Saturn in Fourth House. Saturn in the fourth house makes the natives conservative and orthodox. They like traditions and follow them. They are also proud of their heritage and customs and like being attached to them as long as they can. They like permanence. In family life, they assume a lot of responsibilities. Saturn in 4th House: Vedic Astrology Saturn is considered a malefic planet, and it plays an extremely important role in a natives’ life. Saturn also reflects the karmic influences on an individual life.

Vedic Astrology Houses Meaning

The fourth house in Vedic astrology is associated with
mother as per Hindu astrology it is associated with the goddess Parvathi.

This house also reflects spirituality, domestic happiness, and property. Also known as Bandhu Bhava, the fourth house represents one’s mentality and acquisition of properties.

  1. Saturn in Fourth House as per Vedic Astrology Know result of planet Saturn in 4th House Saturn in 4th House according to Saravali: If Saturn occupies the 4th Bhava, the native will suffer heart disease, or be broken-hearted, be devoid of relatives, conveyances, wealth, intelligence and happiness, will suffer sickness in boyhood and will have.
  2. Dec 18, 2020 Saturn in fourth house of Dasamsa Peace of mind will come only through duty, commitment and sacrifice. Peace of mind comes after a certain age in workplace. They can be in service and bosses can expect a lot from them.
  3. Saturn in fourth house is generally not considered favorable. The native with Saturn in fourth house may be deprived of happiness and comforts in his childhood or in his early life. Obstacles and problems in early life may make the thinking of a native mature. So will be his look.

It also represents a person’s journey from birth to death. Heart, lungs, and chest are the body parts related to this house. This house also signifies higher education, parental property, discovering treasures and vehicles. The zodiac sign associated with the fourth house is Cancer which is ruled by the moon.

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HousesSaturn In Fourth House Vedic Astrology

Saturn In Fourth House Astrology

The occupation related to this house is mining, agriculture, construction. The organs or body parts associated with this house are the digestive systems, respiratory system, right breast, and right shoulder.

The significance of planets in the fourth house in Vedic Astrology

  1. Sun– Attachment to family culture and traditions and carrying on the family traditions with honesty. The fourth house represents the Capricorn zodiac sign. People having sun under the fourth house in their birth chart lead a very calm, peaceful and satisfying life.
  2. Moon– A homely person, people with the moon under this house are very emotional, are protective and have an intuition sense. The negative impact of the moon in the fourth house is that they are emotionally dependent and suffer from financial insecurities.
  3. Mars– Mars is the fourth house signifies, love and patriotism towards both mother and motherland. Are rude, aggressive, dominating and possessive in nature.
  4. Mercury– Will possess stability in thoughts, love their family and continue to carry their family values and traditions. A bit rigid to accept the changing environment.
  5. Jupiter– The livelihood of the people is influenced when Jupiter is in the fourth house. Unexpected gains, longevity, and achievements are possible. There is spiritual enlightenment when Jupiter is placed in the fourth house.
  6. Venus– Venus in the fourth house represents an emotional person with a calm and composed mind. Will enjoy a happy married life and will also love to protect his family.
  7. Saturn– The position of Saturn in the fourth house is not appreciated as it symbolizes negative impacts on health, loss of property, unhealthy relations with one’s mother, unhappy and might face issues in family life.
  8. Rahu– Some negative impacts of Rahu in the Fourth house, include emotional and mental stress with deceitful thoughts, highly ambitious and never satisfied. The body parts associated with this house are chest and breast.
  9. Ketu– Ketu in the fourth house indicates that the person will not be able to enjoy motherly affection. They are more prone to accidents, would travel to different places for personal and professional purposes.

Saturn Transit 4th House Vedic Astrology

Well, I think that you have known enough information about the fourth house in Vedic astrology.

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