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Mar 07, 2021 Get free Simha Rashi predictions in English and know what Simha Rashi holds for you this week. Monthly Horoscope Marriage Matching. Simha Rashifal 2020 Health Health Horoscope for Simha Rashi people for the year 2020 promises a significant period. Proper diet and enough fitness training will keep you lively and active. Months from April to July and again the month of December may create problems for your well-being due to the negative aspects of Jupiter.

Simha Rasi (Leo Sign) 2021 Rashi Phal (Rashifal) Career, Finance, Health, Family, Education and Remedies

This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you don't know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi

People born under Makha (4), Purva Phalghuni (Pubba)(4), Uttara Phalghuni(1st Pada) comes under Simha rashi. Lord of this rashi is Sun.

Monthly Rasi forecast till 14th March 2021 for Leo or Simha Rasi (सिंह राशिफल) Profession and finance: At your work place you may be forced to take up undertakings beneath your current level and dignity. Your superiors and competitors will be against you. Monthly Predictions for Leo (Simha Rasi) February 2021. Career: Comforts and growth indicated in job or profession. Status and reputation will be heightened. Cordial relations will be there with the authorities and also their help in executing a job makes you happy. Some of you may have a change of designation, or transfers to a desired place. Simha Rashifal 2020 – Overview. Love is in the air for Simha Rashi natives. This year all you will experience is love, joy, and happiness. Happiness will form a significant part of your life. Love will be in your heart 24/7 because of your family and the people around you. Based on the Simha Rashifal 2020 forecast, this year your finances will dwindle a bit, but this will neither affect your financial stability nor your career.

For Simha Rashi people, this year All the other slow-moving planets except Jupiter this year will continue their movements on their current signs. Saturn in 6th house, in Capricorn sign, Rahu in 10th house, Taurus sign, Ketu in Scorpio sign, 4th house. Jupiter enters the seventh house in Aquarius sign on April 6. After becoming retrograde, he will continue his journey in Capricorn sign on September 14, and on November 20, Jupiter will again enter the seventh house in Aquarius sign.

Simha Rashi Career in the year 2021

For Leo sign, this year will be favourable in professional terms. From January to April, you will be standard in the profession. You will be able to complete the tasks with difficulty. In April, Jupiter will change into the seventh house of Aquarius, and you will have a positive change in your career. You can now complete the tasks that have been postponed or left behind. In the past, no matter how hard you worked for recognition, you are frustrated by the right result. After April, Jupiter will be favourable, and you will have a good change in your career, along with your reputation and recognition. Those seeking foreign travel or want to change their profession are favourable between April and September this year. You may be moving to your desired location or growing to the level you want in your career. You will be able to complete difficult tasks efficiently with the help of Your colleagues. Your superiors will appreciate that. Transit of Saturn in the sixth house will be a good one; you will be deprived of those who want to make evil or cause difficulties. However, the transit of Rahu is in the tenth house throughout the year, and sometimes you are proud and overconfident of the profession. This may cause trouble for those who come to your help or colleagues who wanted your help. You will get rid of family life and rest, thinking of getting a good reputation in the profession and getting the job done quickly. It is advisable to spend time in the work and family. Otherwise, you will not have a proper understanding with family members. From September to November, the transit of Jupiter is in the sixth house and faces challenges in the profession. You will be impatient when you want to do something else and get the name and reputation that you are coming to. That will cause you to quarrel with your colleagues. It is advisable to have patience as much as you can at this time. That will not lose the name you have earned in the past. You will get good results in the profession from the end of the year.

Simha Rashi Family in the year 2021

For Leo born, this year will be favourable for family. Jupiter's aspect on the second house will create a bright atmosphere in the family till April. One of your family members may get married to have a child in this period. Saturn's aspect is in the third house throughout the year, so one of your siblings may have health problems or go abroad. Between April and September, the love and affection with family members will improve. Disputes with your spouse or other family members in the past will come to an end. Transit of Jupiter over 7th house is favourable for getting married. Unmarried people are more likely to get married at this time. Love affairs will also come to a collision. Your Coborn will gain professional development or success in their work.This year will be very favourable for children. In the first half of this year, your children will get success in their fields. However, at the end of the year, one of your children is likely to have health problems. So they need to be careful about their health.

Simha Rashi Finance in the year 2021

Financially this year will be in your favour. From the beginning of the year, Jupiter and Saturn's transit in the sixth house will improve your financial position. The aspect of Jupiter on the second and tenth house will increase income. Due to promotion and the return of the money that has come to the past or lost money, you can get out of financial problems. Between April and September, the transit of Jupiter is favourable in the seventh house and will see an increase in income. Especially since Jupiter's aspect is on the ascendant and the third house, it is the right time to invest money and get more profits than expected. Those who want to buy a home or property should buy between April and September this year or after November 20. Jupiter's aspect is in the second house at this time so you can buy them as you wish. You will benefit your friends and well-wishers.

