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I currently have two courses on Rahu and Ketu. The older course is the Mastering Rahu and Ketu course, which is 14 hours long. In this course I teach basics of Rahu and Ketu and advanced considerations. In the newer course, Healing Rahu & Ketu Course, I explain in great details the effects of every facet of the houses and Rasis on Rahu and Ketu and talk extensively about how to work out the evolutionary goals of Rahu and Ketu. This is a very long, 60 hours, intense course that gets deep into your Rahu and Ketu issues. People taking this course made huge life changes during the course due to coming to understand thier lives so much more clearly. Both courses are complementary. There is little redunant information. You can take either course first. If you want to dive into your psychology very intensely, I suggest the Healing Rahu and Ketu course first. If you want to understand how to use Rahu and Ketu effectively but not go to the bottom of the Rahu and Ketu experience just yet, then start with the Mastering Rahu and Ketu Course.

Life changing course on the effects of Rahu and Ketu. 60 Hours long and includes manual and all class charts.

The use of Nakshatra is very important in Vedic astrology. The Vimshottari Dasha, a 120-year-long planetary cycle is based upon the birth Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra is divided in four sections called Padas. Nakshatras also define the characteristics of the planets placed in them. Knowing Janma Nakshatra is very important as per vedic astrology. Basic Astronomical facts about Rahu and Ketu. Astronomically (as per Hindu Astrology), Rahu.

You can see three of the videos from this course on YouTube at:

Venus in libra vedic. Sun is not an auspicious planet for the Taurus ascendant. Even if it is in Exaltation in the 12th House it will not give benefits as may be expected. Secondly it the enemy of the Ascendant Lord Venus. Ruby gemstones should be avoided by Taurus ascendant individuals unless Sun occupies a favorable position from the Lunar ascendant. 2 days ago Leo: Sun Virgo: Mercury Libra: Venus Scorpio: Mars Sagittarius: Jupiter Capricorn: Saturn Aquarius: Saturn Pisces: Jupiter Find which sign is occupying in your 7th house. If it is occupied by Aries then the ruling planet will Mars. If it is Taurus, then the 7th house will be ruled by Venus. Find where the ruler of the 7th house sits. Now Lets Understand what happens when Retrograde planets in vedic astrology occupy Upachaya houses. 3rd, 6th 10th and 11th is called the Upachaya house. These houses are growth making house. They are very helpful for materialistic gain They are part of Artha trikona and Kama Trikona. Malefic planets like Mars Saturn does very well in these houses. Venus is the main Karaka for Marriage and for female Jupiter represents husband. So if these two planets are connected with Rahu occupy helpful sign, it indicates foreign spouse in astrology. The Most important House for getting a foreigner spouse is 12th house. 4th house is the own land and 12th house is the foreign land. The 8th house is also reckoned as the house of death. Well, when Saturn is present in the eighth house, it may mean a terrible death. However, certain modern-day astrologers have moved away from this line of thinking. They regard the 8th house as the house of resurrections. The 8th house also signifies the transformations through growth and change.

This astrology course consists of 60 hours or audio, manuals, and all class charts. This course is the audio from the same course that I taught on video at www.astrology-videos.com. Available as MP3 Download:

DDownload MP3 Course 450 MB108.00

Vedic Astrology Rahu Ketu Transit 2020

Also available on video at www.astrology-videos.com.

In this class we will cover a great depth of Rahu & Ketu knowledge, including predicting the effects of their Dasas. All the pertinent techniques neccessary for both reading Rahu and Ketu in the chart and for predicting events using Rahu and Ketu will be covered in this course. Clear the confusion and see the simple and effective ways that the ancients used to decipher just what Rahu and Ketu will do in their Dasas.

  • What exactly are Rahu and Ketu - thier formation, myths and Sanskrit names.

  • Calculation Options for Rahu and Ketu

  • The principle of Rahu Sanivat, Ketu Kujavat explained.

  • Rahu and Ketu in Rasis and Conjunct Bhava Cusps with extensive intepretations of the nodes in the Rasis.

  • Maturation Ages of Rahu and Ketu

  • Effects of Planets influencing Rahu & Ketu

  • The Importance of Rahu and Ketu's Lords

  • Predicting Rahu and Ketu's Dasas

  • Rahu & Ketu in Relationships and Compatibility

Vedic astrology rahu ketu transit 2020

This astrology course consists of 14 hours or audio, manuals, and all class charts. This course is the audio from the same course that I taught on video at www.astrology-videos.com. Available as MP3 Download:

Download MP3 Course 450 MB61.00
Also available on video at www.astrology-videos.com.

Rahu Vedic Astrology

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