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Years of Birth: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041 ..

Chinese Astrology – Compatibility Rooster. Cautious and skeptical, the Rooster is the most observant sign on the Chinese Zodiac. They will carefully watch the world around them and make intelligent, well-informed decision with their observations. Some people even go so far as to say that those born under this sign have a ‘sixth sense’. Compatibility Goat Man and Rooster Woman The Goat man prefers a relationship without drama, which is possible with a Rooster woman as long as she is understanding to the Goat's way of life and easy-going habits, which may strike her as annoyances at first.

Lucky Numbers for Rooster are 7, 8 and 5 and all combinations of these numbers, for example 85, 78.

Lucky Day for Rooster is the fourth day of every month.

Lucky Colors, according to the Feng Shui Rooster are Yellow and Gold.

Lucky Month based on the Feng Shui Rooster is May.

Unlucky Color, that they need to avoid is Pink.

Unlucky Numbers for Rooster are 3 and 9. Also all double combinations of these numbers, for example 93.

Unlucky Month according to the Feng Shui Rooster is March.

Detailed Traits of Rooster zodiac sign

Chinese Astrology Rooster Compatibility

The Rooster is, simply put, a truly straightforward sign. He is so sincere that he can often hurt someone with his sincerity. Subtlety is not their strong trait and they are not even big gentlemen. Only if they really want to enchant you can they gather all their tact and try to amaze the creatures they are interested in.

Chinese sign Rooster is a calm person who does not let himself be commanded by anything. They believe in their abilities and sometimes they become the centre of attention of the whole society. This Chinese sign often becomes a truly successful person who likes to brag about his success. Rooster is a hard-working sign, but according to the Chinese horoscope, it is a tradition that they achieve great success with considerable effort.

This may be due to the fact that he wants to have all the work done at once and does not like to postpone the tasks. Rooster, who is also a boss, can demand really great power from his subordinates, and therefore under his guidance, they sometimes feel underappreciated.

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Work & Money of Rooster Chinese sign

Rooster is a great employee and takes every task responsibly. According to the Chinese horoscope, the rooster is a sign that likes to learn new things and enthusiastically discovers everything unknown. That is why he has the opportunity to make rapid progress in every job. A Rooster is a sign that refuses to obey the rules.

Chinese zodiac Rooster prefers to be himself and that is why Roosters become entrepreneurs who do not have to answer to others. He is also interested in travel, which he loves immensely. The Rooster is a sign that reflects on life in depth. Feng Shui Rooster could help you catch more energy in work, just read accurate annual forecast for Rooster. All his life he has been looking for the meaning of being and he is also looking for it in the countries he travels to. Most Roosters do not look to the past and do not discuss what might be otherwise.

They much prefer to live in the present moment, which they can perfectly enjoy. They have this feature really enviable compared to other signs. Meaning of moon in vedic astrology today. Rooster can, therefore, boast about good mental health because the sadness of the past does not cause them so many problems.

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Health Forecast for Chinese Zodiac Rooster

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Rooster sign has average health. This means that if they want to stay healthy, they should establish habits in their lives that will help them do so. The Rooster must be careful to act carelessly because he is prone to frequent injuries.

They should also be careful on the road to avoid unpleasant injuries in a car accident. External factors can negatively affect the Rooster sign, especially the cold weather could drive them to an unpleasant cold. They should also not stay in places where sick people come together to prevent possible infection.

Chinese zodiac Rooster must strengthen his immunity with a healthy diet, exercise and vitamins. It is a Chinese sign that should forget about unhealthy eating and fast food, which would only weaken their immunity. From time to time, however, this is not a problem. The best way to maintain good health is to get enough exercise outside and maintain good eating habits.

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Love life & Compatibility for Rooster sign

According to the traditional Chinese horoscope, the compatibility of signs is conditioned by the characteristics of each sign. These characteristics must match those of the Rooster. Only then will the Rooster achieve true compatibility with the signs of the Chinese horoscope.

Rooster Love Compatibility in Love

The strongest bond is created by the Rooster with the sign of the Snake. He will also create a great and long-term relationship with Ox. This sign is a bit complicated when it comes to relationships. It either creates a strong bond or, conversely, literally hostility. Feng Shui Rooster could help you understand love and emotions as well, in your annual forecast.

