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Signs Of No Marriage Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Signs Of No Marriage Vedic Astrology

Other Possible Combinations of No Marriage or Delay Marriage in Marriage Astrology If Rahu exists in the 7 th House and is expected to link with two malefic planets then this is a no marriage yog. If bad Rahu is positioned in 9 th house then this is no marriage yog. Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Virgo are called the barren or sterile signs.

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In my last article I dealt with astrology combinations which give problem in a marriage, now the current topic for today is Late or Delay in Marriage and late marriages are quite common now and there are parents who tends to get worried on this account.

We can not judge a person based on his or her late marriage because there is always a practical reason behind this.

Signs Of No Marriage Vedic Astrology

But we are dealing with astrology so we need to dwell in the planetary combinations which give Late marriage.

How to define late marriage?

Depending on countries and culture marriage age will change, in the western world, there are no set parameters regarding marriage age and you will witness a quite a range in marriage ages there.

Whereas in Asian countries like India, getting married at the right age is a huge concern, especially for parents who make sure their children get married at the right age.

Now defining the right age of marriage is also a tricky part because every individual has their own reasons and they choose when to marry:

  • Wealth can be a reason where a person delays his marriage.
  • Education can also be a reason which creates a delay in marriage.
  • Health is a big reason where a person delays his marriage.

Now as per astrology our classics have given various Planetary combination regarding the age of marriage. These combinations I won’t repeat here since it will be difficult for readers to apply them, rather I will mention them in a simple manner along with with example charts.

As we all know for marriage primary house to be seen is 7th & its lord, along with that divisional chart D-9 should be given equal weight age.

Apart from 7th house, the role of 8th & 12th house lord also has a significant role in timely marriage.

The condition of karaka for marriage i.e Venus for male & Jupiter for the female should be checked thoroughly.
Upapada & condition of Darakaraka should also be considered before concluding the final result.

But I have seen the role of planet Saturn in delayed marriage and it should be discussed separately here.

Role Of Saturn In Late Marriage

Saturn is the main karaka of delay and it has been observed that whenever Saturn is involved in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, the 10th or 12th house then the native face delay in his or her marriage.

Here reason is quite simple because Saturn from above houses tends to affect the timing of marriage and here we need to account the role of Saturn for a particular ascendant also because there is some ascendant where Saturn tends to become a Yogakaraka and then in such cases, the delays are smooth and don’t bother native much.

Whereas for those ascendants where Saturn is a malefic there the delay in marriage tends to affect the native badly.

Same way transit of Saturn and Jupiter also becomes important and can decide the length of delay in your marriage.


Planetary Placements For Late Marriage

Given below is a long list of certain alignments due to which a native suffers ate marriage in his or her life.

1.Placement of 7th house lord from ascendant in 6th, 8th & 12th house: 6th, 8th and 12th house are the most bad houses when it comes to the placement of 7th house lord in a Horoscope. And when placed there, 7th house lord tends to become weak and marriage gets delayed especially in 8th house because 8th house is house of delays itself.

2.Placement of 7th house lord from moon in 6th, 8th & 12th house: Same like point no.1, here we need to see the 7th house lord from the Moon chart and similar principal will be applied here.

3.Placement of 7th house lord from Venus in 6th, 8th, 12th house: Venus is karaka of marriage and 7th house from Venus have a important role in marriage timing and its condition and when placed in 6th,8th or 12th house from ascendant or from Venus then marriage tends to get delayed.

4.Placement of malefic planets viz Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu & Sun in 7th house: This rules states that when natural malefic planets are placed in 7th house of marriage then marriage tends to get delayed. Same way this rule can be applied on similar condition when these malefic planets are placed with the 7th house lord from the ascendant, moon or even planet Venus.

5.Combustion of 7th lord: Combustion happens when a planet gets too close to planet Sun and usually we see Venus and Mercury in combustion state quite often. Though as per Nadi astrology Venus and Mercury does not get combust. So when 7th house lord from the ascendant gets combust then marriage tends to get delayed and even denial happen in some cases.

6.7th house hemmed between malefic planets: This is generally known as Papakarti Yoga and here when two planets are placed adjacent to any House then that house tends to suffer and becomes weak. So here if that happens to the 7th house then the weakness of 7th house will lead to late marriage.