Simha Rashi Health in the year 2021

This year will be favourable in health. Saturn's transit in the sixth house will make you completely healthy. The health problem in the past will be reduced. However, Jupiter's transit over the sixth house between January and April, the liver or stomach's health problems may be disturbed for a while. Your health problems will be reduced entirely as Jupiter comes back to the seventh house. You don't have to suffer much in terms of health throughout the year. Even if there are minor health problems, it will be cured in a short time.


Simha Rashi Education in the year 2021

This year will be very favourable for students. The aspect of Jupiter is on the second house, and the ascendant, the 11th house, and hence will be excelling in studies. Between January and April, Aspect of Jupiter is on the second house and the 12th house, which reduces the concentration of studies. However, the interest in education increases because of positive results. From April to September, aspect of Jupiter is on ascendant and 11th house will increase interest in studies and, good results in written exams. Those who are taking competitive exams will get the desired effect, as well as those who are seeking higher education in abroad will get the desired results either in April or after September.

Simha Rashi remedies for the year 2021

For Leo sign, Jupiter and Ketu are not favourable for this year, so it is advisable to remedy both planets. Ketu will move in the fourth house throughout the year. It is better to chant Ketu Stotra every day as there is some unrest in the home or fixed assets problems. This will reduce the evil results of Ketu. Also, the worship of Ganapati gives good results. It is better to make remedies for the Guru as there is a possibility of health problems due to the transit of Jupiter in the sixth house. It is better to recite Guru Stotra every day, chanting Guru mantra or recite Guru Charitra.

Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and these are Moon sign based predictions only. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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Sarvesthu Sukhinah Santhu, Sarve Santhu Niramayah
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyanthu, Ma kashchith Duhkhabhag Bhaveth
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

The year 2021 will bring confidence and a stronger sense of belief in one’s ideas for Leo natives. They will pursue their spiritual growth and have a better sense of understanding of themselves. Their new found strength and self confidence may lead them to make some major changes in their lifestyle, Leo horoscope 2021 predicts.

Leo natives are inclined to make drastic changes in their way of approaching things. It is highly advised though, that they remain open to suggestions and ideas from their close ones. They may be tempted to shut down the ideas of others and follow their own intuition, which is a positive thing, but they should not refrain from considering valuable advice from their well wishers, according to Leo horoscope 2021.

Individuals born under Leo sign will feel a stronger bond with their friends and family. They will be protective and caring towards their loved ones, 2021 Leo zodiac sign denotes. However, these natives need to wary of certain individuals who are prone to take advantage of their position and use them, Simha Rashi 2021 indicates.

Leo natives will be attracted to gaining knowledge and wisdom in 2021. They will be able to effectively articulate their feelings and emotions to their friends and family, Leo horoscope 2021 predicts. They will be able to handle several situations with a reasonable and mature approach. A long, unresolved issue in their life may suddenly come to the forefront this year. Overall it is their communicative and networking abilities that will work to their advantage in 2021.

Family Life and Friendsfor Leo Horoscope 2021

Leo natives will feel at peace with their close ones and family members. They will have a stronger emotional connection when it comes to their family. They have a deeper inclination towards the finer things in life, such as art, music, theatre and they have a better sense of harmony in their relationships. There is a certain sense of peace and calm about these individuals that will nurture their bonds in the long run as per Leo horoscope prediction 2021.

Their level of communication is on a different level and they may not need to express it verbally but there connections with their family and friends is intrinsically genuine, Leo sign 2021 denotes. Around the month of March, these natives are bound to expand their social circle. They will be approaching life with a renewed confidence. Hence they are bound to make new friends and acquaintances around this time as per Leo horoscope 2021.

However, it is important for Leo natives to make sure they are in the right company before trusting or being close with a stranger. They need to be careful while choosing their new friends according to Leo astrology prediction for 2021. Also they have chances of falling in the company of individuals who might not be healthy for them. They need to be protective of their limitations and how far they are willing to go in friendships, Leo horoscope 2021 implies.

It is also around the same time that Leo natives may garner the love and support from their families. They may be surprised by the support they receive from their families; sometimes even from unexpected circles as per Simha rashi 2021. The kindness and benevolence of their family may be overwhelming at times, but being kindred spirits Leo natives will get ample opportunities to repay the same, Leo Zodiac sign 2021 denotes.

Leo born individuals will also be socially popular and have a magnetic charm about them. They will be the life of the party and their increase in confidence makes them charming and fun people to hang out with. They will be invited to most of the social gatherings however, these natives should do well if they share the spotlight with others as per Leo astrology 2021. They may be the ones stealing the lime light in most of the gatherings but it should not make them smug as it could adversely affect their behaviour in the long run, Leo horoscope 2021 foretells.

