Will I buy a house? Should I buy/sell my property? Questions regarding property , litigation, tenant disputes, bank loans for buying a house are faced by all sometime or the other. An error of judgment can lead to lifelong sufferings . An investment in property at the right time could give a lasting financial security . Disputes crop up unannounced . Advice to tackle them is crucial. Astrological analysis can let you know the most appropriate and auspicious time to buy/sell property as also the right time to file petitions in case of disputes or for fixing court hearings at a favorable time . There can be many questions regarding real estate since this is a substantial investment in one’s life. Ask our astrologers and get solutions to your problems. You may ask upto 3 Questions regarding Property issues.

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Best Astrologer in New York – Pandith Sai Ganesh. Pandith Sai Ganesh is a highly reputed and the Best Indian Astrologer in New York, United States who is filled with the knowledge of the various branches of Vedic Astrology to offer you the best solutions and remedies. How can you help solve my property disputes? We use the age-old wisdom of Vedic Astrology to study your Horoscope in great detail. Vedic Astrology can bring you great insights into any problem you may be facing, including property disputes. Our findings are based on a rigorous analysis of your Birth Chart.

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  • In this reading you can ask a question regarding Property/Real Estate.
  • This reading will be an email reading. Answer will be sent via email and you can send upto 2 followup questions, within 30 days of the date of reading, to our astrologers to get further clarification about your reading. Reading will be based upon birth data you provide.
  • Our astrologers will rely upon your birth data that you will be providing them. Birth time rectifications and longevity calculations will not be done.
  • No prediction about the sex of child (yet to be born) will be made.
  • Our astrologers personally read and analyse each horoscope diligently. No computer generated reports or predictions are given.
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SAMPLE READINGS (summary only)

Query: I have had four hearings on the petition filed by me for vacation of my commercial property . Twice the judgment was in my favorbut two times disappointing as the tenant (defendant ) had managed to manipulate postponement of hearing to courts where judges were not inclined to settle the matter.Whether the hearing fixed on 16th July,2009 would yield a favorable outcome . This was one part of the question.Also let me know,if given a choice, which are the lucky dates for me to fix a hearing after July,2009.

Astrological analysis revealed that the transits and dashas during the unfavorable judgments were adverse and on favorable judgment daysgood. Dates were shortlistedafter considering the significators, Mars, Fourth house/Lord andMatrikaraka alongwith Chaturthamsha, the divisional chart for property .These dates were further analysed to check forfavorable dashas with favorable transits to matchas also days with favorable transitswithin adverse dashas were pickedto enable the consultant to have a choice while negotiating thenextdate for hearing

Query: Will I get the rightful share of my ancestral property. My father and my uncle (father’s brother had jointly inherited this property . After the death of my fathermy uncle does not want to part with my share of the property and want to swallow the whole of it. Will I get my legal share ? Will I have to opt to legal recourse? When should I discuss the matter with my uncle assertively ? If required ,when should I file the petition .

The astrological advice was based on the promise that the 2nd and 11th houses of wealth held as also the indications of the8th house seen for inheritance, suddenness , unexpected happenings and changes in life.

You will be in very dominating state, even the enemies will be governed by you only. Property disputes will not come to an end. Carelessness in business may lead to bouncing of some important deals. Drive your vehicle carefully since some road accident is suspected. You may undertake some sightseeing trip by the end of the month. Although there shall not be significant achievement but you will be honored widely. Family atmosphere will keep on fluctuating.

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Health will remain good barring some seasonal ailments. From the property disputes you will experience varied aspects, some time you will feel that the matter has been finalized through mutual negotiation but in actual it will arise again shortly. Hence you will stay busy. In the starting of the month you will be in holiday mood but perform the professional responsibilities properly. You may also plan some investment project, but avoid investing during the last quarter else you will have to suffer loss only. In profession you will maintain focus and dedication, in fact there shall not be any significant achievement but you will be successful in keeping check over extra expenses. This will give you a sound financial footing. Financial condition will improve through your business acumen and hard work. However the employees will be close to their superiors and their efficient work shall be appreciated in terms of salary appraisals or promotions in near future. During the second quarter you will try to implement some new projects but most of them will only be limited to the paper work, they will not be executed. Despite of hurdles you will not lose your confidence and remain focused. This will decrease the duration of tough time. Most of your time will go in running around the government premises to materialize your end whether it may be hospital or any other department. Very soon your financial condition will improve which will generate extraordinary confidence and energy as a result you will be dominant, your enemies will fear of you and they shall be under your control. Your may start new venture or implement new business ideas which will prove well in near future whereas the misunderstanding with the partners shall be removed. Your working plan will be highly advertised and your efforts will be praised widely. During the third quarter you will be blessed by your parents for performing such a well even in the most adverse circumstances but some carelessness in profession may lead to bouncing of some important deals. This will disturb your family atmosphere. You may come across some unpleasant news form the close relative or friend. However you will be successful in finalizing some fresh deals, marital relations will improve and you may receive some big honor. Inflow of money shall be thick and fast. During the last quarter stay away from making any investment else it might be counted under the bad debt. Be careful in monetary deals else you could be cheated. Drive your vehicle safely and don’t let your children drive your vehicle independently since some road accident is suspected. Sightseeing trip can be undertaken by the end of the month. The month will end with a happy note.

