Ved Vyaskov Astrology Ved Vyaskov Punneit's Astrology Punneit's Astrology and Trina at Alchemic Vibes Trina At Alchemicvibes. Here you will get ton of refined articles on Astrology, Spirituality, Vedic & Puranic stories, health and wellbeing, and the magical Tarot cards and everything is based on their scientific understanding and application. February 17 at 10:29 PM. The drawings carved in the hard floor of Pataleshwar Temple in Pune. The beautiful carvings are faded now but the history cannot be erased. Any guesses why these drawings were carved?

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The circumstances of the animal is just as important as the animal itself.

When you see an animal, note where it is and what it is doing. Your personal associations with an animal can be important to the message, or a smokescreen of fears and nostalgia. Vedic astrology calculator. Animal messengers can have different meanings for different people.

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What you read on my pages is an invitation to explore more. You can request a particular animal write up! More are on the way! If the writing resonates with you, and you want to go deeper, consider getting a reading to clarify the message. Get a Reading! I would like to see a write up on a black panther.

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Even though its just a color variant of the Panthera species, you see black panthers in calendars, as tattoos, and as team mascots. Love the site. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Black Panther is definitely her own animal with a unique set of spiritual qualities. Sound intriguing? For now, I'm limiting my updates to Mewsings from Venus and Mars, the calendars and the planet's zodiac positions - no detailed aspect forecast.

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I don't know when or if I'll start that up again Anyway, thanks for the love, and Happy Winter! Re-post, kind of, as MoonCat this time Thank you for your patience, I will keep you posted, and if you happen to be a regular reader, I promise I'll be back - hopefully sooner than later. Winter Forecast is up - http Happy New Year!!

My Autumn Forecast is up! My Dec. Mercury Retrograde Alert!


August 21 - Sept. Astrological Aspect and Moon Sign Calendars are up through ! Click the link to view. Coming soon Jump to.

October 2019 Predictions - All Moon Signs - A month of Preparation - Positivity arrives - by Punneit

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