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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Thinking about this cycle of Mars in Gemini, you might like this emphasis because you won’t have to make all the decisions yourself. This month, when Mars sends a beam to Saturn on March 21, your partner may come up with a very comforting decision that will be in place a long time and add to your feelings of security.

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  • Your situation is personal to you and your own chart will tell the full story, Sagittarius. There is a stellium in Aries from Saturday April 3 rd to Monday April 19 th, which involves Venus, Ceres, the Sun, Mercury, Chiron and the New Moon.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Susan Miller December 2020

Next month, on April 17, you will have the very best Mars aspect when Mars in Gemini, still in your partnership house, will reach out in a divine “trine” position of support to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your communications sector (third house). This will be one of the best Mars aspects you will see. Everyone will love April 17, but you will love it more because Jupiter is your ruling planet, so this aspect is tilted more heavily toward benefiting you. Jupiter is in your sector of communications ruling writing, editing, speaking and lecturing, and other communication arts. If you are writing a novel to appear as an e-book, a digital column, or working on your podcast, app, or website, Jupiter in futuristic Aquarius will be in a perfect position all through 2021 to help you make that project a success—now, and in years to come. Try to schedule an important meeting with a business partner or collaborator next month on April 17.

Romantically, the time Venus will spend in Aries will be the most divine for you, specifically from March 21 to April 14…. Shop while the moon will be in luxury minded Leo, on March 24—you may spend more than you planned, but oh, will you love the item(s) you find!

May 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Every Zodiac Sign Aries (Mar. Read the latest in astrological 2021 trends by Sagittarius May 2021 horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan. Sagittarius Decan 1 born Nov 22 to Dec 1 Sagittarius Decan 2 born December 2 to 11 Sagittarius Decan 3 born December 12 to 21. Decan 1 Sagittarius May 2021 Horoscope.

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sagittarius love january 2020 predictions

Monthly Love Horoscope January 2020 for Sagittarius

Your senses are heightened, and you can appreciate art, music, and beauty toa great extent which fuels your imagination and your romantic side, makingthis a good month for personal relationships.SusanMiller
This is a fabulous month for saying I LOVE YOU or for finally askingsomeone you have admired for a long time out – why wait until Valentine’sDay? This is the month of romance in 2020 for Sagittarius and so get the ballrolling and start new romantic relationships.
Many Sagittarians may write about love this month either in terms of fictionbooks, prose, poetry, or lyrics, and this can serve two purposes: it can enablethose who are not in relationships to experience love and romance in anescapist fashion, and for those in relationships you can stimulate yourselfsexually so that real life encounters are more fulfilling.
In many ways, entertainment and feeling romantic and sexually aroused gohand in hand, and so it may be a copy of 50 Shades, some Barry Manilow, ora romantic movie, but your imagination needs to be stimulated to give yousexual confidence. Time spent imagining what would fulfil you in thebedroom (perhaps with ideas from steamy novels) and then acting it out canhelp relationships be more exciting and satisfying rather than just lettingthings develop as they always have.Sagittarius monthly horoscope susan miller july
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