When it’s about time for a change in your life, the eighth house in astrology takes over. This house will guide you on a journey that will result in a totally new you. But it’s a dark place in the chart wheel and you have to be willing to make sacrifices here.

From time to time, you need to get out of your normal everyday life and experience something mind-blowing. Or sometimes you have to wake up, even though the wake up call can be painful. Both are part of the eighth house in astrology.

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It’s time to dig deep and find some hidden gems in the natal chart.

What Is The Eighth House In the Natal Chart?

There are only two certainties in life – death and taxes.

Benjamin Franklin

To put it short, the eighth house governs all taboos in astrology.

The eighth house in astrology is the house of birth, death and rebirth. It’s the house of sex. It’s the house of joint resources, financial gain through legacy or marriage. It’s the house of everything hidden under the surface, what you have to dig deep to find.

The eighth house in astrology is the house of secrets. People with several placements here are very private but curious at the same time. Many of them are interested in the occult and the mystical side of life. It’s hard to fool them as they are born psychologists and know human nature very well.

Besides mysteries, the eighth house is the house of deep transformations. This house governs physical death in astrology. But it also governs experiences that change you completely, no matter what is their nature. This house is also about releasing blocked energies. As you can see, it takes time to discover the eighth house in astrology in depth.

Keywords of the Eighth House in Astrology

Here’s a list of some things connected with this house. Get to know the eighth house in astrology in depth!

The eighth house governs:

  • transformation
  • mysteries and secrets
  • intimacy
  • sex
  • joint resources
  • inheritance
  • tax
  • bank loans
  • grief
  • jealousy
  • acceptance of loss

Eighth House in Astrology: The Home of Scorpio

Which sign you guess is the sign of the eighth house in astrology? If your guess is Scorpio, you’re right. The eighth house is the natural house of Scorpio. They are both about mystical experiences, finding meaning hidden under the surface, sexuality and joint resources, so it’s easy to see why they belong together.

Each house and zodiac sign is paired up with a planet. The planet of Scorpio and the eighth house in astrology is Pluto. You have probably heard a great deal about it, as it’s considered one of the most dangerous planets in astrology! Pluto adds intensity and depth to everything it touches.

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Before the discovery of Pluto in 1930, astrologers considered Mars to be the ruler of Scorpio and the eighth house. Today, Mars is their co-ruler. However, traditional astrologers don’t use the outer planets at all, so they use Mars as the ruling planet.

The eighth house is one of the succedent houses in astrology.

Scorpio is a water sign by element, and the eighth house is a water house in astrology. Some astrologers consider water houses (the 4th, 8th and 12th) to be karmic houses. The eighth house corresponds to your personal karma, the 4th house is the karma of your ancestry and the twelfth house represents the collective unconscious.

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The Dark Side of the Eighth House in Astrology in Depth

You can’t forget about the infamous dark side of Scorpio and the eighth house in astrology. They are ruled by Pluto, the planet of intensity and power—and taboos. The events of the eighth house are not heartwarming fairy tales at all. They are straightforward painful and traumatic. You experience an earthquake in your soul and the world as you knew turns upside down.

It’s essential to cope with Plutonic experiences. If you succeed, a new, more evolved version of you will come alive. If you don’t succeed to accept the loss and move on, the negative traits of Scorpio take over. When Scorpionic energies are not successfully integrated, the person can experience feelings of hate and revenge.

The eighth house can be an extremely painful place. This is the house of death and losses. We as human beings must accept that what was born has to die sooner or later. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it’s the only way to learn the lessons of this house.

(After you healed the wounds of the eighth house, you find a meaning in the following house of the natal chart. The ninth house is the house of philosophy, religion and big picture. The new you who has survived Pluto’s drastic events will understand how the loss and pain helped to grow as a person.)


One Man’s Loss Is Another Man’s Gain: The Eighth House in Astrology

The eighth house is the polar opposite of the second house in astrology. They are both about finances, just in a different way. The motto of the second house is mine, while the motto of the eighth house in astrology is yours. The eighth house is the second house from the seventh, so it describes the possessions of others and the financial support you receive from them.

The eighth house in the natal chart has everything to do with the resources of other people. No matter if you gain access to it by marriage or by legacy, money and possessions of others are seen through the eighth house in the natal chart. Insurance and investors belong also to the eighth house in astrology.

This house shows debt and loans, too. It’s also the house of obligations. If your eighth house is afflicted, you’d better avoid taking loans either from banks or from other people. Remember that the eighth house is also the houses of taxes, so with bad placements here make sure to abide the law.