7.7th house lord hemmed between malefic planets: Same like rule number 6, here the hemming of 7th house lord will lead to delay in marriage.

8.Debilitated 7th house lord: This rule deals with the weakness of 7th house lord due to debilitation and here please note that you need to check the condition of the 7th house lord in navamsha also because many times strength of planets improves in navamsha.

9.Retrograde 7th house lord: Retrograde planets are tricky to understand and have many complications associated with them, for the sake of this topic of delay in marriage, you need to focus on delay factor which comes with retrograde planets and 7th house lord is retrograde then marriage gets delayed due to it.

10.Retrograde planets in 2nd & 7th house: Same like rule no.9, when retrograde planets are placed in 2nd or 7th house again this is a combination of late marriage. Here, you might think that why 2nd house, then here to understand it, you need to apply the principle of Bhavat Bhavam and 2nd house is 8th from 7th house and any planets there affects marriage directly and when that planet is retrograde then sure shot late marriage will be there.

11.Afflicted Venus in navamsha: Venus is Karaka of marriage in general and when afflicted it tends to gives late marriage. For more information on affliction you can follow the article on this topic .

12.Venus hemmed between malefics: Same like rule number 6 here hemming of Venus from malefic will cause delay in marriage.

13.Venus in infertile signs like Gemini, Leo, Virgo: Here this point is very important to understand and it deals with the basics of astrology and in astrology there are some signs which are considered as infertile or useless for the matter of creation and when Venus which is karaka of marriage is placed in these signs then delay in marriage occurs.

14.Moon-Venus conjunction except in Taurus zodiac or without aspect of Jupiter: Actually this rule seems to be bizarre because we can say that Moon and Venus are two benefic and astrology and should give early marriage because here the person will be fond of opposite sex. But if you read the rule carefully you will find that i have written that “except in Taurus sign” & “without the aspect of Jupiter”. In Taurus sign Moon gets exalted and Venus have rulership over it so here in Taurus it will give a early marriage which will last the test of time where as in other signs it will make one seek relationship outside of marriage. Only aspect of divine Jupiter can correct it, without that the native will tend to indulge in pleasure without marriage only and even if he or she get married, there will be a tendency of extramarital affair.

15.Saturn- Jupiter conjunction or aspect: I have dealt with Saturn separately and this rule is again related to planet Saturn and it states that whenever Saturn affects Jupiter via union or aspect then marriage will be late and this hold true for females because Jupiter is karaka of marriage for them.

16.Saturn- Moon conjunction or aspect: Moon is karaka of mind and when Saturn affects it via conjunction then the native usually don’t get desires and have disinterest in marriage.

17.Saturn-Venus conjunction or aspect: Same like above point number 16, here Saturn influence over Venus which is karaka of marriage gives disinterest in marriage.

18.Mars-Jupiter Conjunction or aspect: This rule is quite unique and doesn’t hold much importance unless you are a women. Mars is a natural malefic and when affect Jupiter then marriage tends to get late and also quality of marriage suffers with it.

Signs of no marriage vedic astrology signs

19.Weak 9th house or weak 9th house lord: 9th house rules over auspicious ceremony in our life and should be strong and unaffiliated for early marriage.

20.Placement of Saturn in 1st,5th,7th,8th & 12th: Saturn the karaka of delays when present in these houses tends to gives obstacles in marriage.

21.Placement of Mars in 1st,2nd,4th,5th,7th,10th & 12th house: This is a classic Mangal Dosha and we all know how it affects marriage in a negative manner though we should consider the lordship of Mars also because with auspicious lordship Mars can give early marriage also.

22.Placement of Saturn in 8th house from Venus: 8th house is 2nd to 7th house and have a important role in marriage and when Saturn is placed in 8th house from Venus then it leads to delays in marriage.

23.Debilitated planet in 2nd house from Upapada: This part deals with Jaimini astrology and 2nd house from Upapada is important in marriage predictions and when a weak planet sits there then you can not except early marriage in such case.

24.Malefic planet placement or their aspect on 2nd house from Upapada: Same like above rules here a malefic planet when placed in 2nd house from the upapada gives delay or sometimes denial of marriage also.