The Chinese zodiac Rooster can form a friendship with the Zodiac sign of Goat. He creates good to exceptional working relationships with the Monkey. Rooster and Monkey can form a pretty decent working duo which will also be successful in business.

Unsuitable Chinese Signs for Rooster

Rooster should not enter into a relationship with the signs of Rabbit or Rat. According to the Chinese horoscope, the most unsuitable partner for the sign of Rooster is the sign of Horse.

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How to attract Chinese zodiac Rooster?

The sign of the Rooster is loyal and Roosters are great friends. They are faithful companions who keep their promises. If you want to enchant a Rooster, you must act successfully, evenly and happily. The Rooster sign attracts people who know how to take care of themselves and do not need constant care of others.

They want a self-confident and self-sufficient partner. If you want to enchant this sign, it is advisable to move in the society where he moves. Usually, you meet him among several people, where they have a conversation about business things together. There you can enchant him with owl-looking behaviour.

However, never dress defiantly and be vulgar if you want to enchant this sign. It could only discourage him and he could completely lose interest in your person.

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🐔 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster (Chicken), tenth animal of the Chinese calendar

Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Rooster

The Rooster-Aries is a sociable, reliable and courageous being. He is above all an idealist, deeply attached to his beliefs and convictions. Proud but also unconscious, he isn't one to step back from the challenges ahead. Spontaneous and impulsive, it doesn't that the Rooster-Aries has imprecise life aspirations. The extremes attract him, just as he has no complex to display without restraint his feelings as his private life. Unobtrusive by nature, when he is in a public place, it is difficult not to notice his presence. The Rooster-Aries can be very complicated to live with for people who prefer to anticipate events. If the Rooster-Aries’ outspoken manners irritate more than one, he remains an excellent critic of his entourage, because he has the art of detecting bad taste and ways to correct it. Not very diplomatic, it is easy to read his emotions on his face, just like an open book written in large fonts. If you want to know your faults to improve yourself, don't hesitate to ask the Rooster-Aries his advice. However, expect that his counsels, as frank as they may be, won’t probably be wrapped in caress or sweets. On the financial side, the Rooster-Aries loves to spend his money, because he is a bit of a megalomaniac. His impatience and his disproportionate taste for appearances unfortunately push him often to amalgamate between the futile and the indispensable. It is also almost impossible for him to improve on this, because he only listens to himself. Eccentric, if he throws himself into fantastic and grandiose ideas during his youth, it is often more to impress his entourage than to convince themselves of their relevance. Yet his merry enthusiasm and his almost childish frankness have the unfortunate consequence of attracting to him unscrupulous beings, who try shamelessly to abuse his confidence. Fortunately, as he gets older, the Rooster-Aries eventually better rank his priorities, without necessarily giving place to glitter and applause. Moreover, as far as his career is concerned, he learns over the years that he is quite capable of investing himself with irreproachable discipline and loyalty in the companies for which he is responsible. On this particular point, the Aries-Rooster can compete with any Tiger, who are also very good at playing the role of the leader. On a sentimental level, the Rooster is faithful to his / her partner, just as he attaches great importance to the codes of honor. He possesses an exacerbated sensuality and an insatiable joie de vivre, only tempered by his pain in mastering the unpredictability of his hurried desires.

Taurus Rooster

The Rooster-Taurus is both warm and conservative, although he doesn't necessarily look like it. Always willing to serve others, he has an incomparable moral strength, which drives him to act despite the difficulties. The Rooster-Taurus is upright, frank even a little austere. He loves the countryside and peaceful places. Epicurean by nature, he also loves to be surrounded by an equally faithful and brilliant circle of friends. If the Rooster-Taurus is never satisfied enough with praise and the flattering his ego, he doesn't find any interest in things that have no depth. He hates hypocrisy above all else, while he resents lies and deceit more than ever. The Rooster-Taurus can become intentionally hurtful only when he feels depressed, because he doesn't like anyone questioning his social integrity. His most effective and brutal weapon is then in his verbal expression, sharp and straightforward. But it is more of a self-defense mechanism than an oratorical pleasure, because he only opts for criticism when he feels cornered. Professionally, the Rooster-Taurus is assiduous and meticulous in the exercise of his profession. He can't tolerate idleness and he works tirelessly while scrupulously taking care to use his time and energy in a useful way. The Rooster-Taurus' work abilities make him a deserving professional, who often succeeds in achieving his goals through hard work and perseverance. On the sentimental level, the Rooster-Taurus attaches great importance to the natural charm of the individuals for whom he could fall in love. Anxious to always be at his best, he appreciates simplicity, while making sure to wear beautiful sober and elegant clothes. When he is in a relationship, while he is willing to give his family a lot of his time and resources, he tries to keep all the members of his household under his control. If he demands a faithful fidelity of his partner, he is himself often tempted by extramarital adventures. Finally, during crises or disputes within the couple, some gentle caresses in the direction of his plumage often manage to restore his panache and revive the dullest atmospheres.

