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This pairing features one of the hottest attractions around. Mars in Aries’ primal drive is directly stimulated by the Moon, while Moon in Aries’ need for heat is perfectly receptive to Mars’ efforts. This double shot of raw instinct makes for a passionate relationship with a continuous flame.

Mars in Aries goes after what he wants. He is the original man of action, driven by a strong will and powerful sex drive. He acts quickly, often without thinking things through; if he’s attracted to someone, that’s all he needs to initiate pursuit. Mars in Aries is turned on by a partner who offers him a challenge, because he is constantly looking for new and more stimulating targets. He can be a tad selfish in the bedroom, focusing on how he feels rather than on what his partner wants. The quickest way to send him running is to restrict him.

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Ruby Slipper Astrology Blog

Moon in Aries needs a challenge. She feels safe (ironically) when there’s something for her to fight against, because it confirms that she’s alive. Her partner should be prepared for spots of friction, because Moon in Aries’ instinct is to use conflict as a means of connecting with her lover. Here is a vital, assertive partner who will keep things active at home, but who does not respond well to boredom, routine or restrictions.

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Mars in Aries will be immediately drawn to the Moon’s fire, recognizing her heat as a match to his own. He’ll pursue, and she’ll respond with enthusiasm, because he’ll meet her need for excitement. But her energy is internalized and emotional, so she’ll also fit his criteria as someone to pursue (he wants to be the hunter). This will create an endless loop of attraction; he’ll chase her, she’ll challenge and match his desires, and then she’ll pick a fight or have an emotional squall that starts the cycle all over again.

Ruby Slipper Astrology Blog 2019


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