Free vedic astrology chart reading. Capricorn July 2021 Weekly forecast

Capricorn July 1st – 7th
The period between 1st and 2nd would be favorable for the students, they will remain focused to the subject of their interest, may expect desired results. Property disputes would be solved through mutual negotiation and intermediation of any senior family member. You would be planning to make any investment. In profession you would be performing well. Health will remain in good condition. Between 2nd and 4th you will come in contact with new fellows. Property related issues may further crop up; you will have to discuss with family members on paternal property matters to dissolve the issue. There would not be any remarkable growth in income but you will manage the situation through putting a check over less priority things. Due to familial disturbance you will give lesser time to professional tasks. Between 5th and 7th you will regain focus and dedication to professional obligations, your hard and persistent efforts will bring desired results. You may introduce new technologies to enhance profit margin substantially. The servicemen will be closer to their superiors; they will be impressed with your hard and efficient work.

Capricorn July 8th – 15th
Between 8th and 9th your schedule will be very hectic; you will have to run a lot to any state level office or hospital to materialize your end. Business expansion plan would not be implemented they will be limited to the papers only. Family atmosphere shall be good but differences may arise in the marital life due to the interference of any outsider. Mentally you would be puzzled and physically exhausted. Between 10th and 12th you will be very creative. In profession you will put all efforts to ensure success. Although the enemies and opponents would be very aggressive but they will be brow beaten. You will possess self respect and moral values of high order which will ensure fast career growth. Mentally you would be confident and physically strong and energetic. Between 13th and 14th you may employ new methodology to enhance profit margin. Some of professional activity will get highlighted widely and you will get proper returns. On 15th professional gain will increase whereas servicemen may experience salary appraisals or promotion to higher designation. Financial condition will be consolidated. Differences and misunderstanding may crop between the business partners which will be dissolved amicably. You will be happy and satisfied to see the things going in the right direction.

Capricorn July 16th – 23rd
On 16th you would be blessed by senior family member for good conduct and career progress. You will efficiently manage financial obligations. You may get assistance of parents to materialize new plan or venture. You would be itching to do something big. Physical health will be good. Between 17th and 18th you may witness some untoward event which will disturb you. Carelessness in business will cost heavy and some hefty deal may slip from your approach. You will be tensed and frustrated which will directly impact your domestic life. There could be minor banter with spouse and sibling on silly issues. Between 19th and 20th you will regain your composure and maintain balance between professional and personal life. You will be focused and dedicated in professional tasks. You don’t want the repeat the same thing again hence take the things seriously and carefully. Differences and misunderstanding with spouse would be resolved through mutual understanding. Between 21st and 22nd you could be rewarded widely for doing some extraordinary work. Honor and reputation will grow. People will come to know of your potential and talent. You may undertake home decoration work. On 23rd you will be successful in all your endeavors, remarkable professional achievements are foreseen. Financially you would be on sound footing.


Capricorn July 24th – 31st
Don’t make any investment on 24th else you may suffer loss only, better to postpone the task to another time. Over reliance on strangers in monetary matters could be harmful, take the command and lead from the front. Go through the documents carefully before putting your signature. Between 25th and 27th you may come across with some unpleasant news form the closer relatives or friends. Drive your vehicle cautiously and take proper safety measures since some road accident is suspected. Don’t let your kids drive vehicle independently. In monetary issues be vigilant and alert else you may incur financial loss. Between 28th and 29th you will have gala time with family and kids. Some of progeny’s achievement will surge new happiness in the entire family. You may undertake some sightseeing or picnic with family and kids. Familial relations would be warm and affectionate. In professional front you will pay less emphasize, may rely on others to discharge your duties. On 30th and 31st you will bear a humble and modest approach. Through your liberal behavior you will materialize your end. Colleagues and seniors will be considerate. Friend list will also enhance. Mentally and physically you would be strong enough to face any challenge.

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