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To predict what will be the condition of Wealth and Money in any horoscope. We must understand that it is first gained from some source and than accumulated.

Wealth could be own earned by professional success, through properties, earned by investments, speculations or inherited. Inheritance again could be by several means such as parents, spouse or by some other person. In this way there several sources from where money could be gained. It is gained by any of the above means, no matter How. Whatever you get is a gain to what you already have. House of Gain is 11th house of horoscope in vedic jyotish, which is the most important house to study for gain of wealth and money in life. {Some more signification of 11th house are gains, profits, fulfillment of desire, result of action, credits and rewards}

As exalted Jupiter in trine or quadrant forms a powerful Mahapurusha Yoga, the effects are related to this planetary combination that is mentioned earlier in this article. However, if Jupiter is unfavorably positioned in an inimical sign or fallen, it indicates complete loss of the good traits of Jupiter and the 1st house.

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  • May 26, 2016 There are other house systems in Vedic astrology as well. The 12 houses represent the whole cycle of life and the experiences that the person will have during his life cycle. To understand the chart of a person, one needs to understand the inherent energies of each rashi and its correspondence to a specific house, plus the effects of the.
  • Apr 12, 2016 2nd Quadrant – 4th to 6th house with 5th being the most typical of this quadrant. Very subjective and intuitive, need others but not overly dependent, hesitant to take action, can be confused, and introverted, 3rd Quadrant: 7 to 9th -with 8th being the most typical of this quadrant.

12 House In Vedic Astrology

Four road deaths within 12 hours. The last four houses indicate para loka sadhanam or spiritual welfare. The descendant is thought to affect your relationships with others. 12th House Dec 16, 2020 The 12th house in astrology is the hardest part of your chart to get to know. Upachaya houses are the 3rd, the 6th, the 10th and the 11th houses. When properly activated these promote growth. The Apoklima houses are the 3rd, the 6th, the 9th and the 12th houses. Planets located in these houses are believed to be less effect.

Accumulation of wealth is 2nd house of horoscope. 2nd house of horoscope is seen for wealth accumulated, regular income and money revolution. And assessment of total wealth also includes assets and properties i.e; 4th house.

signification of 2nd house are wealth after it is gained, house of speech, brain, IQ, intellect, accumulated wealth, utilization of available resources, regular income

Sages in vedic astrology says, trines (trikona bhava) 5th and 9th Houses are Lakshmi kona, there lords bestows raj yoga. However they are not directly connected to wealth and riches but they confer and bestows native with knowledge, skills, divine energy, influential power, power to attract, will power, luck, fruits of previous birth, fortune, aura. Therefore, one need to understand, without the strength of these one cannot have these fruits and power of Aura energy.


5th & 9th houses and their lords enhances the strength and fruits where they are posited or the planets they co-join. For instance If they join 10th house then they bestows influential abilities and attractive social image, if they join 2nd house then they bestows high IQ and extra-ordinary brain, it they join 7th house then there might good business skills, if they join langa then they might confer good health.

Observing and reading the horoscope for assessing Wealth in horoscope; factors for yoga of Wealth and Money in astrology ( dhan yog in vedic jyotish)

  • Strength of these houses by planets placed or posited in 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th.
  • Placement of the lords these houses and relation in between them either by position, placement, disposition and aspects.
  • Placement and Strength of natural significator for these houses i.e. Jupiter
  1. Beneficial and yogkarka planets when posited in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 11th houses gives strong wealth, money and income.
  2. Lagna, 5th or 9th house on one hand if gets associated with 2nd,4th or 11th houses on other hand is highly beneficial for money and wealth related matters. Its even more better if associated planets are in own or exaltion sign. Ex: for Capricorn lagna, 9th lord is Mercury if posited in 9th also gets exalted in virgo sign. Here both conditions are fulfilled. lagna and 9th lord saturn, mercury in 9th is good and also mercury is exalted here.
  3. Lord of 2nd, 5th, 9th or 11th houses if placed in kendra or trikona either from lagna or moon whichever stronger, this strengthens the finances and earnings. And it is more better if any of these planets are in their own or exaltion sign. Ex: In capricorn lagna, venus if in 10th house than all three conditions are fulfilled. 5th lord in kendra, in own sign and in 10th house kendra from lagna.
  4. Natural significator for all houses 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th is Jupiter. Jupiter placed powerfully in quadrant and trine is good for wealth, more better if strong with both lagna and moon. 2nd house counted from Jupiter is important factor. For instance jupiter in leo for this horoscope, here 2nd and 11th counted from leo is virgo and gemini whose lord mercury is exalted and placed in trine house.