25.Upapada lagana afflicted by malefics via placement or aspects: Now we are dealing with Upapada lagna directly and when afflicted by malefics then it is not good for the marriage.

26.Affliction to Darakaraka: Darakaraka is the planet which have the least degrees in your Horoscope and same like 7th house lord it performs when we use Jaimini principals and when Darakaraka is afflicted then marriage get late.

27.Placement of Gantikaraka in 7th house from ascendant: Ganatikaraka works same like 6th, 8th and 12th house lord when we use standard astrology principals and and when placed in 7th house of marriage it tends to create troubles in getting married.

28.Affliction over Signs Gemini, Libra & Aquarius since they form kama trikone in kaalpurush: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are part of Kama trikone and deals with things like money and marriage and when afflicted by malefic planets then bad things happens in marriage.

29.Less than 25 benfic points in 7th,8th & 12th house in Ashtakvarga calculation: Ashtakvarga is a special system and I give a lot of importance to it and when there are less then 25 benefic bindus in 7th, 8th and 12th house especially in 7th house then you cannot except a early marriage.

30.7th lord having less than 4 benfic bindus in its own Ashtakvarga: individual bindusSame like rule number 30 here weak in 7th house lord causes late marriage.

Now we will check the application of above mention points through example charts.


Example Horoscope Which Shows Late Marriage

Now after going through the main astrology combinations which gives delay in marriage, you might be wondering about their application. Therefore I have handpicked two horoscopes which can teach you a lot in this regard.

Example Horoscope No.1 where the native experienced delay in marriage due to many reasons

Native is a woman in her mid-thirties & is unmarried despite her sincere efforts for a suitable Groom. Her engagement got broken once.

In her chart Venus is 7th lord, Moon is Darakaraka, Jupiter is Ganatikaraka. & Upapada lagana is Pisces.

Following observations were made in her chart which is responsible for the delay in marriage.

  1. 7th lord from ascendant Venus is with 6th lord Mercury & under aspect of Saturn.
  2. Mercury is the most malefic planet for Aries ascendant.
  3. 7th lord from Moon is Saturn and is in 12th from Moon.
  4. 7th lord from Venus is Jupiter and is afflicted by Saturn.
  5. In Navamsha malefic Ketu is in 7th house
  6. 7th lord in Navamsha Chart is in 6th house with Saturn.
  7. Saturn Jupiter Mars conjunction in Navamsha’s 6th house making Jupiter severely afflicted.
  8. In the main chart(D-1) Jupiter is in 6th house.
  9. Upapada lagna is aspected by malefic Saturn.
  10. 2nd lord from Upapada is Mars & is with malefic Sun.
  11. 2nd house lord from Upapada is aspected by malefic planet Ketu.

Same is confirmed from her D-60.

Signs Of No Marriage Vedic Astrology Signs

  1. Sun & Saturn are present in the 7th house of D-60 Chart.
  2. Upapada Lagna is Libra & malefic Ketu is present there.

Example Horoscope No.2 where marriage got delayed due to the afflicted 7th house

This chart belongs to a woman, she is 29 years old and is looking for a groom.Her engagement got broken once also.


In her chart Saturn is 7th lord, Sun & Mercury are present in the 7th house. Jupiter is in 8th house. Upapada Lagan is Leo and Sun is Darakaraka & Mars is serving as Gantikaraka.

  1. Following observation were made in her chart.
  2. 7th lord from Ascendant is having malefic planet Sun.
  3. 7th lord from Ascendant have malefic Mercury lord of 12th house.
  4. Venus is afflicted by Saturn.
  5. 7th house from Moon is mercury which is present in 12th from Moon.
  6. Ketu is aspecting her 7th house from Ascendant.
  7. Rahu is aspecting 7th lord Saturn.
  8. Jupiter is in 8th house in natal chart (D-1).
  9. In her Navamsha (D-9),7th lord is aspected by Saturn.
  10. Navamsha Ascendant is afflicted by 8th lord Moon.
  11. Malefic Ketu is present in second from Upapada & is aspected by Rahu & Mars.
  12. Upapada is aspected by Saturn.

In her D-60 Chart.

  1. 7th house is aspected by Debilitated Mars.
  2. 7th lord Saturn is in sixth.
  3. 7th from the moon have malefic Sun.
  4. In her Ashtakvarga chart 7th Lord Saturn have two benefic bindus in its own Ashtakvarga.

