Significator Of Marriage In Vedic Astrology

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How to predict the time of marriage in Astrology

Everyone wants to know when will he/she will get married. working out Marriage timing through astrology is one of the reasons why people consult an astrologer. Marriage is a coming together of two people who decide to spend life together. It is said that matches are made in heaven, so when this event is likely to materialize causes anxiety in ones life. However with the help of Vedic Astrology we can come to know the period when this moment is likely to take place in a natives life.

Below are some of the factors through which a person can know the Marriage Timing through the help of astrology.

Mars, for example, is a significator of marriage and partnerships if it is located in the seventh house (the house of marriage and partnerships), or if Aries, the sign Mars rules, is on the cusp (at the beginning) of the seventh house. This term is infrequently used outside horary astrology.

  1. Timing Of Second Marriage In Vedic Astrology Second marriage generally takes place in the period of (Mahadasha or Antardasha) 3 rd house and 9 th house lord and their connected planets. In some cases, I have seen that during the 8 th house lord’s dasa antardasa and its connected planets also has given a second marriage.
  2. In KP Astrology, Horary Astrology is one part. It gives accurate predictions with KP Rules. In Horary Astrology, Horary means question. There are 249 sub lords in Horary Astrology. There are 27 Stars in Zodiac Sign. Each star has 13.20 degrees, means 800 minutes.
  3. Venus is the significator of marriage for males and Jupiter for females. Darakaraka is another jaimini significator similar to 7th lord. Note: I always use jaimini principles simultaneously with parashari because they are not different and very important for fine analysis.

Significator Of Marriage In Vedic Astrology


In case of girls 90 % of focus we give to the Jupiter and its influence as it is the significator of husband and also study Venus which is the Karka of marriage and significator of marriage for males. We also study Saturn which plays a important role in marriage, besides Rahu and Ketu which can bring delay in marriage. According to general rule marriage can be calculated by the 7thlord, planets positioned in the 7thhouse and taking in consideration the following factors.

Significator Of Marriage In Vedic Astrology

Some Important Considerations for Marriage Timing are:Metro horoscope.

  1. It may happen during the dasha period of 7thlord or planets which aspect the 7thhouse.
  2. During the marriage age of 24 – 30 preference should be given to 7thlord and 7thhouse and their lord and their placements.
  3. When 7thhouse is aspected by some planet then the Mahadasha of that planet may give desired rewards.
  4. Mahadasha and Antar Dasha is of the same planets which are placed or aspect the 7thhouse.
  5. Mahadasha and antardasha of 2nd house and 4thhouse.
  6. Jupiter transit aspects the 7thhouse, 5thhouse and lagna.

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Some of the other factors that influence the marriage timing is the Rashi of the 7thhouse. For example if the Sign belongs to Mercury then it is likely that the marriage will take place before 22ndyear of birth. If the sign belongs to Saturn then it can bring marriage even after the 30thyear of birth.

Significator Of Marriage In Vedic Astrology Meaning

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