Your love horoscope reveals what's in store for Sagittarius' heart this year by Mecca Woods Relationship is one of the biggest themes for you in 2021 as a life-changing Solar Eclipse activates your 7th House of Partnership on June 10. Professionally, the year 2021 is rather neutral for those born in Sagittarius sign. It announces no major changes or special events. It is a promising year regarding some associations and collaboration. The year 2021 promotes teamwork, union and cooperation. Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope January. You’ll have good ideas but mostly practical ones and can be applied on the moment. Jupiter will illustrate your desire to set sail in the right direction, which will be in keeping with your expectations and aspirations. Mercury in Aquarius will make communication easier.

The Sagittarius horoscope 2021 shows that Venus is in your money house from November 5th 2020 – March 6th 2021 easing conditions in the area of money, property and material security. Venus is the great attractor so if you want to get your hands on something special then Venus will set her magnets on it. If you have had financial difficulties then this is a good moment to balance the books or make some kind of investment. If you curb the tendency to be more self-indulgent and aim for what is of most value to you in life Venus will tip the scales in your favour. September 12 horoscope sign.

You may be especially tempted by beautiful objects or property as this vibration can work either from you or towards you! The 2021 Sagittarius star sign predictions foretell that a side-effect of this transit may mean you team up with someone who is supportive in practical ways providing for physical needs or ailments if health has been out of wack. Finally, Venus in your second house means it’s a great time to capitalize on assets and that includes your inborn talents. So if there is something within you that wants to come out this is the time to give it permission.

Mars entered Libra, on December 8th 2020 to stay until July 25th 2021. An extraordinarily long transit dynamically activating a very progressive sector of your Solar chart. The 2021 yearly predictions for the Sagittarius shows that you can get going with goals which may have been simmering in the back of your mind for a very long time. Mars will also activate friendships, teamwork, group efforts, and innovations in your life so this means you will have to co-ordinate your needs with others, but you have to find the right people to work with. If you don’t, then it will feel as if you are in conflict with the status quo. To use the Mars vibration most effectively in this house of your chart you should hook up with those of like mind and then pull together. Others may look to you as the initiator, spear-heading a movement towards the future. It may feel as if a cherished hope has finally got the green light.

Until July 16th, Jupiter is putting an emphasis onto your joint financial area. Zodiac 2021 predictions for Sagittarius zodiac sign suggest that materially, your life could grow and expand through an association or partnership. So this can mean more money or possessions made available to you, or that you find it easier to access desirable resources because of a key personal or professional relationship or even a legacy of some kind.

There could also be someone who helps you to establish firmer emotional or material foundations and the structure or support they provide is the launch-pad you need to achieve success. The Sagittarius horoscope 2021 predictions also foretells that on another level, you could gain deeper insight into psychological patterns which helps to heal any trauma from the past. You could develop an interest in things occult or spiritual or uncover dimensions of life which have hitherto been secret or hidden from you.

Sagittarius Man Love Horoscope 2021

You're about to undergo a total makeover in 2021, Sagittarius, especially where it pertains to your mind and body. That's because you'll have serious Saturn camped out in Aquarius and your 3rd House of Mental Activity squaring off with revolutionary Uranus in Taurus and your 6th House of Health and Routine. Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope: 2021 The Year Ahead Jupiter, the Great Benefic, and Saturn, the Great Teacher, are both in Aquarius and transiting your solar third house this year.

Jupiter moves to Leo in mid-July putting it into a highly beneficial angle to your sun sign Sagittarius. There should be more opportunities for long-distance travel, increased involvement with foreign lands, wider communications through the spoken or written word, languages or academia.

Seeking knowledge and expanding your perspective or, conversely, others seeking your guidance or expertise is a far more likely. There could be more involvement with the law, politics, or communications media and disseminating knowledge across a broader stage – an excellent time to become a writer for example. The 2021 Sagittarius astrology points out that your awareness and knowledge base will certainly grow during this expansive period. Your views on ‘life, the universe and everything’ will change and mature unless you waste the Jupiter energy by stubborn adherence to your old opinions. Jupiter, the ‘learning through doing’ planet wants to grow your consciousness beyond its old, limiting prejudices and beliefs.

All natives of your sign will feel the Jupiter influence strongly at different times over the year.

Saturn began a new cycle from 6th October 2012, initiating a cycle of finishing off a chapter of life rooted in the past.

In some ways, this position of Saturn is a time of preparation for when it enters your sign in the last week of December 2021. You could be experiencing the consequences of past actions which affect your physical health or general well-being at this time. Skeletons could be rattling in the cupboard. Rather than brood over past mistakes you should focus on clearing away the remains of the old life. Ditch whatever is getting in the way of your future happiness, seek healing for what ails you for the current of the river of time is propelling you into new beginnings. Having said that there are always elements of your history which are good to hold on to because they bring joy and fulfillment. It is for you to decide what stays and what goes but, whatever it is should be tied up in a neat bundle to keep or to let go.

Will Sagittarius Ever Find Love

There is much you can do for the common good at this time but first you have to start with looking after yourself more and observing behaviours which may have you falling down the same old hole in the road every time someone pushes that button. Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters your sign on Xmas Eve 2021.

Saggie’s born from 7th December or from 15 degrees Saggie rising will feel this vibration the most in 2021.

