In today’s society having own home is a must. People are judged by their material assets which they accumulate in their life. Everyone wants to have their home sweet home. In Vedic astrology there are yogas which can foretell the entire thing about a native and his assets.


Rahu Vedic

There are many people who get home loan easily and there are many who keep applying but do not get anything. Then there are people whose application gets denied at the last moment for some stupid reason and later it is approved even if there is some mistake. All this can be judged by the horoscope of the native.

Rahu in Fourth House in Vedic Astrology Rahu in Fourth House denotes benefit comes through a parent, probably the mother. Gain is made through immoveable property or mineral wealth. For some reason, home or domesti-fication is highly significant in their life. Rahu is said to be exalted in Taurus so it brings positive results most of the time. Taurus is an earth sign and when Rahu is placed in it, it brings stability and a sense of permanence in the native’s life. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which represents love, passion and partner.

Jupiter in the 8th house Vedic astrology makes the natives work very hard and enable them to become good people and loyal partners. The natives of Jupiter in the 8th house can make huge financial gains by virtue of inheriting property and other assets. They may even get this inheritance from their inlaws. According to Vedic Astrology 10th House is connected with your career or the everyday work or the job you do. It also indicates our Social Status, Position, Authority etc. So it is considered as the Karma Bhava. So Planets in the 10th house or 10th Lord indicates Our Profession, How much Success You will get in your Career etc.

Buy Your Own House – Astrological Prediction

In Vedic astrology there are yogas which determine the state of assets of a native. The fourth house is the main house to judge the immovable and movable assets of a native and there are supporting houses which facilitate the purchase or sale of property.

B.P.H.S. or brihat parasha hora shastra is considered to be the bible of Vedic astrology and it contains many yogas which tells about the house purchase of the native.

The fourth house is the house of assets, peace of mind, mother, home life, conveyances, self and ancestral properties, general happiness, and some more things. But primarily it is the house of assets.

  • If the lord of the fourth house is with lagna lord and placed in benefic houses then the person may possess many houses.
  • If mercury is in parakram bhaava and fourth house lord is well disposed then person will get a beautiful house.
  • If the 4th house lord is placed in the navanasha of its own or is exalted the native gets the comfort of owning land, conveyance, house etc.
  • Planets which are exalted in the fourth house also have the power to give assets to the native.
  • If the fourth house lord is placed in the house of his friend, it is in the sign of exaltation or it is in his own house in navansha or lagna chart or both.
  • The lord of ninth house in angle and the fourth house lord in house of his friend may give a good house.
  • If the fourth house lord is conjoined with Mars or Saturn or Venus then also native may be blessed with a house.
  • The period of Mars, Venus, Jupiter is favorable for buying house.

Planets responsible for owning House, Land, Property

Mars: Mars is the karaka planet for immovable assets. It is the planet which gives a good house.

Saturn: Saturn is the planet which gives lands, old houses i.e. repurchased house.

Venus: Venus is another planet which gives a lavish house.

Houses responsible for owning House or proeprty of any type

1, 2, 4, 11 houses are the houses which signify land or property in one or other way.

The Ascendant: It is the house which signify the physical disposotion of one self.

Second House: This is the house of your bank balance. If you will not have wealth then you will not be able to buy a house.

Fourth House: Fourth house is the house of assets, happiness and vehicles. Thus the condition of this house should be judged properly to assess the state of landed properties in the life of the native.


Eleventh House: This is the main house of gains and fulfilment of desires. This is the house which decides whether you will be having the happiness of own house or not.

Good time or muhurta for buying own house

Mahadasha is the main factor which decides whether the native will have the assets or not.

Rahu In Astrology

The dasha of 4th lord, 2nd lord, 11th or 9th lord is capable of giving home to the native depending upon many factors.

  • Sun gives the landed properties in middle ages where as moon gives in early in life.
  • Sun and Mars are the factors responsible for providing a house in middle age.
  • Moon is the factor responsible for providing a house at an early age.
  • Mercury can give one a house in the age of 32 to 36.
  • Jupiter, Venus and rahu can give the property in early age.
  • Saturn can give one a property after 44 and Ketu after 52 years.

