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Relationship & Compatibility Reports

Vedic astrology really can give special insights into relationship dynamics that would be missed by Western astrology. The navamsha chart provides a unique perspective on marital life. A heavily afflicted navamsha can show ongoing heartbreak and marriage delays. Jupiter represents the husband in Vedic astrology. Jupiter is aspected by 3 malefics; Mars, Saturn, and Ketu, and is placed in the daghda sign of Virgo which is inauspicious. Since the Moon is not too bright, many would consider it to be a malefic and Moon is also conjunct Jupiter. Shrinath Vedic Astrology June 15, 2020 June 15, 2020 1 Minute What is Temporary relationship? In general terms, It determines the friends and enemies of a planet during specific period of time.

Taurus and aries love compatibility astrology.comastrology.com. 'It is in the area of human relationships that I find astrology to be the most useful. No other part of our life can be as perplexing, confusing and painful as love - so astrology to the rescue!' -Ernst Wilhelm

Kundali Matching Horoscope Compatibility in Vedic Astrology. Horoscope matching plays a major role in obtaining an ideal life partner. Marriage is one of the important events of any person’s life, so every step must be carefully taken. Eight important steps have been included under horoscope matching. Vedic Astrology Relationship Compatibility. In this course we will cover the full spectrum of the ancient Vedic method of Compatibility. These are great techniques that are amongst the oldest techniques available in Vedic Astrology - which make them amongst the best.


Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report
Vedic Relationship Capacity Report - for Women
Vedic Relationship Capacity Report - for Men


Relationships In Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Mythical Image of Venus to Guide you in your Relationships

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AstrologyRelationships In Vedic AstrologyRelationships In Vedic Astrology

Planetary Relationships In Vedic Astrology

'That's great I got it, the report is so insightful _ thank you !' - JJ, London

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'I must tell you that I ordered the relationship compatibility report and the ready for love reports on your website. The information I read regarding the issues I have to work out in love were truly life changing! I was never quite aware of these patterns of mine and how detrimental they have been to my relationships. I thought I was being self-sufficient and helping out my partner so that I don't become a burden, I never thought how this could be seen as disrespectful and how it could have eventually pushed away the men I cared for..'

Live In Relationship Vedic Astrology

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'I purchased the relationship compatibility report and it really gave me a lot of insight on why my marriage was not working and why we were getting a divorce. Gave me a sense of calmness and peace with the entire situation. Thank you so very much for the gifts that you provide to me and everyone.' - CB, Florida

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