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SINCE 1806
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    Do you feel lost, and want clarity on your purpose? Do you want job advice? Are you wondering if your significant other is your soulmate?

  • Lord Hanuman

    Are you seeking peace, power or a spiritual transformation? Purpose of life and vedic astrology part 2 youtube. Lord Hanuman is one of the most respected and worshipped figures in the Indian religion.

  • Goddess Laxmi

    Do you want fortune, wealth or prosperity? Do you constantly struggle paycheck to paycheck? Goddess Laxmi is a powerful force in the Hindu religion.

Welcome to Ajay Varma Astrology, home to the #1 trusted spiritual healer online. Based out of New York City, Pandit Ajay Varma is an expert psychic and spiritual healer, specializing in the ancient Indian tradition of Vedic Astrology. Since its inception in 1806, Vedic Astrology has been helping people to find answers to some of life’s most difficult problems.Pandit Ajay Varma is passionate about helping clients find solutions, whilst experiencing joy and prosperity in every area of their life. After each reading, you will leave feeling empowered, transformed and ready to tackle whatever life gives you.


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Simply superb! God bless you , you are amazing sir . Thank you for helping me.

Hamid: 🇬🇧 UK

Best Astrologer Ajay varma has been a boon in my life. I met him when I was suffering from a difficult time at work with no progress. Today, through his services I am in one of the highest levels in my office and all troubles are gone. I am grateful always to his service in guiding me and making me successful.”

Leela: 🇹🇹 Trinidad
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Ajay has truly been a blessing to our family. We were struggling to conceive for years. We contacted a number of psychics to try to get to the heart of why we couldn’t seem to have a baby, no matter how hard we tried. The only person who was able to help was Ajay. He suggested that we do a fertility spell with Goddess Laxmi. We admit, we were a bit skeptical at first. But we found out, just three months later that we were pregnant with our first child! We couldn’t be more thrilled and we will definitely be back to get more services from Ajay. We are forever thankful.

Maria : 🇨🇦 Canada

I went to Ajay because I was having some trouble deciding what course I should go on my career path. I got a Verdic Astrology reading. Ajay was able to help me troubleshoot where I needed to focus in order to move forward more quickly. He also told me about a job opportunity that would be happening in the future. The whole reading was peaceful, and joyful. It was my first reading, but Trusted astrologer Ajay really made me feel at ease. After the reading, I felt more clarity about the moves I needed to make. I quit my job, and ended up getting a really great job opportunity at my dream company a few weeks later. Ajay is the man!

Melanie: 🇮🇳 INDIA

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I feel really fortunate to have met Ajay when I did. I never went to a psychic before, but Ajay was recommended to me by a friend. So I gave him a shot. I didn’t want to be that guy asking about love, but my girl and I were having real problems in our relationship. I invested a lot into it, but I knew if something didn’t change, I would have to walk away. Ajay suggested doing a love spell. I decided to do it and I noticed an instant change when I returned home. We argued a lot less. She made herself more available. Everything went so great that now my girl is now MY WIFE. Go with Ajay. His methods work!

Richie : 🇺🇸 usa
Psychic Astrology Near Me

Indian Astrologer in Dallas is specialized in palm Reading , Horoscope Reading, kundalini Reading , shell Reading ,Indian Astrologers, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Shree Yantra Consulting, Vastu Specialist and Vedic Astrology.

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Get rid of Evil Spirits, Love spell, Kala Jadoo, Voodo Spirits, Obeau, Generation Curses and Bad Luck. He also solves Wife & Husband Problems, Work Problems, Financial Problems, Drinking Problems, Sexual Problems, Children Mistakes, Depression, Stop Divorce, Reunite Lovers, House Protection, Health Protection, Lottery, Childless Couples and Business.
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