Planets in 7th and 8th houses bear very important role in the married life of a couple. This article uses Indian Vedic Astrology to analyze the reasons related to separation or divorce in marriages. We will discuss hindu vedic astrology combinations for troubled married life, separation or divorce. Finally we provide A B Vajpayee horoscope as an example astrology chart.

  • Moon represents – our mind, emotional feelings, mother, motherly nourishment, homely environment, comfort zone. So, when moon venus comes closer to each other in a house within 5 degrees apart from each other then it is called moon venus conjunction creates powerful Raj Yoga according to Jaimini Astrology.
  • The chances of divorce in vedic astrology will increase more if 7th house falls under Papakartari yoga also. When the 7th Lord is retrograde and 8th house is afflicted by Rahu, Mars, Sun or Saturn, chances of separation in marriage.With this combination if the Venus is also retrograde, this deteriorates the situation.
  • Jun 14, 2019 Karako bhava nasti is an interesting and counter intuitive concept in vedic astrology. Karako derives from the word “karak” or doer/significator. Every graha signifies something. For example, Sun signifies the father. Moon signifies the mother Every bhava or house also signifies something.

The 4th house in our birth chart is all about mother in Indian Vedic Mother Astrology. Planet Moon and Saturn have also significance for mother. Relation with mother depends upon the power of the 4th house in the birth chart and the power of the 4th house lord.

Really, no body knows why marriages break! You may say a marriage breaks when there is no love between the couple. If that is the case, love marriages should not break. But we see several love marriages also breaking soon after the marriage. So, the reason why a marriage breaks is beyond human comprehension. Basically in all broken marriages, we can observe development of hostile atmosphere between the couple which leads to misunderstandings and finally separation. Astrology can tell us why such a painful situation occurs in the life of a couple.

Separation or divorce in Astrology

Ancient texts on Indian Astrology mention some important combinations which lead to disappointment in the married life. In Astrology, 7th house and its lord represents spouse and partners. Sage Parasara in his ‘Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra’ describes the following points about 7th house:
Separation is indicated when 7th house lord is in the house of its enemy or if 7th lord is debilitated or 7th lord is receiving aspects from malefics or is in ‘astangatva’. Astangatva represents close conjunction with Sun.
Separation is indicated if 7th lord is posited in 6th, 8th or 12th houses and is weak. Here weakness represents conjunction with bad planets.
Separation is indicated if 7th house is occupied by malefic planets or aspected by malefic planets.
Varahamihira in his ‘Bruhajjataka’ adds: If there is a mixer of good and bad planets in the 7th house, the native will have more than one marriage. This view is also supported by Kalayna Varma in his ‘Saaravali’.
Mantreswara in his ‘Phaladeepika’ says: If Venus or 7th lord is hemmed between malefics, or conjunct with malefics or aspected by malefics, it is a sign of losing the partner.
Kalyana Varma in his ‘Saaraavali’ says: Mars in 7th house leads to loss of partner and if that Mars is aspected by Saturn, then death of partner can be predicted. Separation From Mother Vedic Astrology
Let us remember, in Hindu Vedic Astrology, the planets Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Kethu are considered natural malefics where as the planets Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics. When Saturn or Rahu involve with 7th house affairs, we can say the spouse has past life debts to be repaid in terms of marriage relationship. Saturn and Rahu represent separation, sometimes owing to the death of the spouse. If Mars is involved, then it denotes one of the partners becoming aggressive and wild thus spoiling the relation.

Case I: A male born on Jun 20, 1975 at 13.23, at Hong Kong

The Ascendant is Virgo. The 7th house becomes Pisces whose lord Jupiter posited in the own house. This represents that this native’s wife is strong and endowed with leadership qualities. Mars is also joined with Jupiter thus making her stubborn and quarrelsome. Observe that the 7th lord is in conjunction with the malefic planet Mars. Also this 7th lord is receiving 10th aspect from Saturn, another first class malefic. More over 7th lord is also in aspect from Rahu. Saturn and Rahu represent separation. So, the marriage was broken. Also Saturn is becoming 5th lord representing children in this horoscope. Saturn is in turn receiving 4th aspect from Mars. More over, Saturn is conjunct with Sun which is a bad combination. This combination represents loss of children. These factors made the native to be separated from his wife and son.

