defined by the Calculator can result in miscarriage or abnormal birth. No calculator can take into account all the complex factors that can be in play in different cases.


You can now offer a personal consultation with our specialist, which is especially recommended in complex cases.

Superb Astrology Software

For beginner students to advanced practitioners andprofessional astrologers… our easy to use software brings you the stars!


Sirius is fully comprehensive and the most powerful of our three main Cosmic Patterns programs.

Kepler 8

Kepler 8 Metal rooster horoscope. is for people with any level of experience, from novice to professional.

Developed over 25 years, Kepler is firmly established as the the market #1 for features, support and accuracy.


Pegasus is an excellent introductory program for beginners who has very low budget but want to use a very accurate, easy to use, and affordable program.

Add-on Reports

Over 75 detailed Interpretive Reports – focusing on particular areas or issues.
These report writers can be added to Kepler, Sirius, or Pegasus.
Unlimited professional reports that can be shared with friends or offered commercially.


  • We have over 70 Interpretive Report options (add-on’s that require Kepler, Sirius, or Pegasus to run)
  • They provide you and your clients with options for more thorough analysis of the chart and also offer interpretations that focus on particular areas or issues that are not in the report included in Kepler or Sirius
Sirius Astrology Software

Custom Art Wheels

  • Art Wheel Report option (unique to Kepler) are customised to individuals or special occasionalways the perfect gift!
  • Offer friends and clients a detailed report with a unique ready to frame art wheel
  • Start that home business you always dreamed of

Learn Astrology

  • Included in the Kepler program you will find a complete set of 47 lessons that can be studied over 26 weeks
  • Avalon College will take you from the very basic study levels all the way to the starry heights of advanced learning
Our Astrology Software provides a comprehensive set of Astrological tools that have been developed over 25years. You will find countless tools for analysis, forecasting, reporting, learning and research that are used by the worlds leading Astrologers. Friends and associates will delight in exploring with you the unique range of items that you can produce with Kepler

Looking for a home business ???
Our powerful software generates countless charts and reports that will allow you to effortlessly create valuable products all free of licensing restrictions. Our programs will empower you to establish a dynamic business that will make you money… FAST

We invite you to explore this site for details about our software features and the many options for business, personal growth, learning and yes… FUN.

  • Advanced features in almost every area of astrology, including modern, Vedic, Medieval, Hellenistic, Huber, harmonics, and more…
  • Now with Free Download Option – Save on International Shipping!
  • + Save £65.00 = NOW £400.00
  • Provides a comprehensive set of tools that is useful for a wide range of interests. Whether your interest is learning astrology, research, advanced techniques, beautiful graphics, or having attractive chart wheels and accurate interpretations, Kepler can deliver what you need.
  • Now with Free Download Option – Save on International Shipping!
  • NOW £225.00
  • Pegasus is an excellent introductory program for beginners who has very low budget but want to use a very accurate, easy to use, and affordable program.


Click here to learn more

  • Our prices include EU import duties and shipping fee’s from the US
  • We ship ‘flat rate’ within the EU by tracked postal services
  • Additional shipping options are available on checkout
  • All report options are emailed directly to customers with install instructions

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers and reviewers do the talking!

Cosmic Patterns, and it’s many authors, continue to diversify and improve the quality of astrological interpretive reports, and we can be very grateful to all of them for their fine efforts. The programs reviewed here have added new dimensions to what computer reports can do, and have done a superb job of it.

Matrix Astrology Software

Cosmic Patterns, the software company behind Kepler, is especially user-friendly to astrologers who want to design their own interpretive reports.

Cosmic Patterns Softwares, are the most frequently updated astrology software packages you’ll find in our reviews.
Beginners in astrology to those who are advanced practitioners will find Kepler worth every cent.

How many reports or wheels can I generate?

You are free to produce and share unlimited reports and chart wheels (and other data) generated by our softwares.

You are also encouraged to write your own interpretive reports that can be run within the softwares.
Detailed instructions can be found in the help menus for modifying reports or creating original ones.

Can I customise wheels and reports to my business?
YES, all our softwares allow for adding your unique identity to all reports and charts that you share.
Can I get customer support if needed?
YES…we will always work with you to resolve issues related to our software… we do not charge for customer support!Sirius Astrology Software

We will work with you via phone or email if you have any issues getting the software up and running.

As soon as you are up and running you will find extensive support inside the ‘HELP’ menu within our software.

Many instructional videos are available for you to explore and better understand the many powerful features of each program.

If you should still need further help or support we will either resolve an issue via email or we will have a direct customer support response within 24 hours via phone.

Rest assured we will always support our customers either directly or via technical customer support at Cosmic Patterns head offices in Florida.

Can I upgrade later?
All of our software packages can be updated to the current versions and often these upgrades are free.

Kepler can be upgraded to Sirius and Pegasus to both Sirius and Kepler 8.

Sirius Astrology Software Tutorial

There will always be the opportunity to continue with your astrological journey with fuller featured software upgrades.

Or, you will enjoy the benefits of new features via software version updates.
At each step you will still enjoy the use of any report ad-ons that you have purchased.

Can I sell reports online?

Sirius Astrology software, free download

Yes but these will be manually created by yourself and then sent to the customer.

Astrology Software For Mac

If you prefer to use our online chart services Kepler and Sirius have a feature for you.
We can produce reports and wheels for you using the additional report writers that you have purchased.
We charge a fee for this service and then make payment to you.

Sirius Astrology Software

Full details of this are included in your software package.

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