Loss of Property

While the yogas of gain of property are there in the horoscope, the yogas of loss are also mentioned and few of them are as below:

  • If the fourth house lord is placed in third house then there will be loss of property.
  • If the 4th house lord is debilitated then there will be loss of property in some way at some point in life.
  • If the fourth house lord is placed in the evil houses 6, 8, 12 then the possibility of loss is very high.
  • If the fourth house lord is debilitated and in the same horoscope Saturn and Mars are also weak in the lagna chart and the navansha then the chances of loss of property are very high.
  • If evil planets aspect the fourth house or the fourth house lord then in their periods they can give losses to the native related to assets.
Rahu in 4th house vedic astrology moonAstrology

So these were some points by which one can know the issues related to state of property in his life. But one should always consult an able astrologer before buying a house or selling a house.

A good astrologer will always tell the right time to purchase the property and also the right time for the house warming ceremony.

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How do I activate my 4th house in astrology?

4th house can be activated if you give happiness to others. The blessings can be in the shape of words like ‘Thanks’. The 4th house gives happiness so if there is anything you spread the happiness the 4th house will get activated.

Which planet is good in 4th house?

There is spiritual enlightenment when Jupiter is placed in the fourth house. Venus – Venus in the fourth house represents an emotional person with a calm and composed mind. Will enjoy a happy married life and will also love to protect his family.

What does the 4th House represent in Vedic astrology?

The Fourth house is part of the ‘Moksha’ trine (trikona) in Vedic Astrology, and represents emotions. Moksha, in Vedic Astrology means peace and quiet, and getting away from the stresses of life. This house defines our inner emotions, the deepest of our thoughts, and our mother.

What does the 4th House rule in astrology?

The Fourth House sits at the base of the chart and symbolizes home and family. Planets moving across the Fourth House often encourage us to invest in our infrastructure by creating more private, nurturing spaces within. This House corresponds with Cancer energy.

Who rules the 4th house?

Rulerships of signs

House Sign Domicile Ruling planet (ancient)
4th CancerMoon

Who is the Lord of 4th House?

4th Lord in 4th House The native may have vehicles, property, and comforts. He may bring happiness to his parents. He may be4 religious, and long-lived. He may be generally well-liked.

What does Jupiter in 4th house mean?

Fourth house in Zodiac represents Cancer Sign whose lord is Moon. Presence of Jupiter in fourth house makes a person wise, intelligent and learned. If Jupiter is exalted or is placed in his own sign say Sagittarius or Pisces, the results will be more promising. He will be blessed with good family, house and vehicles.

What happens if Moon is in 4th house?

If Moon is in the 4th house, it shows that the native has a strong attachment to his mother. Also, his/her emotional bonding with the native place is very strong. Family is very important to these people. They get highly distressed and depressed by any imbalance on the emotional front.

What happens if Kuja is in 4th house?

When a strong Mars is in its own Rasi or in a Rasi owned by Sun or Jupiter in the 4th House, the person would wield a position of power. Mars in 4th house makes a person bold, daring, dashing and competent to face difficult situations, and also die-hard enemies and adversaries, in life.

What if 4th house is empty?

Lucky for you, it probably means you won’t have to face many challenges or dramatic shifts in your career path. And even if your fourth house is empty, you could have extremely strong bonds with your parents. It’s the houses that contain planets that will demand most of your attention.

Which house is bad for Rahu?

The 8th House is usually concerned with Saturn and Mars. So Rahu in this House provides harmful effects. This can make your Family life adversely affected. If Mars is placed in 1st or 8th House or Saturn is placed in 8th House, the person is likely to be very rich.

Which house is good for Rahu?

The best position for Rahu is in the 10th House. Rahu is a truly materialistic planet and the 10th house is also a materialistic house, so this is regarded as one of the best positions for Rahu. It provides the person with all the worldly fame, strong will, immense wealth, good contacts with highly reputed people.

What is 4th house sign?

The 4th House The fourth house of your horoscope governs areas related to home, family and property. Your roots, family background, childhood, inner emotions, immovable possessions, domestic life, the end of life and endings in general are covered by this house.

What does Lilith in 4th house mean?

Lilith In The 4th House: If you have Lilith in the 4th house, you’ll find that she manifests the most in early childhood, home life, family, and your relationship with your parents. Your parents may not have created the issues that Lilith causes, but they probably didn’t know how to handle her within you.

Rahu In 4th House Vedic Astrology

What does Saturn in 4th house mean?

A complex inner life. The 4 th house is responsible with family among other things. It indicates how nurturing a person is and also how he or she receives or gives affection. Many may see Saturn in the 4 th house individuals as distant and not in any way ready to get involved with others at a personal level.

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