Gemini Rooster

The Rooster-Gemini is a sparkling and convivial being. Charming and intelligent, he is also very organized in his daily life. Always active, he has a lot of trouble to stay put. It's easier to follow his wanderings on social networks than to see him in real life. Yet, he knows how to make himself available when needed or if he is called for help. His deep qualities are those of a pure, innocent and unsuspecting person. His natural righteousness gives him a lot of charisma but also an undeniable moral authority. The Rooster-Gemini is also full of enthusiasm, which can contribute to his sometimes making mistakes even though it all started from a good intention. In the same way, his touchiness pushes him to accept neither criticism nor opposition. His mood changes with the wind and can make him irascible. The solar sign of Gemini makes him doubly analytical but also doubly talkative. The Rooster-Gemini also tends to place too much emphasis on details. Thus, while focusing on a subject, he often misses important opportunities. A follower of the Rooster's characteristic outspokenness, he says what goes through his head without ever trying to tone down his words. Even if his intentions are of the order of wise and benevolent advice, his remarks may induce him involuntarily to enmity. The Rooster-Gemini is very comfortable in verbal games. In case of a confrontation, he is the type to exhaust his opponents with spikes and accusations burst. On a professional level, the Rooster-Gemini is a pragmatic, highly skillful and creative. He is very efficient in his work, provided he can rest on a loyal team. Although he often complicates his life for nothing and wastes his time for futility, his natural flair for bargains and his infallible analytical sense always indicate him the best solution for all types of crisis. In love, the Rooster-Gemini likes to be obeyed by his partner and he doesn't hesitate to assert it often by frank and direct ways. However, he always tries to maintain a certain equity in his sentimental relationships. Only he struggles to control his anguish when he is confronted with the indecipherable parameters of a love affair. In moments of panic, it can happen to him to reassure himself by passing his own needs before those of his couple. Still, with him, the more violent the tornado of arguments, the brighter the loving flames of reconciliation.

Cancer Rooster

The nobility of the Rooster-Cancer's soul induces that he is often disinterested in his social relations. Indeed, whether it is with his family, his friends or even with his colleagues, he is capable of demonstrating devotion and loyalty without flaws, without his attitude necessarily being underpinned by an underlying objective. The Rooster-Cancer attaches as much importance to cultural values s to civic behavior. With a rather conservative spirit, he likes to conform to traditional norms and customs. But that doesn't make him humble. In fact, he doesn't hesitate to display his past merits and glories, just as he tends to judge very severely any person who, according to him, doesn't respect the law and the established order. The Rooster-Cancer, however, remains a deeply generous being. He attaches great importance to his premonition in the choice of his friends and he often relies more on his intuition than the duration of a relationship before trusting someone beyond mere appearance. At work, the Rooster-Cancer can have a hard time complying with a new environment because he can't stand when his habits are upset. But once he is set up again, he can once again demonstrate his communicating strength and his warm aura, in addition to his precise and meticulous work. Because the Rooster-Cancer is a being who expresses his feelings strongly, especially when they are positive, he can also get easily hurt in his self-esteem. His natural pride prevents him from calmly accepting criticism. A specific behavior, a sentence or even a simple innocuous gesture, if misinterpreted, can vex him durably. The Rooster-Cancer can also get into dark moods from time to time without anyone nor himself being able to explain it. But fortunately, even if he occasionally gets caught in anger that prevents him from lightening up, he isn't the type to be devoured too long by a thirst for revenge. Once he has made his decision, he waits for the right moment to explain himself, while scrupulously taking care to moderate his reproaches to the level of the harm he has suffered. Thus, anyone who stand in the way of his goals is immediately sidelined before even knowing what happened to him / her. Be that as it may, the Rooster-Cancer remains very sensitive to kindness and sincere compliments. A Rooster-Cancer who feels respected can sleep at night with an unequaled sleep.

