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Karmic Astrology: Past Lives, Present Loves by Ruth Aharoni
“Is there a karmic connection that binds us to the closest people in our lives? If so, how can we gain insight from past incarnations? Perhaps the answers to these mind-boggling riddles lie in the stars.
In Karmic Astrology, Ruth Aharoni demonstrates how to learn from the karmic footprints visible in an astrological birth chart. She identifies the distinctive karmic characteristics found in the astrological signs, planets, aspects, houses, nodes, and elements. This groundbreaking book can help readers identify karmic partners, understand why a particular mate was chosen, and improve current relations with friends, family members, and spouses. In addition to valuable relationship insight, this book also provides advice and meditations for attracting a soul mate.”
Between Past & Presence by Eric Meyers, M.A.
“Between Past & Presence: A Spiritual View of the Moon & Sun, is an astrology book written at an advanced-beginner to intermediate level for a general audience. This book addresses the relationship between the Moon and Sun and the relevance to spiritual growth. Through exploring signs, houses, aspects, rulerships, nodes, cycles and eclipses, a new paradigm of the luminaries is offered. In short, spiritual growth is furthered by integrating awareness and vitality (Sun) into the depths of the unconscious (Moon). By resolving the past (Moon), we are able to be fully in the present (Sun).”
Aspects by Robin Antepara
“Planetary aspects-the dynamic relationships and energy exchanges between planets-can influence birth charts in profound ways. Picking up where sun sign astrology leaves off, aspects open up new dimensions in understanding how the stars affect us.
This innovative guide challenges the conventional notion that certain planetary relationships (squares, oppositions, and conjunctions) are “bad,” while harmonious ones (sextiles and trines) are “good.” Using plain language, Robin Antepara explores both types and explains how each is important. Her down-to-earth, lively approach includes many case histories of famous people, ranging from historical figures to celebrities. Readers will learn how Princess Diana alchemized a square between Venus and Uranus and about Martha Stewart’s problematic trine between the Sun and Mars.”
Venus by Anne Massey
“Who is an enticing beauty, a bitch goddess, and the queen of every natal chart? Venus, of course! Investigating this heavenly body from all angles, Anne Massey brings new dimension to this undervalued planet.
Exploring Venus in mythology, fairy tales, and contemporary archetypes such as Marilyn Monroe, Massey uncovers this planet’s striking personality. A close look at her cycles reveals gorgeous symmetry and sacred geometry, linking Venus to the golden mean, the pentagram, and other significant symbols. The author also focuses on this extraordinary planet’s aspects and phases, in addition to her impact in the houses and signs, and discusses Venus retrogrades in depth. Lastly, no book on Venus would be complete without examining her dynamic influence on love and marriage.”
Houses (Special Topics in Astrology) by Gwyneth Bryan
“On this entertaining jaunt through the stars, Gwyneth Bryan takes us on a tantalizing tour of house-based astrology.
Blending astrology, psychology, and metaphor, this astrological guide helps readers grasp the dynamics of each of the twelve astrological houses. Humor and personal anecdotes bring astrological concepts-such as the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and the Nadir-to life. The astrological birth charts of Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, George W. Bush, and other important icons are used as colorful examples to demonstrate how the planets within each house can influence childhood, physical appearance, personality, career, relationships, spiritual growth, and other aspects of life.”
The Houses – Temples of the Sky by Deborah Houlding
“In this revised and expanded edition of her first book, Deborah Houlding presents original research into the history and development of house meanings. The astrological circle of houses is perceived as a wheel of life, covering the full spectrum of human experience from formation of character through to death. Why did the ancient astrologers devise the scheme in such a way that it does not seem to follow the natural order of life? Where do the meanings for each house come from and how have they been adapted over the centuries – more importantly, why? Other books have attempted to resolve these issues, but none have provided adequate answers. In The Houses: Temples of the Sky Deborah Houlding’s clear narrative & original research into the history & development of house meanings explores the symbolic threads that are embedded into the philosophy of houses, strengthening our understanding of their use in practical application.”
Vocations (Special Topics in Astrology) by Noel Tyl
“People spend more of their lifetime working than doing anything else. A job is important not just for survival but also for a sense of personal fulfillment. Choosing the right vocation means having the ability to support yourself financially as well as gaining a sense of significance and success.