Uranus has now moved into a great angle to your Sun sign Sagittarius. It puts an emphasis upon entertainment and perhaps more off-beat ways of having fun or feeling a part of a creative endeavour or innovative group who have a particular interest in common. The 2021 forecast for Sagittarius predicts that new and unusual experiences teach you many things you didn‘t know before. There could be simulating hobbies on offer or a creative connection with leisure or the arts. Surprises may come through children, animals or a romantic relationship which get you out of a rut and breathes new life into old routines. You are kept on your toes and have to be flexible as their lives change sometimes in quite unexpected ways!! This is a good time for a joint creative enterprise and you are likely to encounter stimulating and inspiring experiences which help you approach things in fresh ways.

This energy also favours, creative work, a speculative venture where you may take a bit of a risk. Also anything innovative in the field of IT or some leading edge system of thought or technology.

Saggies born 30th November-9th December or with 8-17 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most.

The new position of Neptune which will last til 2025, means a more idealized or serene home environment, but the flip side of this is a feeling of uncertainty about family members or confusion regarding with whom or where you really belong or how much you can rely on things staying secure. The Sagittarius star sign 2021 predictions also foretell that your home may become a place of retreat or sanctuary. It could also be on or near water. Saggies born the 25th-30th November or with 3-8 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most.

The life-changing force of Pluto, now in Capricorn until 2024 means regeneration of your material security. Over this long transit there will be a letting go of the old scenarios related to money or property or other sources of income. 2021 yearly Sagittarius astrology predicts that there could be a complete reversal of your previous value structure. The old order is crumbling and the decks are clearing for a new dawn in the material world which reflect more truly who you are and where and how you wish to live now. There will be a compulsion to have more control over this area of life and to establish more security than you had before.

You will be learning how to pick up the pieces you want to keep from the past and move on into the future rising, phoenix-like from the ashes of the old order. Sagittarius astrology 2021 also shows that you may make better use of your inborn talents developing them to a higher level over this lengthy period. Pluto here will help you make a major gear-shift from one chapter of being to the next concerning material security but you must hold the vision of how you would like it to be.

The Sagittarius horoscope 2021 predicts that Saggies born 2nd-6th December or between 10-14 degrees rising will feel this energy the most in 2021.

Sagittarius Man Love Horoscope 2021 Forecast

Sagittarius' 2021 horoscope reveals what the year holds

You're about to undergo a total makeover in 2021, Sagittarius, especially where it pertains to your mind and body. That's because you'll have serious Saturn camped out in Aquarius and your 3rd House of Mental Activity squaring off with revolutionary Uranus in Taurus and your 6th House of Health and Routine. Together, these cosmic giants will be pushing you to change old habits for the better and be more intentional about what you give your focus and time to.

2021 sagittarius horoscope

As a freedom-loving Sagittarius, you know no bounds when it comes to taking advantage of all the bounty that life has to offer. But, with Saturn and Uranus at the helm this year, you can expect to scale back a bit as Uranus works to help you reform your approach to wellness and your schedule while Saturn works to make the word “no” a staple in your vocabulary. With growth-oriented Jupiter also touring Aquarius during 2021, this would be the perfect time to work on expanding a specific skillset, going back to school or taking on a formal course of study, or working on a big project like a book.

Navigating through the energy of 2021 will be tricky -- get daily advice designed just for YOU »Navigating through the energy of 2021 will be tricky -- get daily advice designed just for YOU »

Bold breakthroughs

In addition to the Saturn-Uranus square off, there will be three epic eclipses landing in your 1st House of Self-image and your 7th House of Partnership helping to fuel your rebirth, too. Look to the eclipses in Sagittarius -- a Lunar Eclipse on May 26 and a Solar Eclipse on December 4 -- to trigger some pivotal moments that will help you with establishing a healthier, more secure version of yourself from the inside out. This could mean breaking away from a stagnant or stifling relationship (professional or otherwise), being more proactive about your physical wellness, or spending time in the spotlight for amazing work that you've done. With your partnership zone being activated by a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, expect to be pushed in a new direction with relationships as you learn that being a part of a team doesn't have to jeopardize your freedom.

Expansive Jupiter will take a dip into loving Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family from May 13-July 28, and you might find yourself craving to build a home with someone or adding a new family member to it. Because Jupiter is your lucky ruling planet, it's quite possible that some of your deepest and heartfelt wishes could be granted this year.

Navigating through the energy of 2021 will be tricky -- get daily advice designed just for YOU »Navigating through the energy of 2021 will be tricky -- get daily advice designed just for YOU »

Health is wealth

Your health and well-being are a focal point again in 2021 as a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus activates your 6th House of Health and Work on November 19. Echoing the changes brought on by Uranus' presence in Taurus, this eclipse will push you to pay some extra care and attention to your wellness, while also pushing you to develop a better work-life balance so you're not spread thin. Where it pertains to work, this eclipse could bring an end to a job, particularly if it's been giving you undue stress and anxiety. Beginning on December 19, look to love planet Venus going retrograde in committed Capricorn -- your 2nd House of Income -- to show you where you've been settling or undervaluing your worth so you can do something about it.

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Navigating through the energy of 2021 will be tricky -- get daily advice designed just for YOU »Navigating through the energy of 2021 will be tricky -- get daily advice designed just for YOU »

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