Rooster Astrology Compatibility

Leo Rooster

Rooster Astrology Compatibility

The majestic Leo and the imperial Rooster share many traits. Generosity, taste for aesthetics, but also domination and exuberance are some of the points they have in common. The Rooster-Leo, always self-satisfied, adores showing his success through his marvelous sufficiency. He loves money, especially for the power it gives. He melts of pleasure when he gets praises and testimonies of admiration. Very attentive to details, he has an almost insatiable thirst for supremacy. Authoritarian and directive, he is very uncomfortable in subordinate roles. The Rooster-Leo always asserts loudly what he has in his heart. His impulses of sharing and his charitable acts hide in reality a deep desire for recognition and admiration. However, despite his penchant for imposing his own vision on the rest of the world, the Rooster-Leo remains paradoxically very touching in his fleeting moments of doubt. Despite an unobtrusive nature to live on a daily basis, he often manages to capitalize on strong and lasting friendships and collaborations. At work, the Rooster-Leo has ideas and ambition to spare. His appearance always neat, even slightly precious, mixed with his charisma and his confidence, allow him to find a place of choice in many professional fields. Moreover, being very comfortable in group meetings, he often knows how to highlight his strengths and his know-how. However, he is more tailored to direct and control the work of a team than to submit to the orders of a hierarchy. When he finds himself in a management position, the Rooster-Leo doesn't hesitate to point out the mistakes of his colleagues for the sole purpose of asserting his confidence and his authority. Alas, he is absolutely not able to put up with a potential backlash. Indeed, one of the things that can get him out of his hinges is for his flaws to be played bare in the public square. Not supporting failure and humiliation, Rooster-Leo can become fierce and dangerous in case of direct provocation. Nevertheless, he remains faithful to his duties, just as he always appreciates and defends quality work when he sees it. Except in the case of a very serious accident, the Rooster-Leo has the potential to succeed professionally and to climb the social ladder. On a sentimental level, the Rooster-Leo can wait a long time before finding his alter ego, because as seductive and magnetic as it may be, he is also very difficult to seduce. It is only when getting older that the Rooster-Leo can hope to found a happy family with the right person. Finally, while he expects a deep devotion and an exemplary fidelity of his partner, he sometimes take some liberties with this line of conduct which he actually finds too rigid for himself.

Virgo Rooster

Concerning the Rooster-Virgo, this is a beneficial combination for both signs. The solar sign of Virgo makes the Rooster less expensive and helps to become more methodical. At the same time, the sign of Virgo gains more confidence in himself, while the Rooster becomes more lucid about the realities of existence. Gifted with an original and innovative spirit, the Rooster-Virgo leaves no one indifferent. As much for its shining light as for its sober and conservative attitude, it combines with an elegant precision humor and assurance. Hypochondriac when it comes to his health, the Rooster is also very sensitive to everything related to his moral integrity. He can't bear to interfere in his life or to judge his past or present. A simple question or a phrase of innocuous appearance can hurt him durably. Because the rooster wants only to be perfect and to be understood and seen as such. Without being angry, when he feels that a situation may escape him, the Rooster has multiple techniques and other subterfuges oratory to hide his vexations. Highly influenced by the metal element, the Rooster-Virgo isn't one to let his critics have the last word. At the slightest perfidious attack, he doesn't hesitate to point out their failings and to render himself justice, in a simultaneous outrageously brutal and subtle language. Curious and open to the world, the Rooster-Virgo, a complicated and fascinating character, is naturally predisposed to having a broad social circle. But his almost unhealthy sensibility often leads him to confide in only a few people, whom he always takes the time to choose with great care. On a professional level, the Virgo softens the arrogance of the Rooster, while the latter enhances the effectiveness of the professional Virgo. The Rooster has a very good memory and a flawless analytical ability. He collects all kinds of scattered information in order to always have a useful source (or proof) when needed. However, his ability to perceive things in a far too Cartesian and mathematical manner can lead to misunderstanding from his colleagues in trades that require creative sensitivity. Fortunately, the Rooster-Virgo is intelligent and very hardworking. He always ends up obtaining the result that is expected of him, provided he is treated with tact and can work in a serene environment. His sincere and even fervent approach to the causes entrusted to him, at the level of the support and confidence of his superiors or his clients, are the guarantors of his success. A Rooster-Virgo mother or father can be a great parent because she / her has the qualities that a all good parents should have. Nevertheless, this can be valid only on the condition that the parent Rooster-Virgo doesn't subject his offspring to the same degree of perfection as he tends to impose on himself.

