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Third house is the house for communication, messaging. It is also the house of short journeys. It is the house of courage, younger brother / sister, neighbors beside many other things. When Rahu is in the 3rd house, it gets strength because it is an “upachaya” bhava. “Upachaya” means growth, advancement, increment. Interestingly Good planets do not produce favorable results in the “Upachaya bhava”. It is not that good planets are bad, but they do not bring about favorable results as malefic planets. As Rahu is a materialistic planet, it brings materialistic gains and therefore it is considered favorable in the 3rd house.

Rahu In 3rd House In Vedic Astrology

When Rahu is in the 3rd house, the native is courageous, bold, daring and can face any challenge in life. He can destroy his enemy easily and turns out to be victorious in the end. The native has a long life, is duty bound, respectful to all and does not discriminate amongst people. He is open-minded and balanced in his approach; he does not like to criticize others rather likes to devote his energy to help others. When Rahu is in the 3rd house especially in the sign of Mercury and Venus the native will have a very creative bent of mind. He will be a multi-talented person and excel in many fields.

Rahu also does create challenges for the native when in the 3rd house. As the 3rd house is of efforts, he will never be reciprocated for his efforts in the same way. People will take the person for granted and his efforts will be wasted in pleasing others, he will only face disappointment in the end. As the 3rd house is of speech and communication, the native can say things which may be unpleasant, foul. He is likley to take wrong and hasty decsion. Rahu in the 3rd house can also make the person overconfident and arrogant.

When Rahu is placed in the 3rd house it aspects the 7th house, the 9th house, and the 11th house. 7th house being of marriage, 9th house is the house of destiny and 11th house is of gains. Therefore during the mahadasha of Rahu the results of these houses will also be there.

Rahu In 3rd House In Vedic Astrology

Result of Rahu in 3rd house of chart This is the first of the chart where Rahu confers good results. Vedic astrology auspicious days for karka rasi august 2021 printable. Third house of chart is considered as the house of communication, courage and siblings. Short terms travels are also observed through this house. 11th House in Vedic astrology relates to Aquarius and Sun is the natural significator of this House. Body parts that this house governs include ankle, right leg, shin bone, left ear, and left arm. A native with weak 11th house in their native chart may have to face problems of low productivity of blood, pain in legs, fracture in the lower part. Rahu in 3rd House: Natives of Rahu in 3rd house are more likely to achieve success in every life venture. As per astrology, 3rd house is the house of valor, strong will-power, better communication, loving siblings and innovative ideas. Remedies: Stay away from the things made of ivory. Wear an ornament made of silver(can be a ring or bracelet).

The presence of Rahu in the 8th house can bring in unexpected changes, which may even be violent and destructive in nature. The natives of Rahu in the 8th house concern themselves with confidential information, underground associations, secrets, and mysteries. The placement of Rahu in the eighth house can give financial gains. Rahu is a significator of Desire and Innovation. The 3rd house is also Desire, as well as Use of Skills and Talents. Therefore Rahu is welcome in the 3rd house. The Moon is a variable factor in Vedic Astrology, i.e., lots of Ups & Downs where the Moon is placed in the natal chart. Mars adds a lot of energy to the Moon, creating more volatility.


Some of the prominent personalities which have Rahu in the 3rd house in their lagna chart are Dirubhai Ambani, bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna and former prime minister Shri Manmohan Singh. Of course, the heights these individuals achieved are not only because of Rahu placement in the 3rd house but also because of aspects and conjunction of other planets as well.


Remedes for Rahu in the 3rd house.

Rahu In 3rd House In Vedic Astrology Ephemeris

Given below are some of the remedies when Rahu is in the 3rd house in your lagna chart.

Rahu In Astrology

  1. Wear Silver ornament or bracelet
  2. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily
  3. Float Coconut or Almonds in running water
  4. Keep Pet Dog
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