Example horoscope No.3 where marriage got delayed due to afflicted 2nd house

This horoscope belongs to a Male who is 30 year old now.

He is looking for a bride since past 3 months but never tried it before. In his chart Moon & Venus are together in the 7th house in Libra though Venus in own zodiac seems to be strong but it is with the moon, though under aspect of Jupiter from 11th house, which satisfies condition no 14. Saturn is in 8th house & Rahu is in 12th hence there was a delay.

Signs Of No Marriage Vedic Astrology

Though due to other positive combinations & current Venus antardasha which will last up to 2017 will make him marry.

These planetary combinations and example horoscopes are very helpful to identify delay in marriage and can be applied on horoscopes easily.

So what you are waiting for?

How Can Astrology Tell About the No-Marriage Yog in Chart

The no marriage horoscope or unmarried horoscope is identified with ruling houses 1st, 7th, 2nd, 12th, and 11th. These houses are taken into consideration from Moon, Venus, Sun and Lagna to identify the marital status of a person. If such houses are weak and are influenced by malefic planets then the person is expected to have delayed marriage or no marriage yog.

Identifying No Marriage Prediction in Astrology

To identify whether a person will get married or not, it is important to consider the five houses. The 1st or Lagna house talks about the person himself or herself. The 2nd house talks about the relatives of the person. The 7th house talks about the person’s wife. The 11th house talks about the bonding and long-term relationship and the 12th house talks about any major expenditure.

When the lord of 1st house is connected with the lord of 7th house then the native will come in contact with the opposite sex. However, if the connection develops with 11th house then the bond with opposite sex will be longer and give the relationship a lasting connection. But malefic connections in the 8th and 12th house can lead to short marriage or yog of unmarried. So, these are some of the no marriage horoscope. But the impact is greatly influenced with the planetary positions.

Other Possible Combinations of No Marriage or Delay Marriage in Marriage Astrology

  • If Rahu exists in the 7th House and is expected to link with two malefic planets then this is a no marriage yog.
  • If bad Rahu is positioned in 9th house then this is no marriage yog.
  • If Venus and Moon are positioned in one house and Mars and Saturn are placed in 7th house then there are very fewer chances of marriage.
  • If 7th house is influenced by the malefic planet and badly affected by Moon with other troubling planets in 7th house then the person will not get married.
  • If Mercury and Venus are in 7th house and badly affected by other troubling planets then the person will not marry.
  • When troubling Moon and Saturn rest in 7th house and the house is not influenced by other beneficiary planets then the results are no marriage of the person.
  • When all malefic planets move to the lagna house, 7th house, and 12th house and influenced by Moon in the 5th house then the person will not marry.
  • When Saturn and Sun jointly interferes with 7th house from Moon or Ascendant in navasama Chart then this could lead to no marriage for a person.
  • When Saturn and Sun jointly influence Venus then this implies Kakra for marriage and leads to no marriage.
  • When 7th house is placed with Sun and influenced by Saturn, provided Jupiter is not affecting then this is a combination of no marriage.
  • Saturn as the lord of 11th house positioned in the 7th house or in 9th house may cause no marriage or delay in marriage.

So, these are all major combinations that may cause delay or no marriage. If still a person tends to get married then this results in breakup, difficulties in marriage, or sometimes death of one person.

Remedies to Combat No Marriage in Astrology Horoscope

Some of the astrology remedies to combat no marriage yog are as follows:

  1. Worshipping Lord Krishna is a great solution for people who have no marriage yog. Regularly worshipping Lord Krishna helps for progeny also.
  2. Another remedy to treat no marriage yog is to wear stone of Jupiter or Topaz or Pukhraj. It must be a clear yellow stone of around 4-5 carats and must be cast in gold. The person with no marriage yog can wear it in the right index finger. It would be beneficial to perform gemstone rituals and then wear it. This remedy is ideal only for females.
  3. Both Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are Karakas of marriage. Worshipping them and fasting on Mondays is an excellent remedy to get rid of this problem and live a happily married life throughout.

With marriage astrology,it is possible to know about no marriage or delay marriage. At the same time, the good thing is that astrology offers reliable and appropriate solutions for the same.

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