• Vedic astrology predictions help one overcome life hurdles. The best astrologer in Chennai can use education prediction in astrology to guide students to reach their goals in time. It paves their way to timely success by taking away the hurdles strewn on their path.
  • In vedic astrology recommands Moon Sign analysis for precised prediction. Know your moon sign. December is a fair month starting will be good but at the end you may have to suffer deep pain and loss is also suspected. During the entire month you will remain busy in philanthropy and social welfare activities, may advance in charity as well.

The Pandits who are not having knowledge of PanchMahapurush Yoga in Vedic astrology should not be considered as astrologer. Sun and mercury in 2nd house vedic astrology. It has great significance in the predictive science of astrology. The PanchMahaPurush Yoga happens due to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

December is a fair month starting will be good but at the end you may have to suffer deep pain and loss is also suspected. During the entire month you will remain busy in philanthropy and social welfare activities, may advance in charity as well. Unexpected journeys are also seen which will be quite fruitful. Family atmosphere will remain good and there may be few auspicious occasions at home.

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Beginning of the moth will be good. Professionals and businessmen will accomplish their work with high expertise this will give them best results. You may implement new ideas and approaches for business expansion. With your clear attitude new vistas of career will also open, financially your condition will remain sound and you will enjoy the bliss of life. Spend quality time with your family. Parents and kids will be closer hence you may attain the blessing of elder ones and love from the younger. There might be any auspicious occasion at your home; this will be the best time to develop harmony with the siblings. You will never wish to miss this wonderful time and participate as an active member. Mentally you will remain peaceful and your approach to assess people will differ. You will spend liberally in buying comfortable things for office or home, purchase of garments may be there also in charity you will be open hearted. This will raise your respect within the family and social acceptance in public. While enjoying life procrastination may appear in your work. This may disturb you, but very soon you will rectify the issue and focus on your prime job. During the phase you will remain busy in completing your pending works. Students and job seekers shall have to take hard decision concerning their education and career. Your hard labor will bring the results and may receive any rare gift. In the second half of the month you will fall in deep agony, during the phase you may have to take monetary related decisions only after proper analysis otherwise loss may occur. The government employees may receive any unexpected money. You may have to go beyond your principles to achieve your targets and indulge yourself in sports. You know well how to maintain a balance between professional and family life, you will manage the time despite of busy professional schedule. This will boost your honor and prestige. By the end of month property related issues will be resolved, your attitude will remain flexible hence most the family matters will solved amicably. In the same phase there may be any unexpected sudden journey that will be inevitable may be planned. This will increase your tension. Loss is also suspected, but at the same time you may be successful in recovering long held up money. From the progeny part you may come across some cheerful news this will bring additional happiness in the family. You may plan to go on a long journey by the end of year which shall be quite fruitful and the year will end with a happy note.

Procrastination In Vedic Astrology

Aries December Weekly Forecast

December 1st – 7th
Between 1st and 4th you will have a favorable time period. During the phase endeavors made in any direction will yield only positive results. You will be dedicated and focused to profession, work efficiency will be high and it would be appreciated with proper returns. Career progress pace will be fast and steady. Due to the positive effect of Moon in 1st pending works will be accomplished on time whereas running projects would be given proper time and attention. You may transform a positive approach to see the world. Family members including kids and sibling will be more affectionate, life will be comfortable and peaceful. Financially you will be on sound footing which will give you strength and confidence. Eventually between 5th and 6th you may spend liberally on luxuries and amusements. You may help some of your needy friends financially. Living standard will be up lifted. Family atmosphere will be cordial and members will be supportive. You will share emotions with spouse liberally. Rivals and opponents will not be able to harm you at all. Honor and reputation will experience an upward swing. However on 7th you may experience a wind fall. You may feel lethargy; procrastination and delay may upset you deeply. You will remain listless and tensed.

Procrastination In Vedic Astrology


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December 8th – 15th
On 8th some unwanted thing may happen which will disturb you deeply. The day schedule would be quite hectic and you will have to run a lot to materialize your end. Between 9th and 10th you may take some hard decision related to profession or education. You may fall in self introspection phase, socially you will be very active, may come in contact with new people, friends and relatives will be supportive. Mentally and physically you would be strong enough to handle any situation. Between 11th and 12th you may remain awfully busy in the preparation of some auspicious function at home. You will be confident and possess clear vision. In profession you will not accept any type of interference; you will prefer to do work in your own pattern. You would be very particular in personal matters. Family atmosphere will be hilarious and marital life would be all sugar and honey. Honor and reputation may experience an upward swing. Between 13th and 15th you may participate in social welfare programs and activities. This will not only give you eternal peace and satisfaction but also cast a bright image in society. Financially you will be better off, may receive any valuable gift. At this juncture you will establish a perfect balance between personal and professional lives.

December 16th – 23rd
You will have to be very cautious between 16th and 17th since the time is totally adverse and you may suffer deep agony. Take important decision with open mind, analyze pros and cons and it practical applicability else some the consequences could be severe. Don’t take any decision under the influence of any fellow. The time will become favorable between 18th and 20th. The government employees may experience some unexpected benefit whereas profession will do better. Working conditions will be favorable, colleagues and seniors will be supportive. You may establish cordial relations with those who really matters for you. You may hilariously participate in sports and related physical activities. Your vision would be clear; to achieve your target you may sacrifice your own principles and values. Between 21st and 22nd despite of professional obligations you may scratch out the time for family and close ones. Honor and reputation may experience an upward swing. Due to high work efficiency you will achieve your targets easily and pending works will be completed on time. You would be delighted to see the things moving in the right direction. Eventually on 23rd you will accomplish professional duties sincerely and responsibly. Students will be devoted to the subject of their interest, they may expect fair results.

December 24th – 31st
Between 24th and 25th paternal property related issues would be resolved amicably. You will bear a flexible and adjustable attitude which will be very helpful in coping with the adverse situation. You may analytically find the solution to every problem. Patience will be your best tool which will bring you out from every trouble. You will be confident and calm. Between 26th and 27th the period is challenging. You will have to undertake a journey which may be hectic and not liked by close ones. Take monetary decisions wisely else you may suffer financial loss. Unexpected hurdles may crop in every sphere of life. You may remain tensed and listless to see the things moving in the adverse direction. The tide will again take a favorable turn as between 28th and 29th held up money could be recovered which will boost up your financial condition. Held up works may gather momentum. You may get some hilarious news from progeny end or the news of arrival of new member in family may develop a festival like atmosphere. Those who are associated in partnership venture may enjoy better results. Between 30th and 31st you may plan to go some outward trip which would be comfortable and may bear fruitful results. You will keep on marching on the progress track. Everything will go in the favorable direction. You will end the year with a happy note.

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