Seeing the vocation’s profile within the horoscope has been one of the most difficult tasks astrologers encounter, burdened with laborious details. Now, for the first time ever, master astrologer Noel Tyl presents the “Midheaven Extension Process,” a highly innovative approach to vocational astrology that is elegant in its simplicity and relevance to the modern job culture. Vocations: The New Midheaven Extension Process is a much-needed guide that will change forever the process for vocational consulting.” See our full review.
Mapping Your Travels & Relocation (Astrology Made Easy)Finding the Best Place for You (Book and CD-ROM set) by Maritha Pottenger and Kris Brandt Riske, M.A.
“Some of the most important life decisions involve choosing a new place to live. Whether you’re selecting a college, planning retirement, launching a fresh career, or seeking a soul mate, your new location will have a significant impact on your life.
No matter your goal, Mapping Your Travels & Relocation can point you in the right direction. This astrological guidebook demonstrates how to take advantage of the planets and their powerful influence upon entrepreneurial efforts, artistic talent, family dynamics, scholarly success, and romance. No previous astrological knowledge is required. Included with the book is an easy-to-use CD-ROM which makes it a cinch for beginners to calculate the ideal location to meet their needs.”
Managing Your Health & Wellness A Guide to Holistic Health (Book and CD-ROM set) by Diane L. Cramer
“Whether it’s feeling more energized, losing a few pounds, or alleviating a chronic condition, almost everyone would like to improve some area of their health. With the easy-to-use, completely personalized system found in Managing Your Health & Wellness, anyone can achieve and maintain optimum health.
All you need to know is the birth date, time, and location for yourself or the person whose report you are running. The report includes an easy-to-understand astrological birth chart. It analyzes the following factors: exercise and behavior patterns, mental outlook, cravings, resistance to disease, activity level, ability to handle stress, and much more. Finally, it offers suggestions for improving health and well-being that are tailored specifically to the individual whose chart is under consideration.”
Skymates, Vol. II: The Composite Chart by Steven Forrest and Jodie Forrest has been some time coming, and we’re thrilled it’s been released. This book is entirely devoted to interpretations of the composite chart, with delineations of composite planets and nodes in the signs and houses (not in aspect). We will have a full review of the book soon.
Cycles Of Life: Understanding The Principles Of Predictive Astrology by Rod Suskin, with a Foreword by Noel Tyl. Includes planetary cycles, such as Venus and Mars cycles for love, sex, and money, and Mars and Jupiter cycles for success. Moon cycles reveal our changing feelings, and long-term cycles of the outer planets help us to understand crises and change in our lives. We are currently reviewing this title, and a full review is coming soon.
“Change is an inevitable part of life. Major life changes can propel us toward exciting growth or difficult setbacks. Renowned astrologer Rod Suskin describes how the planets are implicitly connected to important transitions in our lives, and offers advice on how to use these times to our advantage.
In straightforward language, Suskin explains the nature of each planetary cycle, as well as seven-year-rhythms, personal development in specific age ranges, Mercury retrograde periods, birthdays, midlife crises, and living according to the Sun’s natural rhythm. With the easy-to-follow tables and worksheets in this book, you can determine the specific timing of your own cycles as you are learning about them. This one-of-a kind guidebook also explores how to benefit from the influence of the planets on many day-to-day aspects of life, including relationships, money management, business and home life.” Mapping Your Money: Understanding Your Financial Potential (Astrology Made Easy)“Mapping Your Money starts with a step-by-step exploration of your birth chart. No previous astrological knowledge is required. From there, you will learn basic techniques to interpret a birth chart from a financial perspective-such as discovering which of the birth chart’s twelve houses are considered money houses, and determining where your money planets are in your own birth chart. The CD-ROM enables you to quickly and easily generate personalized financial astrological profiles for yourself or others, while learning the essentials of astrology at your own pace.
With this book and CD-ROM, you will be able to look at a birth chart and create a detailed profile that reveals both money management aptitudes and challenges as well as individualized strategies for strengthening your financial status. Specific areas covered in Mapping Your Money include:
-Career income -Windfalls & speculation
-Entrepreneurial potential
-Home mortgage
The CD-ROM included with this book runs on Windows 95/98/ME/XP and was developed by Cosmic Patterns, a leading developer of astrological software.”
This book is designed for beginners. For a slightly more advanced exploration of the astrology of money, see our review of Astrology & Money: What’s Your Wealth Quotient?.