On the other hand, a well-aspected eighth house gives luck in money matters through shared resources. With Venus or Jupiter here you can achieve financial gain through marriage, banks or from your ancestors.

Intense Transformations and Unearthing the Deepest Desires

Pluto is the alchemist in astrology. It’s most important task is to destroy what doesn’t work anymore and give place for something new to be born. This quality is everywhere present through the eighth house in astrology.

Transformation is present on multiple levels here. Literal processes of transformation like birth or death but transformations on a more abstract level, too. This includes for example psychotherapy, which is one of the most well-known associations of Scorpio and the eighth house in astrology.

As this is a water house, it has a lot to do with feelings, patterns and the subconscious. Scorpio loves to dig deep and have a look under the surface, descending to unknown depths to unveil the truth. This is exactly what happens in therapy. You have to see through many layers to find the undercurrents which cause problems in everyday life.

The eighth house is about developing a deep understanding.

As you probably know, Scorpio is a born detective. Through self-discovery you can find a lot of information about why you operate in the way you do. There are always some deeper motives we usually aren’t even aware of. Humans have basic needs and wants, on an instinctive level, we are drawn to pleasure and want to avoid pain at any cost.

The eighth house in astrology helps you understand these deep motivations behind the actions. It reveals what you want more than anything.

The Healing Journey

The sign on the cusp of the eighth house shows how you regenerate the best. For example, someone with Libra in the eighth house feels recharged after making art or being around others. Someone with Gemini here might be relaxed after reading books or journaling. It’s highly individual which activities make one feel better, but the eighth house can prove helpful here.

Many planets in the eighth house can indicate latent psychic abilities, if there are also other indicators in the chart. They also gift you off the chart intuition.

Scorpio and Relationships

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Following the seventh house of relationships, the eighth house governs sex and intimacy in astrology. Trust and intimacy are an excellent way to experience something new which has a great effect on us. Connecting with another human being on such a deep level transforms us.

The French for orgasm is ‘le petit mort’ which translates as little death. The eighth house is both the house of sex and death, as they are in some way similar. The fifth house is more about sex as a game, while the eighth house approaches it as an intense spiritual experience.

Scorpio is known for its intensity. If they love, they love deeply. Finding the perfect relationship is a bit like panning for gold. And when it is over, you experience extreme pain. This is especially true if you were betrayed. Such experiences are the reason why emotions like grief, rage, jealousy, fear are associated with the eighth house in astrology.

The biggest lesson of this house is to accept the less and let go of what is decaying.

Death In Astrology

The eighth house is the house of death in astrology. However, old age and the circumstances through the last years of your life are shown by the fourth house.

Can be death foreseen in astrology? The answer is no, not really.

The time of death is one of the most uncertain things in life. Some opinions are that there are several times through life when you can leave this world. It’s up to the soul and the higher self to choose the right option.

The sign on the cusp of the eighth house, its ruler’s position and any planets in the eighth house describe how you will pass away. However, astrologers don’t interpret death and it’s unethical to answer questions regarding this topic.

Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone in astrology, neither are the circumstances and time of your death.

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How To Know If The Eighth House Is Emphasized In Your Birth Chart

There are some houses in the birth chart that are more emphasized than others. These houses play a bigger role in the life of the person. If your fourth house is full of planets, you’ll be more family-oriented than someone with an emphasized ninth house in the natal chart.

But what makes a house stand out in the birth chart?

As a general rule, the more planets are in a certain house the more important this house is. If your eighth house in the natal chart is full of planets, it’s obvious that there is lot going on here. Each planet brings its energy to the matters of its house. With a lot of planets here, a lot of energy is piled up in the traditional house of Scorpio.

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If you have your Sun here, you reflect some qualities of Scorpio, no matter which is your real Sun sign. The Sun is perhaps the most important celestial body. It’s the core of our Solar System and the core of your personality. The Sun represents your inner Self.

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The Moon’s position is also important. If it’s in the eighth house, you feel safe and nurtured through experiencing the activities of the eighth house. This placement makes you mysterious and private. However, the Moon is in detriment in Scorpio, which means that it operates there with hardships. To a lesser extent, the same is true if your Moon ins in the eighth house in astrology.

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The ruling planet of your ascendant is also super important in the natal chart. It’s position both by sign and house are reflected in your personality. Its house reveals which life area is of uttermost importance in this lifetime.

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