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When Saturn is in the 7th house or in a challenging aspect to Venus, often people moan and groan, my love life is doomed! Prarabdha karma in vedic astrology. But Saturn can instil stability just as much as fear. We all need a little bit of Saturn in a relationship to give it staying power. Don’t forget that Saturn is exalted in Libra, the sign corresponding to the 7th house. Saturn in the 12 th house means it is the 3 rd position from the 10 th house, which concerns source of income. Thus the individual is often hard working and active where the source of income is concerned. Very often students of astrology overlook this special result of Saturn in the 12t h house. Saturn in the 12th House – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt. 5 Jun to 16 oct 2021 – Jupiter Saturn Retrograde. VEDIC RAJ ASTROLOGY. Second marriage because it is 3rd from 7th house of marriage which multiply 7th house.

As we know in astrology Jupiter and Venus are the significator planets of Marriage and Jupiter is the husband in women birth chart and Venus is wife in men birth chart. Venus is the planet of relationship and love planets. 7th house lord is the spouse/partner or other people in life. What kind of spouse/partner or other people you will get it depend on the 7th lord condition. So if Jupiter, Venus and 7th lord retrograde then what kind of relationship or Marriage partner you will get.

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Ruler of the 7th house is retrograde: When the ruler of the 7th house retrograde, you May get partner/spouse who is not open in their feelings. They have difficulty in discussing and sharing their problems. Somehow these people have their past bad life experience which is stopping them to discuss with spouse/partner or with the others. They simply do not reveal their own true nature. Sometimes a retrograde ruler of the 7th house shows returns after some interruption, tries to correct errors and or tries to retreat, reconcile or reunite. Sometimes the partner can feel rejected by you. Also the retrograde ruler of the 7th house May also shows the partner could have ill health.
Mars as Seventh Lord Retrograde: The person gets a partner who is not direct in actions. They would rather take the indirect approach to life and exert their drive and ambition from behind the scenes. The partner is kind of secretive type of personality and behavior. The partner or other people in your life you meet never tell about them. There is some secrecy involved around them.
Venus as Seventh Lord Retrograde: The person gets a partner who is more focused in their own desire. They are more concern with love and financial freedom. Their partner is very clear in their views, what they like, attract and what will suits them. They get partner who wants freedom and like to do their own things. They don’t like people will judge them. If people do so they makes themselves outcast. A men having retrograde Venus can have hard time in appreciating his wife or girlfriend.
Retrograde Saturn In 7th House Vedic Astrology
Mercury as Seventh Lord Retrograde: The person gets a partner who is a person who has basic instinct knowing something. The partner May have knowledge or insight into any subject in detail. The partner can be slow thinkers or someone who cannot retrieve information quickly but they basically take in knowledge and integrate it differently. The partner inclined towards new type of communication and learning skill.

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Jupiter as Seventh Lord Retrograde: Jupiter is a husband in women chart. A women looks toward her husband for guidance and support in life. But when Jupiter is retrograde the women have hard time in appreciating and believing in her husband. The person May get a partner who May be conflicting over religion or spiritual beliefs.
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Retrograde Saturn In 7th House Vedic Astrology Moon

Saturn as Seventh Lord Retrograde: The person get a partner who inward with their expression of life. Someone who is shy, modest, self-conscious and sometimes even feels inferior. They get partner who like to spend time alone. Sometimes partner have to face rejection and might have to live with denial and or maladjustment. The partner May have a problem, a burden, some frustration that is not easily talked about. With Saturn being retrograde they May seem to take life more seriously.
Retrograde Uranus in the 7th house: The energy of Uranus can be strongly prominent in 7th house. There can be powerful urge to break free of all forms of restrictions in relationship and achieve true personal power and freedom. The partner can be irresponsible, mysterious, obstinate, changeable and restless in nature.
Retrograde Neptune in the 7th house: Neptune searches for the infinite and dreaming love. Retrograde Neptune bring partner who is lost in own world. The personality of the individual is not understood by others. The partner lives in a state of illusion. The partner lacks in understanding of partners emotions.
Retrograde Pluto in the 7th house: The partner can be manipulative, emotionally dominating and possessive, with imaginary phobias. The partner May explosive in actions. The partner is power driven and controlling to the detriment of others, but spiritual at the same time. Retrograde Pluto in 7th house gives a very strong sexual nature and is highly secretive.

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Life is a mystery and astrology has some answer for it. In astrology, the 7th house tells us about partner and others. But there’s another way of looking at the 7th house. We can say it’s the house of projection of you. 7th house is the mirror picture of you. All these retrograde 7th house lord explanation of energy basically exist within you as well but you don’t know. You tend to project those unrecognized qualities onto other person or on your partner. The person you attract, or fascinates drawn in your life automatically according to your energy or your own nature. You generally don’t know this, on a conscious level.
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