Astrologer in USA. Vedic astrology is becoming popular across the globe. People in countries like USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Netherlands are getting more and more interested in it. Over the years, a number of people have contacted me from USA. Many of them mentioned that they were looking for an astrologer in USA. An unusually short lifespan might indicate that your Howlader ancestors lived in harsh conditions. A short lifespan might also indicate health problems that were once prevalent in your family. The SSDI is a searchable database of more than 70 million names.


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Professor Howlader Astrologer Salary

Professor Howlader Astrologer

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Role of Horoscope in Your Life.

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27 Nov 2019

Your horoscopes for January 2019 and December 2020

You may get a welcome sense of freedom as December dawns but then crash straight back down to earth again when the stark realities of life kick in big time. This is not a time for exaggeration and ‘bigging things up’. If you want people to listen to you, you need to back it up in facts and solid evidence. This serious trend continues into the new year and won’t really let up until the end of January.

Probably around Christmas Day, you will come down to earth and life will feel more dependable, solid and real. With so many planets in your sign, it could all feel a bit heavy, especially around the full moon on 11 January when emotions may burst through but it is a time when you can get your head down and work through those to-do lists. The earth energy lifts as January ends and all sorts of ideas come flooding in.

You won’t experience the rewards of December until the end of January when the heavy weight of Capricorn lifts and your idealism, genius and off the wall thinking really comes into its own. After a bit of madness before Xmas, the predominant energy is all about being solid, keeping things under control and not venturing too far outside the tried and trusted. It’s like being a chrysalis waiting to become a butterfly!

Feet on the ground? You? I’m afraid that’s the demand that the time between Christmas and mid January makes of you. You may feel chilled to the bone, heavy footed and of heart, as if the burdens and responsibilities of the world are on your shoulders but the lightening up starts at the end of January and that will carry you through until the sun enters your own sign


Road blocks ahead! These will be in force between Christmas and mid January and there really are no alternative routes for Aries folk. You’ll be cross, frustrated, you’ll bang the steering wheel but you are just going to have to sit in that queue until it moves on. So see what you can do productively with that energy while you are waiting. You’re going to be here a while.


You are one of the signs that will deal best with the heavy Capricornian energy between Christmas and new year. In fact your way of working through what needs to be done in a calm and organised manner will make you the envy of your more fiery friends. The best image is a couple of big powerful horses ploughing a big muddy field – you just keep going until the job is done!

Geminis are another sign that are going to feel rather out of sorts this Christmas and new year, until the end of January at least. Christmas may not feel as much fun as it should, you feel obligated to do all sorts of things that you’d rather not and there is a heaviness in the air. And it’s dark! But at least you are learning the value of patience and you know that everything changes in time.

Your warmth and emotional connectedness will be sorely needed at Christmas this year so don’t close off and protect yourself from the outside atmosphere of chilliness. Give socks and coats as presents, light some warm fires in people’s hearts and be reassuring to those around you while the energy is low in the ground and the old year comes to an end again.

The sun is low and weak in the sky, nature has hibernated and the summer is as far away as it can be. Unless you’re lucky enough to be popping off to the southern hemisphere this winter, it’s time for quiet recuperation and acceptance of the way things are and an appreciation of the cycles of life. Death is always before rebirth and is necessary in the scheme of things.

Christmas can be a very satisfying time for you as you pay attention to all the details that go together to make it a lovely occasion for those around you. You know the energy is low but it has its value as you appreciate the slowness of pace of the year at this time. Be methodical, accept the small things and enjoy the winding down.

Signs more rooted in the earth than you are (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) can help you appreciate this slow time of year but your connectedness and pleasant manner with people can help make this a time for enjoying relationships with those that matter most to you. The atmosphere lightens as January come to an end and new possibilities emerge.

You might want to kill someone before Christmas is over or you may just feel a bit lonely, as if nobody really understands you. Try not to cut yourself off from people and retreat into your shell, though. It may not be a time that suits your inner passion so much but you can use it to go deep inside and recharge your batteries for the new year.

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Flavour of the Times
The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? The only certainty of life is that there is always change but astrology also teaches that everything happens in cycles of different duration and that we often revisit the past, but always in a new way. So the new moon on 26 November might give an inkling of the election outcome on 12 December, which happens to be the full moon – Boris may wish he had changed his astrologer, I suspect! This means that there is exactly one month to go before the relentless movement together of Saturn and Pluto on 12 January. The tension that has been building for months and months like an unstoppable wave of energy eventually crashes onto the seashore then and is dispersed. That’s the best I can do by way of an analogy! Suffice to say that, at long last, things will be moving on, all over the planet, and a new world order may be starting here. Which will make 2020 quite an interesting year.

Professor Howlader Astrologer Book

Howard can help you gain a deep insight into what the most important issues will be for you personally during this period by examining your own astrological birth chart. Please go to to book a session. You can also call him on 07866 727743 or email him at [email protected] for more information.

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