Mapping Your Sex Life: Understanding Your Approach To Passion, Trust & Intimacy (Astrology Mage Easy) by Stephanie Clement is another title in the Astrology Made Easy series, which is designed for beginners, and comes with a CD-ROM that generates reports based on the text in the book.
“Mapping Your Sex Life can help you understand the desires, fantasies, motivations, and expectations of you and your partner. Learn how love, karma, spirituality, shame, secrets, and self-awareness impact sexuality. No previous astrological knowledge is needed. A birth date and time is all that’s required to gain astrological help in achieving a physically, emotionally, and spiritually satisfying sex life.
The CD-ROM included with this book runs on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and was developed by Cosmic Patterns, a leading developer of astrological software.” Astrology of Midlife and Aging (May 2005) by astrology veteran, Erin Sullivan. Expect some heavy reading from an expert.
“The first in-depth analysis of how an individual’s natal horoscope reveals the unique challenges and opportunities of midlife.
Between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-one, something mysterious takes place within the psyche. Jung called this phase our “unlived life,” assuming rightly that midlife did not inaugurate a time of rapid decay, loss of libido, and inevitable death—but rather ushered in a period in which one might review one’s life and build upon a strong foundation toward the next phase of adulthood.
Acclaimed astrologer Erin Sullivan takes us through the vast changes that astrology reveals as we reach middle age. It is a moment in life that is characterized by the planet Uranus, one filled with opportunities to both rethink the past and move forward toward the future, “witnessing” our lives in the way Uranus connotes. There exist no maps of the terrain—except the natal horoscope.”
Electional Astrology: The Art Of Timing (June 2005) by Joann Hampar. This book is designed for intermediate students of astrology, and offers tips and techniques for choosing the right dates for business deals, weddings, and more. This book explores the complex branch of astrology called electional astrology.
“Planning a wedding? Scheduling surgery? Buying a house? How do you choose a date and time that offers the best chance of success? The odds are in your favor when you plan life events using electional astrology-a branch of astrology that helps you align with the power of the universe.
Professional astrologer Joann Hampar teaches the principles of electional astrology-explaining the significance of each planet and how to time events according to their cycles. Readers will learn how to analyze the planetary alignments and compile an electional chart that pinpoints the optimal time to buy a diamond ring, adopt a pet, close a business deal, take a trip, move, file an insurance claim, take an exam, schedule a job interview, and just about anything else!” Divine Astrology: The Cosmic Religion : Enlisting the Aid of the Planetary Powers by Lyn Birbeck.
“Astrology as a spiritual discipline rather than a predictive system. Most of what has been written in the name of astrology refers to personality and prediction. Divine Astrology presents Astrology in its true sense as a spiritual rather than predictive system. It sees personality as being an expression of Spirit, and life as being a journey of Spirit driven by cosmic forces and governed by definite laws. Seen in this way the user is no longer simply a hapless puppet of the astrological influences prevailing at birth and through life. He or she is seen as an entity who can become en rapport with the very energies that are the stuff of astrology, the Planetary Powers. It relates these to the nature of God, to other religions and to modern cosmology and physics. We are co-creators with God, and by communing with the Hands of God, the Planetary Powers, we can change our destiny for the better.
To this end, Divine Astrology first equips the reader with the “Scriptures”, the planets, Signs and Houses that tell what forces we are all subject to. But we are direct expressions of these Powers and Conditions, and so are able to commune with them. This paves the way for the esoteric teaching that we are able to become as Gods. It leads onto the “Rituals” that are the Practice of Astrology, the Cosmic Religion. Like any religion, this involves prayer and ceremony, but more precisely “Invocation”. The “equipment” of these Rituals are the 40 Cards that come with the book. The seeker is shown ways to resolve problems, have questions answered, attain support and security, receive enlightenment, become empowered.”
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He learned Vedic Astrology (Parasara system) by his self-efforts. His expertise lies in Vedic astrology, Horoscope predictions, Numerology (naming babies, companies and establishments), Marriage matchmaking of male and female charts, KP-Astrology, Prasna Astrology under KP System Approach, etc. Astrology palan Jathagam jathaga palan birthday horoscope Josiyam stars guru transit rahu ketu & sani peyarchi tamil new year rasi palan Josiayam subha muhurtam dates daily horoscope horoscope today numerology horoscope horoscope stars free daily horoscope online horoscope horoscope reading astrology and horoscope mobile horoscope free yearly horoscope yearly horoscopes joshiyam rahu. Tamil Nakshathram List 01. Mirugasirisham 06. Thiruvathirai 07.