Case II: A B Vajpayee born on Dec 25, 1924 at 5.02, at Gwalior, India

This is the horoscope of Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, our former Prime Minister and BJP central leader. The Ascendant and Moon sign is Scorpio. Hence the 7th house is Taurus whose lord is Venus posited in the Ascendant. This type of Venus promotes marriage. The note worthy point in this horoscope is 7th house hemmed between the two malefics Mars and Rahu. These planets represent that even if Vajpayee marries, his wife will not survive. Moreover, Kethu is aspecting 7th house which represents lack of interest in the married life which is carried from his past life and Rahu is aspecting the 7th lord Venus which represents separation. Also Saturn is posited in the natural 7th house. Saturn represents delay in getting married and separation if married. Such a native with these planetary combinations is better not to marry. Of course, as we know Vajpayee spent his entire life without marriage.
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The word “Mother-in-law” can mean different things to different people. Many are blessed to have a mother-in-law who is like a second mother. They enjoy a good friendship and also learn a lot from each other. On the other hand, and that too more often, people complain of bad mother-in – laws.

These people may be living either in a joint family system or they may be closely interacting with the mother-in-law at all times. This can be a draining and highly stressful and negative experience if the relations are not good. Very often, small and trivial issues start becoming larger due to misunderstandings that develop between the two people.

The husband is usually caught in the crossfire between the wife and mother-in-law and has to walk a delicate thin line to please both the parties. Thus, sour relations slowly build up over time, and become full-blown domestic conflict creating rift and separation.

In modern times, as women become more independent, such clashes and conflict of interest can rise easily with the older generation. However, it is important for the well-being of the whole family that relations are kept well, and harmonious.

How does one take control of turning around the relationship?

It can start with developing understanding of the mother in law’s nature, becoming aware of root cause of the problems, and take a practical approach to solve the problem. Astrology can help in each of these areas:

  • In the janma kundali or birth chart, the tenth house is analyzed for your mother in law. In a woman’s horoscope, Jupiter is the Husband so, 4th house from Jupiter will represents husband’s mother. Planets in 10th house, lord of 10th house, 4th house from Jupiter and lord of 4th house from Jupiter are all looked into.
  • Not only the birth, but the navamsa charts of a girl are also analyzed for a broad astrological indication about quality of this relation.
  • The personality of a person is represented by the ascendant lord viz. the lord of the first house. So one must evaluate the relation between the ascendant lord and the 10th lord in the birth as well as the Navansh Charts. This gives a broad probable indication.

All marriage prediction are usually made, based on Dashmesh or lord of the 10th house, its position in the chart, planets affecting or aspecting it.

Nature of mother-in-law per astrology – position of lord of 10th house or Dashmesh

If Dashmesh is weak or staying into enemy rashi, then Mother in law displays cheap behavior.

If Dashmesh is staying in his own house or stay in rashis that are favourable then Mother in law will be powerful, and she will behave with one as their real mother.

If Dashmesh is SUN then Mother in law will be like a dictator or very authoritative, not wanting anyone to go against her decision.

If Dashmesh is Moon or moon exists into 10th House then mother in law will be very polite, soft speaking and caring. Here if Moon is malefic then mother in law can stoop to emotional black-mail.

If Dashmesh is Mars or exists into 10th House then mother in law will be of a tough nature, and disciplined. If Mars is favorable then mother in law will be very helpful and if Mars is malefic then mother in law will have rude and selfish nature.

If Dahsmesh is Mercury and if mercury is malefic then she can easily use her communication skills and arguments to win over others.

If Dashmesh is either Jupiter or Jupiter exists into 10th House and Jupiter is favorable in one’s birth chart then mother in law will be caring and very soft hearted. If Jupiter is malefic then mother in law will be very sarcastic.

Vedic astrology aspects explained

If Dashmesh is Saturn or Saturn exists into 10th House then mother in law will be very stubborn and narrow minded. If Saturn is favorable then she will be helpful in any complex social problems and if Saturn is malefic then it would be the reverse.

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Pitru dosh is another major reason for domestic troubles, and one must ensure he ancestors are appeased for domestic turbulences to be stopped in full.

Remedies as per vedic astrology

Only an expert astrologer can study the situation from a bigger context, understand natures of both the people involved and suggest the right solution.

  • Factors impacting the 10th house and its lord are studied
  • It is essential to appease dashmesh for turning adversities of the planets into virtues. Malefic planets causing troubles need to be appeased.

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Gemstones, yantras, japa of specific deities and simple poojas and rituals can be done regularly to ease the relationship problems. Appeasing ancestors through yearly pooja is also a must.

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