How many of you went looking for horseshoes after last week’s blog? Today we have another wish post because I just couldn’t resist and I know how much you all like them. If you follow my Facebook page you will find that you can take this discussion much further over there where I am offering a daily wish every single day. You can catch them there or on my Pinterest boards, whatever suits your fancy. But what’s today’s wish? Got an itch? Well, you may also get a wish. Let’s have a look.

You may have heard the old wives tale about itchy hands. If your hand is itchy, it means you are getting money right? I grew up with that one too. But there’s more to that story as well. There will be a different superstition depending on what hand is itchy. If it is your left hand that is itchy in fact you will not be getting money, you will only be getting money if your right hand is itchy. If your left hand is itchy your money is leaving you, meaning, you will have to give someone money or have some bills to pay soon. How I remember it is left hand leaving, right hand receiving. So next time you feel your hand itching, make sure that you know which one it is before you decide what yours means.

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Now, you can turn that left hand itch around. The next time your hand is itching, whatever hand it is, rub it on wood and say, “Left/Right hand itching, rub it on wood, wish for money tis sure to come good.” If it is your foot that itches, stomp it on the ground three times and wish that your feet take you to someone or some place special. An old belief suggested that if your foot itched, you would be traveling soon. Scorpio 2021 horoscope monthly love. Make the itch a good omen by wishing for good travels as opposed to travels for death or funeral purposes.

Now, what if it is your ear that is itching? If your ear is itching, cover it and make the wish that only good things will be said about you. Some say that if your ear is itching there is ill will being said about you.

If it is your eye that itches, try not to rub it if you can avoid it. Instead, cover it with your hand and make a wish for someone that you would like to see soon. If it is your lips that itch, all you need to get your wish is press them together. And if it is your nose that itches, make a small X on the tip and make your wish.

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And that’s it for this wish omen, friends. If you want more wishes be sure you are following our Facebook page. Hope to see you there! Until then, happy itching and happy wishing. Love, Norah Guide

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