Well, everyone wants to know more about Human Sexuality but no one wants to talk about it openly due to the narrow-mindedness of people. The so-called professionals and Sexologists thrive because of lack of knowledge of people and general shyness of society about speaking and knowing about sex and sexuality. Wouldn’t it be nice if two people can form a closeness not only on the basis of other factors but also on the basis of their sexual compatibility and desires?

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talking about marriage compatibility, the most important factor usually is left unnoticed which leads to sexual displeasure amongst the couple. Let us go on a journey about sex with horoscopes as examples to know more about sex, sexual diseases, impotence, desires etc and remedies.

Sexual Desires and Behaviours

As per KP, If the 7th cusp is in the star of Sun or in sub of Sun, then mating will be pleasureless. If we talk about Moon, then mating will turn out to be happy and pleasant, If Mars then forceful sex and displeasure in sex, If Mercury then the person will like to have vocal sex more than physical. If Jupiter then the sexual act will be good, If Venus, then the level of intimacy will be wonderful, If Saturn then no pleasure in sex and duration will be short.

Usually, If the 7th house has Mars or is aspected by Mars, then the person remains in an angry mood while having sex, due to which the act remain pleasureless. talking about Jupiter, then lovemaking remains good and peaceful. If Saturn then there can be tendencies of homosexuality, animalistic behaviour on the bed, anal sex, distorted views about sex. If Rahu then the person will act abnormally in sex. If Ketu, then the person will act in a hyper manner while carrying out the act of sex and may suffer from premature ejaculation. If Venus then the sexual act is blissful. If Mercury then the person suffers from early exhaustion and premature ejaculation. If Moon then the sexual pleasure will remain dependent on mood swings. If Sun, then the act can have tints of aggression. The daily transits also affect sexual desires and many times the transits override the natal promises of sex in the horoscope.

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Sexual Plurality

It simply means having sex with many partners, which is not a common concept in India and widely considered a taboo. I will shed light on a few planetary combinations in the kundli of natives who have multiple sex partners.

  1. Moon and Venus’s conjunct produces a desire to have sex with many partners if they are connected with 7th 8th or 12th houses.
  2. If Mars, Venus, Saturn are conjoined or aspecting each other, then the native will get indulged in sexual activity with more than one partner and the partners may be low born, ill-bred, servants etc.
  3. if the Lords of 1 and 7 are exchanging signs, then the native will remain sexually active.
  4. Saturn, Mars and Moon in the 7th house may result in group sex, abnormal sex with many partners.


Here, the Moon is aspected by Saturn, Venus is aspected by Saturn, Mars occupies Venus sign, Moon is in Saturn star Rahu sub, Venus is in Rahu star, Mars is in own star. The person is a frequent visitor to prostitutes and other females looking for sex.


In the horoscope, Saturn aspects Venus and Mars. Moon is in Venus sign. Moon is in Mars star and in the sub of Rahu. Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are in sub of Rahu. Such a native offers such services professionally.


Venus is in Saturn star and Mars sub. Jupiter is aspected by Saturn. Saturn aspects Mars. Moon is in Rahu star. Saturn is in Rahu sub. The native has had sex with many females and prefers older females for pleasure. Corrupt and abnormal sexual behavior is what it is called.

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Saturn aspects Venus, Mars aspects Saturn and the 7th house, Moon in the 8th house in Venus sub, Moon in Venus sign, Mars in Moon star and Saturn in Venus star. This horoscope belongs to a sex-maniac female approximately 50 years old now.

The Lagna is having Rahu and Saturn. Saturn aspects Mars and vice versa, Mars is conjoined with Ketu, Venus is in Mars star Rahu sub, Saturn is in Venus star, Mars in Saturn sub, Moon in Saturn star and Venus sub. The chart belongs to a female who always wants to indulge in physical pleasures and can do anything when she craves for it.