Libra Rooster

Refined and sensitive, the Rooster-Libra is an intellectual whose charm is as colorful as nuanced. He is precise, skillful, analytical and like any self-respecting Rooster, takes great care of his appearance. Above all, it is his well-being, his family, his homeland and his home that prevail. The Rooster-Libra loves to surround himself with influential and intelligent friends with whom he can discuss for hours on politics and society. Since the solar sign of Libra balances and brings a touch of tolerance that is generally lacking in the Rooster, the latter in return makes Libra less hesitant and more affirmative in his convictions. Thus, the presence of a Rooster-Libra is often sought after because he is very inclined to quality listening, dialogue and compromise. Even if he is cheerful and demonstrative, the Rooster-Libra doesn't trust anyone easily, even if the person is polite and cultured. However, his tendency to confess too many important details of his life in the course of a conversation, even to near-strangers, sometimes leads him to experience severe disillusionment. Indeed, his excessive transparency and his propensity for chatter regularly cause him problems that he often regrets later. When angry, or in a vindictive impulse, the Rooster-Libra, generally adept at dialogue and diplomacy, suddenly turns into a formidable enemy who doesn't have too much trouble spraying his opponents with creative and sharp verbal attacks. On a professional level, the Rooster-Libra is a born observer, naturally gifted for care professions or for any job which requires patience and precision. Appreciating quality work, he can also excel in academic and teaching duties. Occupations in the fields of safety, home care, medico-psychological assistantship, nursing assistantship, midwives and dental surgery are also among the many areas in which he can flourish and put into practice his many personal qualities. In his love life, the Rooster-Libra doesn't engage as easily in a couple as his peers. For even if he wants to convince himself of the opposite, he is prey to a near-chronic affective dissatisfaction. The Rooster-Libra needs to know how to be loved without feeling choked. It is only when he is convinced of the sincere and true love of his partner that he will consider useful and indispensable to put the ring on his finger.

Scorpio Rooster

Proud, powerful and determined, the Rooster-Scorpio has a strong character. Always elegant but with discretion and sobriety, he knows how to carefully choose the style that suits him best. The Rooster-Scorpio has a very high opinion of his own worth, at the expense of others. Endowed with an independent and critical spirit, he hates reciprocal concessions. The Rooster-Scorpio never accepts failure, just as he prefers to privilege his personal interests before the general interest. When challenged, the Rooster Scorpio becomes aggressive and unscrupulous. He then acts harshly and unexpectedly. He is willing to use reprehensible methods to ensure victory, even if it can attract him enmity or collective disapproval, only because he can't stand failure. Also very fond of the most diverse secrets, the Scorpio Rooster is able to sow discord, to resort to slander or even to preach falsehood for the sole purpose of grasping the truth. However, whatever the direct consequences of his actions on his image, the Rooster-Scorpio is always satisfied with himself, since in reality he can very well bear the loneliness and not have friends if necessary since the only person he really trusts is himself. On a professional level, the fact that the Rooster-Scorpio is very good at conducting investigations or doing extensive research on complicated subjects can induce him to police, supervisory or judicial careers. In addition, his natural taste for furniture and the creation of original atmospheres can also lead him to professions related to show-business or decoration. Moreover, analytical and precise, the Rooster-Scorpio is just as attentive to the details of things as to their outlines. As a couple, the Rooster-Scorpio is extremely meticulous in the requirements he expects of his partner, including on a sexual level. The Rooster-Scorpio being jealous and possessive, one must always be careful not to disappoint him. Still, once he has started a family and has had children, his character becomes softer and less individualistic. Not only must he now protect his offspring from external dangers, but he must also fight against the visceral concern of every responsible parent concerned about the future of their children.