Other than dhan yoga from vedic jyotish, practical points should be assessed

  • Strength of 11th, house how much gain it provides, gain could be nominal to massive. Most of the rich natives have 11th lord placed in kendra, trine, rajyog or strong sign wise strength. 11th lord must join kendra or 2nd house or their lords or in own sign or in exaltion.
  • 5th house is seen for invested and speculated money, benefits in stock market and speculation. Relation in between 5th and 8th house for sudden massive wealth gains and speculation gains.
  • 8th House must be observed for inheritance and sudden massive gains. If the relation of 11th and 9th is with 8th house and its lord, there could be inheritance. 8th house is the house of inherited wealth and property, 8th house must be strong for inheritance. If it involves 2nd house inheritance could be from family, if this involves 7th house than inheritance could be from wife. Relation of 8th house and its lord with any other house could give the clue of source.
  • 10th house for earning and gains through professional success. If the 9th and 11th house and its lord have some relation with 10th or 7th house especially 7th house, person will earn or gain through professional success. Why 7th? According to bhavat bhavam 7th house is 10th counted from 10th house.
  • A strong 4th house is a clue to immense Wealth.

Concluding how to predict and judge factors for Wealth and Money, with sample horoscope

Horoscope of Bill Gates

Lord of the 11th in 4thhouse of wealth and property, immense gain in wealth. Also here its dispositormercury is exalted there.

Quadrant Houses In Vedic Astrology

Relation between 9th and 5thhouse is present, 5th lord in 5th house conjuct withexalted saturn the 9th lord. Conjunction of 5th and 9thlord.

Relation in b/w 2nd 4thand 11th lords, 2nd lord moon in kendra in aspect with 11thlord mars and 4th lord mercury.

Imp: 8th lord exalted in 5thhouse, yoga for sudden huge gain in wealth.

Horoscope of Walt Disney Enterprenure

11th lord in lagna signifiesfulfilment of self efforts and massive gains. Every planet in lagna is strong.

9th lord venus in 5thhouse and 5th lord in kendra 4th house. Relation betweentrine and kendra confers rajyoga.

5th lord saturn in kendraconjuncts 4th lord jupiter in own sign, confer another raj yoga.

Quadrant Houses In Vedic Astrology Meaning

Horoscope of Business Man Mukesh Ambani: An example of inheritance

5th lord sun exalted in kendra. Conjuncts 9th and lagna lordmercury venus.

Conjunction of 9th lord mercury and lagna lordvenus. Confers raj yoga.

Quadrant Houses In Vedic Astrology

Lord of 8th house Venus invlovesthe above yoga, it conjuncts both 9th L Mercury and 11thL sun, bestows strong inheritace.

12 Houses In Vedic Astrology


2nd lord in 8th showsinheritance of wealth and business from family.

The above examples concludes,

In all cases 11th lord in strongposition in kendra. Lord of 9th and 5th in trikona orkendra. Kendra-trikona relationship confers raj yoga. 2nd lordjoining these raj yoga.

Vedic Astrology House

But while analyzing other horoscopesseveral factors are to be seen to assess the strength of 11th, 5th,9th, 4th & 2nd houses. Such as aspects, position in navamsa, even relationand strength of their dispositor are of great importance.

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