These horoscopes exhibit the combinations at star sub and houses level and good enough to understand the sexual behaviour and desires of people.

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Sex-Related Diseases

Sex Vedic Astrology In Tamil
  1. Mars and Venus in 8th will give diseases related to the testicles.
  2. If Mars and Venus are in the sign of Mars, then also the result remains the same as above.
  3. If Mars and Venus are in 7th house, then sexual diseases can be acquired by a sex worker.
  4. Mars, Venus, Rahu, and Mars, Venus Saturn in 8th leads to the native suffering from sexual diseases.
  5. Rahu in 8th makes a person sex maniac and gives related diseases.
  6. Mercury in 8th gives partial to complete impotence.

Sex Organs

Whether Male or Female, these findings are applicable to both:

  1. If the 8th house belongs to Jupiter, then the size and functions of the sex organs will be normal.
  2. If it is Saturn, then oversized but function will be dissatisfactory.
  3. If Venus, then all is great.
  4. If Mars, then the size will be smaller but more sensuous and satisfying.
  5. If Mercury, then inferiority complex in sex matters can be witnessed.
  6. If the Sun, then things will be ok.
  7. If the Moon, then organs will be normal and the act will depend upon mood swings.

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Medical science says that real impotence hardly occurs. It is more psychological than real. It can be cured, most of the masses are fooled by quacks in the name of curing impotence which actually does not exist in most of the cases. Good psychological counselling will definitely give relief in most of the cases. Still, the combinations which may produce Impotence are:

  1. Rahu or Saturn in 2nd, Mercury in 8th and Moon in 12th makes one impotent.
  2. Saturn-Mercury in 8th and Moon conjoined with Rahu gives rise to impotency in teenage.
  3. Mercury in 8th or connected with 8th cusp gives impotence.
  4. If the Moon is hemmed between malefic and 8th house has Ketu or Mercury, then impotency occurs.
  5. Saturn-Rahu in Lagna and Mercury Ketu in 7th.
  6. Rahu in 7th and Satun in 8th and no aspect from Jupiter.


The 8th cusp sub lord is Mercury. Mercury is conjunct with Moon and Saturn and aspected by 8th lord Jupiter which is retrograde.


The 8th cusp sub lord is Mercury. It is aspected by Jupiter and Mars, the lord of the 6th. Ketu conjoins Mars in lagna. Saturn aspects Jupiter. Rahu is in 7th.

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The 8th cusp sub lord is Rahu. It is in Saturn star. Mercury occupies the 7th house. Mercury is in the star of Saturn. Saturn occupies lagna. Saturn aspects Mercury and the Moon.


Tamil Astrology In Tamil Language

Moon is in 6th, Rahu in 7th, Saturn in 8th, Mercury in 12th being the ruler of 8th. The native has an oversized organ but useless.

Sex Phobia in Females

phobia or fear regarding sex can arise if below planetary combinations are witnessed:

  1. When Saturn being the lord of the lagna is aspected by Mars-Ketu.
  2. Saturn Rahu are in the lagna.
  3. When the 8th lord is hemmed between Saturn and Rahu.
  4. Saturn, Rahu and Moon conjoin in a chart.

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Remedies For Improving Sexual Life

  1. Wearing a diamond will improve the experience as Venus is the main planet for joyful sexual pleasure.
  2. Worshipping in the Madan Kamdev temple in Kamrup district in Assam is another remedy for enhancing the sexual life.
  3. Reciting Kamdev mantra will surely give a boost in sexual pleasure.
  4. Ashwini mudra in yoga is known to be a very efficient remedy for improvement in sexual life.
  5. Eating more and more Urad flour mixed with wheat or delicacies definitely gives more sexually viability to a person.
  6. Eating the white portion of the watermelon is a natural aphrodisiac.
  7. Proper yogic breathing and exercises should be done regularly and one should do proper meditation daily for 20 to 30 minutes.
  8. Consulting a good sexologist and a psychiatrist will be a very good step if you really want to get out of the mental barrier created by your own self.

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I do hope that if you have reached till here, several confusions of yours must have dissolved and you will develop a new perspective towards sex and sexual life.

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