Sagittarius Rooster

The Rooster-Sagittarius is a passionate, courageous and friendly being, endowed with an overflowing imagination. Original and elegant, his way of being and thinking is a source of curiosity and entertainment for those around him. Although he appreciates more than anything the calm and the comfort of his life environment, the Rooster-Sagittarius rarely loses the opportunity to enjoy festive moments with his friends. Honest and loyal, he can neither lie nor hold his tongue, affirming with pride and conviction his many opinions and judgements. However, this can attract him lasting friendships with those who share the same franchise as him. While the Rooster-Sagittarius may appear haughty, he is in fact deeply human and generous. He never hesitates to help those who express need. He simply doesn't have the attitude of a person who takes reality into account in his behavior, because he lives in the utopia of his imagination, where he is the star. He also tends to amplify the nature of the milestones that he passes, whether they are positive or negative. In case of provocation, he doesn't hesitate to give aggressive pecks or to disassemble the arguments of his detractors with his sharp tongue. On a professional level, the Rooster-Sagittarius is generally very good at commercial negotiations. However, while he loves to communicate his opinion to others and to tell his future plans, he rarely sets up the action plans that would make them happen. Yet his aspirations are limitless and up to his excessive ambition, because he dreams of becoming someone important and to be recognized in his field. However, the self-esteem of the Rooster-Sagittarius prevents him from looking honestly at his own faults, which pushes him to always try to be right even if he knows himself wrong. Therefore, his concealed passivity and his fear of failure constantly retard him in the evolution of his career. Nevertheless, the Rooster-Sagittarius remains always aware of the last novelties and never stops to project himself in new projects, as exciting as they are almost unachievable. Fortunately for him, his fertile imagination and his flow of inexhaustible words can enable him to excel in creative crafts or trades that require a public speaking talent that captures the attention of the public. On a sentimental level, the Rooster-Sagittarius is not particularly endowed for romantic behavior. As long as he hasn't yet realized some of his life aspirations, he may even become grumpy with age. The Rooster-Sagittarius often meets true love only during the second half of his life. Younger, he has a communication problem with his partners, since he struggles to question himself. As a result, his suitor tend to flee and leave him in the most absolute misunderstanding. It is only by gaining wisdom after a difficult event that the Rooster-Sagittarius can finally free himself from his imaginary wings and advance with conviction on the mainland, whatever the domain he chooses then to embrace.

Capricorn Rooster

Perfectionist and loyal, the Rooster-Capricorn is a good and honest Samaritan who resists very well the storms one has to come upon in life. Less flamboyant than his peers, he is also the strongest of his kind. Gifted with a refined intelligence, he excels in the art of rhetoric and objective criticism. The Capricorn-Rooster has a very realistic and down-to-earth vision of life. The fact that he rarely lets himself be carried away by illusions makes him more alert and less naive. An adept of good manners, the Rooster-Capricorn is a master of the art of savoir-vivre. However, his traditionalist temperament often prevents him from accepting novelties. This can make him look haughty, even contemptuous, when in reality he is rather modest for a Rooster. Capricorn allows him to have more restraint in the appreciation of his own person. His firm and sometimes rigid character allows him to be as lucid and honest with himself as with his interlocutors. Clairvoyant and analytical, he is always open to constructive discussions, without ever becoming aggressive. Nevertheless, even though the Capricorn-Rooster is not very prone to controversy, he stays allergic to hypocritical people and to those who don't respect their duties and commit uncivil acts. It is only when one trample on his values hat he puts aside his politeness to go headlong into a scathing verbal conflict. In his work, the Rooster-Capricorn is determined and very attentive to details. He concretizes his objectives and aspirations by an unceasingly renewed will. Thus, his consistency in action often produces the effect expected of him in his professional environment. A good worker, he is often applauded or envied for the quality of his work. A caveat however on the side of his finances: the Rooster-Capricorn being very attached to his quality of life, he has a tendency to spend without counting in order to reach or maintain the level of comfort which he believes he deserves, which prevents him in return to save money for future projects, or even to go into debt unnecessarily. Concerning love, the Rooster-Capricorn has an emotional course of amazing instability. Indeed, free or recluse according to the times of his life, the extreme dimension of his attitude to life is, to say the least, disconcerting for his partners. Still, he doesn't appreciate the lightness of emotions, whether in solitude or in love, because he likes to live them fully. He stops his rollercoaster run once he is finally sentimentally attached to someone. Love brings him the wisdom that he naturally lacks in this area and allows him to strengthen his self-confidence.