There may be the temptation of being the alpha persona in social crowds, but a little bit of self restraint and control could hugely benefit their relationships throughout the year. Around the beginning of June, these natives will feel a sense of urgency to fulfil their responsibilities and obligations towards their families according to Leo horoscope 2021. They will be receptive of the needs of their family and will go out of their way to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of their family members.

Leo natives can be highly intuitive during this time period and with a better sense of judgement they may be able to resolves many obstacles in their family life. When it comes to their friends and loved ones, Leo born individuals are extremely calm and understanding. They will be at their disposal and willing to help their loved ones in distress. Their friends who are stressed and going through troubled times may feel secure and peaceful around them.

Leo natives will have a laid back and relaxed approach in their day to day affairs. Although, around the end of July 2021, there may seem to be some cause of conflict or disharmony in their family life. This may be disconcerting to these natives but with a little bit of patience and understanding, it could be resolved. Leo natives could also lean on their friends’ support during such trying times and their ability to reason and analyze could help them a lot in overcoming such situations.

Around the end of August, Leo natives may come across someone really close to them in the past. These natives may even bring someone from the past into their present life. It may have the charm of a bygone time for these natives while encountering this person from their past. It is also around this time that Leo natives may finally be able to go for that family vacation or trip they have always wanted to go for.

By the end of 2021, these natives will see their year come a full circle. They will see themselves in a much more social and positive light. These natives will be increasing their friend circle and their networking abilities will be at an all time high. Overall, it will be a positive year for Leo natives on their family and social life’s perspective and they should reap the benefits of their networking abilities in 2021.

Love Life and Romantic Relationshipfor Leo 2021

Leo natives will start 2021 on a high note when it comes to their love life. Their relationship will be filled with energy and enthusiasm. They will approach their relationship with a new found zeal. Leo natives who are single may also come across someone interesting during the beginning of the year. Their relationship will be built on their mutual love for certain aspects of life such as art, music or dance as per Leo horoscope 2021.

There is a high probability to meet someone interesting for single Leo natives during this time. They may feel an instant connection with this individual. They are bound to feel a strong sense of affinity with this person and their relationship could be fun and enriching. Throughout the beginning of the year Leo natives will be receptive of their feelings and emotions, with an increased capacity to reciprocate the idea of love.

Leo natives are usually looking for a companion before forging a relationship. Hence the friendship aspect in their relationship is quick to catch on in their love life. The beginning of the year is beneficial for Leo natives to strengthen their bond with their partner. These natives are generally attracted to individuals who are experts in their profession and successful in life.

However, they would usually prefer someone who is in a different profession than them, as when it comes to their profession they like to keep the spotlight to themselves. In 2021, there is also a high probability that Leo natives will fall for someone who is also a famous personality. Leo natives who are married may get to spend quality time with their partners. If they have been away due to unavoidable circumstances, these natives may get the chance to be with their partners this year.

Their married life can be harmonious and relaxed this year. There may be some minor conflicts in their conjugal life but they can overcome these issues with proper communication and mutual understanding. Leo natives who are facing problems in their relationship could also overcome them this year. If there has been any unresolved issue or obstacles in their love life, these natives will be able to resolve them this year.

Individuals born under the Leo sign can also get support and understanding from their partners. They will be able to express their concerns and expectations, in their relationship, not just their own expectations, but they will be considerate of their partner’s expectations too. This positive approach towards their relationship and a better understanding of their partner, helps Leo natives forge a better and stronger relationship. The main key to their harmonious relationship will be a better and effective communication.

These natives are cheerful and calm during this year which makes the relationship relaxed and laid back. Their partners will not have second thoughts about voicing their concerns and overall it will be a smooth affair. Although Leo natives may be more focussed on themselves, but they could effortlessly balance the happiness and fun in their relationship as per Leo horoscope 2021.

During the latter end of the year Leo natives can commemorate 2021 with a harmonious and happy love life. There will be a sense of fulfilment in them. Their bond with their partner will be stronger and they can look towards the future through a positive lens.

Health and Physical Wellbeingfor Leo Horoscope 2021

Though love and domestic life may be satisfying for the Leo natives in the year 2021, they should realize that taking breaks from their social life including their profession and making time for their health is also crucial. This year may invite some medical complications or health issues which may turn into a major cause of concern, if neglected. The co-existence of the planets Jupiter and Saturn may have a negative impact on the health of these individuals, according to the Leo horoscope prognostication for 2021.

If their birth charts indicate presence of planet sin the fourth zodiac, then the Leo individuals should be watchful during the fifth and sixth months of the year, as it is likely that these natives will face issues related to their stomach or digestive system and the renal system, Leo horoscope 2021 denotes. These natives may also be prone to asthma, lung illness or conditions related to the respiratory system, if the eighth and ninth months, if the birth chart shows planets on the sixth zodiac sign.

