Vedic Astrology gives more important to Rashi than any other single point in the Kundali. Your Rashi reveals the major trends that govern your life, and give you a glimpse into your personality, nature and future. Learn what your Rashi says Click on your Moonsign below, or fill the details to learn what your Moonsign says about you. Cusp or joining point of two signs. 8. Saturn transit to 9h house transit vedic astrology. 38624 arrow 0 bullet 1 4000 1 0 fade 300 0 49.0138 8.38624 arrow 0 bullet 1 4000 1 0 fade

Sandhi Traya:
If guru is in debilitation or occupies one of kuja houses and the child is born in sandhi traya he will die within a month. [Chapter-10; Arist; stanza-40; Sarvarth Chjintamani Khemraj Edition, Mumbai] [Translation of the treaty is given by B S Rao]
Sandhi First of all sandhi is 1degree radius of ending and beginning part of rasi and in case of constellation quarter [nakstra pada] it will be 1/9th part of 200 kalas i.e. 22.22 kala radius. Some classic authors take .30 degree as rasi sandi. And I think that is the correct one. The sandhi traya are nakstra sandhi, dasa sandhi and lagna sandhi. Nakstra Sandhi is the juncture of ending part of 4th pada and beginning part of 1st pada and this will automatically cause Rasi Sandhi in the case of Moon. Planet in this nakstra sandi is an arist to that extent. Here also sandhi of nakstra is envisaged for gandat sandhi and if nakstra sandhi is there then dasa sandhi is automatically derived so both nakstra sandhi and dasa sandhi is one condition. This is more apt as nakstra sandhi of gandat is also indicating rashi sandhi of Chandra. Another condition is for lagna sandhi.And third sandhi in my view is surya sandhi. Some take tithi sandhi or day-night sandhi kala. The other condition is guru debilitation or posited in the house of Mars.Ascendant, Moon and Sun are very vital for physical and mental health of the native and any arist may come from these factors if they are melice or in conjuncture. And if guru is also debilitated then it bereft of benefice element and if posited in kuja’s house is not good for long life and will add arist to the above.I am giving the chart of a native who is having all this sandhi and is having guru in mehsa but there is no arist produced. Does this mean that the daivgna Vyanktes talking about all sandhi of gandata? i.e. nakstra gandat, lagna gandat and surya gandat? With guru debilitated or occupied the houses of kuja?
Details of chart14-06-1964 ; 19.18 PM; 20N45/72E57. Lagna Dhan 00.38.20 (mul-1)Surya Mithun 00.09.19 (Mrigsir-3)Chandra Simha 00.31.24 (Maga-1) Guru in mehsa
Ascendant conjuncture is to be counted from 290 to 300 and from 0 to 10 as explained by classic texts.Birth star of Moon conjuncture and Dasa sandhi is applicable together if we take sandhi of gandat (janma nakstra) as determined in degree specified above for janma rasi 4-8-12 (29 to 30 degree) and 1-5-9 (0 to 1 degree). This is because nakstra sandhi of gandat is having dasa sandhi as well as rasi sandhi and is one of the arists, a well known factor. Surya Sandhi is the third sandhi to be counted from 290 to 300 and from 0 to 1 as explained by your respected good self. All these three are (Ascendant, Moon and Sun) vital for the native and may impact the longevity and physical and mental health in general. And if all they fall together in any chart it becomes arist and may impact longevity, physical and mental health; provided always that there are other factors to be considered and a prudent approach is a pre requisite. Is my concept right? Please give your insight. As we determined janma nakstra sandhi of gandat in degree in janma rasi from 29 to 30 and from 0 to 1 dasa sandhi of beginning or ending is automatically arrived. Dasa Sandhi and Dasa Chidra are same or not that I don’t know as sifting from last part of ending dasa and beginning part of next dasa may be known as dasa sandhi and/or dasa chhidra. Of course, dasa of chhidra planet generally known as chhidra dasa is different factor and this is more important in arist matters. Is dasa sandhi and dasa chhidra are same? Kindly give your valued insights.Basically, eclipses involved Sun-Moon-Rahu-Ketu and it is treated as transit and result according to rasi-lagna-nakstra is attributed is general is well known. But how we could evaluate this to the dasa and bhukti as is running at the time of eclipses. As we know that sani vart rahu and kuj vart ketu and eclipses may be deemed to add intensity of their adverse result does it indicate calamities in natives life or dehakasta or dehakshya or physical danger like kidnapping, assault, jail boarding etc? When an eclipse involves in it the following factors jointly or severely with dasa-bhukti planets, what are the impacts on native’s life? • Janma Rasi in nakstra sandhi of gandat rasi (4-8-12 and 1-5-9) (eclipses in janma rasi-nakstra)• Lagna sandhi (eclipses in natal 1-7 axis)• Surya Sandhi (eclipses in natal surya rasi or nakstra)• Any sign with multi planets where rahu-ketu are also involved.• Either or Dasa-bhukti is that of rahu or ketu or the planet involved in eclipses.• Either or Dasa-bhukti is that of chhidra or badhaka planet.Sandhi traya cases….

Rasi Sandhi Vedic Astrology

Chart-1 HrsKLad Rasi
14-06-1964 ; 19.18 PM; 20N46/72E58. bilimora, Gujarat

Rasi Sandhi Vedic Astrology Today

Lagna Dhan 00.38.20 (mul-1)Surya Mithun 00.09.19 (Mrigsir-3)Chandra Simha 00.31.24 (Maga-1) Guru in mehsa

Rasi Sandhi Vedic Astrology 2019

Chart-2 AndPrksKnsra 11.35AM ; 02-08-1991; 20N37/72E54 valsad, Gujarat Lagna kanya 29.05.25 (chitra-2)Surya Karka 15.43.38 (pushya-4)Chandra 00.27.35 (aswini-1)Guru in karka but Chandra in mehsa

Rasi Sandhi Vedic Astrology 2020

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