Aquarius Rooster

The Rooster Aquarius is a charming being, idealist and inconstant. He needs support and applause to feel alive and respected. Always doing business somewhere, he has trouble staying put. Very attentive to the details, he always tries to shine and to appear exceptional. His ostentatious and even provocative attitude often allows him to be in the limelight. He hates banalities and moody behavior. He flees any person or situation that could pull him down or taint his aura with a veil of mediocrity. On a social level, the Rooster-Aquarius is uncompromising and he isn't the type to make concessions. Tact or diplomacy aren't his specialty either, because his language is far too direct for his interlocutors. With his sharp tongue, he stings or caresses according to his mood or the respect that is shown to him, especially since he doesn't fear to offend people with disturbing truths. In parallel, he doesn't accept neither contradiction nor criticism of his own defects. If he is hurt in his pride, the Rooster-Aquarius can indulge in endless diatribes. Because underneath his firm, colorful and confident shell, he actually hides an unsuspected fragility. It's just that being sensitive and very proud at the same time, he has a hard time giving up his habits. Still, despite being aware of the realities of the world, the Rooster-Aquarius remains a charitable, generous person and valuable person. Always looking to the future, bubbling with new and original concepts, the Rooster-Aquarius has an avant-garde spirit. At the professional level, his analytical and visionary genius often allows him to occupy positions that require creative know-how. The successful development of projects over time aren't part of his most notable specialties. Indeed, despite his significant productivity on a conceptual level, without an effective team and logistics at his disposal, many of his projects are doomed to failure despite their innovative or even revolutionary nature. On a sentimental level, the Rooster-Aquarius often ignores the usual responsibilities of a life in a couple. As a young man or woman, he wishes above all to be free to act as he wishes. Living surrounded by emotional barriers is not for him. Because of this, he is very uncomfortable in a relationship that would limit his freedom of action. However, he has trouble conceding that his partner could expect exactly the same requirements. Fortunately, as he matures, the Rooster-Aquarius finds his balance more easily by becoming more peaceful, just as he finally understands that his intense need to feel loved and protected allows him to fill his lack of self-confidence.


Pisces Rooster

The Rooster brings vivacity to the solar sign of Pisces, while the latter makes the Rooster lose some of his rigidity. Captivating, reserved, honest and traditional, the Rooster-Pisces loves being pampered and considered as someone unique. He is more malleable and more open to dialogue than most his fellows. He isn't like those other Roosters who often assert something definitively by rejecting in advance any possible contradiction. The Rooster-Pisces has above all a character which is quite difficult to understand, as his enigmatic facade conceals his true nature as a dreamer, perfectly concealed by the social mask he wears permanently. On a professional level, the Rooster-Pisces is intelligent but individualistic. He always pursues and communicates his own vision as a priority, especially as being the dreamer is, he never lacks ideas. Delicate and elegant, his inclinations and preferences in terms of aesthetics often have the merit of being appreciated. Nevertheless, the Rooster-Pisces often lacks will in the long run because he considers life as a long river that must always be quiet. Moreover, if a problem arises for which he could be partly concerned, know that it will never be his fault. The Rooster-Pisces has no equal to defend himself to the point where if he finds himself with his back to the wall, he can then become very aggressive or on the contrary literally sink into uncontrollable tears. However, although he is often absent when he is most needed, the Rooster-Pisces has the ability to suddenly appear when nobody expected him anymore, to fly to the rescue of those he appreciates and surprise everyone at the same time. This is so because in the depths of his soul, the Rooster-Pisces can't leave his conscience aside. Anyway, his co-workers always end up leaving him alone since the Rooster-Pisces projects in spite of himself the image of a cyclothymic and unpredictable being. On the sentimental level, the Rooster-Pisces is somewhat fickle. Playing cat and mouse is part of his favorite dating hobby. His philosophy of life is the major part of his charm and his feelings of love always take precedence over the rest. Only he will often tend to demand from his partner what he doesn't apply to himself. Even when he is permanently attached to his partner and is ready to have a large family, he can't wait for very long until he feels overwhelmed by the weight of his responsibilities, which he will gladly let his spouse take over.

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