People already with blood sugar level issues or hypertension need to take precautions as the rise of complication sis possible. Leos need to be watchful of problems related to bones or joints as per Leo horoscope 2021 prediction. They are likely to get injured especially their arms, fingers or wrists. They should be aware of Diseases that can be transmitted through cough, sneeze or talking too close.

They should be extremely cautious of their diet and exclude rich and heavy food. They must maintain a healthy and timely diet. A regular work out regime is mandatory. Yoga and meditation may help them both physically and mentally, 2021 Leo horoscope predicts.

Career or Workfor Leo zodiac sign 2021

This year, Leo natives will be bestowed with numerous opportunities and challenges to prove their efficiency and skill. Talapatra grandha astrology. Progress may seem slow but success is inevitable as per Leo astrology and horoscope 2021. They will shine in any field they choose to work, especially so in the field of art and creative expression. Once they ascertain their mettle, they will be very popular and everyone will express an eagerness to collaborate or work with them as per Leo zodiac sign 2021.

These individuals will need to be aware of their circle or network as important contacts and certain camaraderie may bring forth life changing prospects and career growth. While the first month of the year, with the favourable alignment of the planet Venus, may present a number of opportunities, the second month, with the planet Mars moving into Taurus, new challenges may start to surface. These obstacles though can be overcome with dedication and determination.

The individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign will emerge more confident and powerful this year, even in the face of difficulties. Hence rising victorious and as winners according to Leo horoscope 2021. The fourth month of this year, especially seems to be promising in terms of gaining recognition, completing important projects, bagging new job prospects and accomplishing their aims and objectives.

The fifth month will be a busy month for those who already have stable jobs, these individuals will face numerous opportunities and challenges simultaneously. Leos may need to prepare themselves for hard labour and get their act together to remain in the game. For those who are seeking a job, this month may work in their favour, so they need to be alert as per Leo horoscope 2021.

Simha Rasi Monthly Predictions

By the end of 2021, Leos may have and extremely satisfying and fulfilling career growth to be proud of. The second half of the year, the months from July to December would see more growth progress as compared to the first half as per the Leo zodiac sign for 2021. Travel due to work is on the cards. It is suggested that these natives plan trips carefully because these periods may attract losses, Leo horoscope predicts.

Rahu is said to transit in the Tenth House of Leo the whole year of 2021, therefore initiating an immensely successful career life for the Leo individuals. These individuals are sure to see positivity this year, in terms of work. They may win employee of the month or year thus making them unpopular among few insecure colleagues. They need to be aware of these scheming colleagues who might try to hamper their reputation, Leo 2021 suggests.

The co-existence of the planets Jupiter and Saturn may cause these individuals to feel stressed and sometimes get absorbed in the existing negativity at work. However, they will overcome this phase slowly and regain stability again according to the Leo horoscope 2021 prediction. These individuals are advised to be cautious of the fourth and the fifth months of the year because during these months the planet Mars moves into the Eleventh House of Leo causing arguments or some misunderstandings with those who are senior to them at work.

Finance and Moneyfor Leo Horoscope 2021

As discussed, we have already seen the successful career of the Leo individual this year. With success in career, growth in finance and money is of course obvious. Monetary gains may come late but is assured.

Monthly Horoscope Cancer

The beginning of the year does not show enormous financial gains but as the year progresses, inflow of money is stable and promotions or pay raise is on the cards. These individuals will have a stable financial status and by the end of the year they are destined to procure wealth. These individuals are going to work their way to the top, Leo 2021 suggests. The fourth month will bring monetary changes and success. There might be some instability with respect to flow of cash in the eight month, which they will need to be alert of. By the ninth month, rise in salary is on the cards as per Leo zodiac sign 2021

The months of September and October seems to be the most favourable in 2021. Those seeking to make investments in some business or private ventures need to be cautious and do so only after careful planning and a good deal of brain racking, as there is a possibility of loss. Including partners or teammates in their business may work to their favour after the ninth and tenth months of the year, or else handling the business alone is advisable according to Leo horoscope 2021.

Simha Rashi Monthly Horoscope Horoscopes

Leos should keep in mind that though the year seems to be inevitably working in their favour, hard work and labour is mandatory and they should realize that there are no shortcuts to success. Also, since this year promises immense monetary gain, there would be tendencies to splurge and spend money immensely which should be controlled before it gets out of hand. Flow of money may be steady but there may be more expenditure than usual. Money may be spent on family or some unforeseen circumstances.

Monthly Horoscope By Susan Miller

The favourable alignment of planet Mars in the last month of the year will officially end the year for the Leos, as a financially successful year.

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