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According to Hinduism, sex is sacred only if it is marital. Hinduism prohibits premarital or extramarital sex. Hence, a live-in relationship is not allowed for Hindus. Ideally, one should have sex only for reproduction, but practically that is not possible. In practice, homo-sexuality is allowed to some extent in Hinduism. Oct 16, 2018 Scorpio rules – you guessed it – our sex organs, so don’t be shy about oral when you’re in the sack with a Scorp. Exploration is the name of the game with your Sagittarius lover. Keeping it fresh in (and out of) the bedroom is the only way you will keep your Sag man or Sag woman interested. Try as many different places. Jul 17, 2014 Extra-Marital/ illicit/ Relation/ Affair Yogas In horoscope/ Astrology: Everybody wants a suitable partner for themselves, somebody gets, somebody doesn’t. Another very peculiar matter is there that, when you will meet your Mr.

Why is Venus exalted in Pisces? Venus is exalted in Pisces because it is a spiritual planet of love that feels most comfortable in the environment of unconditionally caring Pisces zodiac sign. As a result, it is able to express its feelings freely and unconditionally. The environment of the Pisces sign makes significations of this planet thrive.

Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces zodiac sign becomes a guide to Venus in this sign. Hence, a dignified Jupiter extends the auspicious effects of this combination.

Venus in this sign is in 6th and 11th from its own signs Libra and Taurus respectively.

Herein the 6th is a malefic house that signifies opposition, quarrels, disputes, as well as competition, teammates, discipline, and service.

Even though being a malefic house, a dignified and strong Venus is able to manifest positvie outcomes out of this 6th disposition.

The 11th is a benefic house which signifies fulfillment of desires, gains, profits, large gatherings, friends, social circles, auspicious events, celebrations, etc.

Results of Venus in Pisces

Spiritually Pure Heart

When it comes to love matters, Venus in Pisces symbolizes a strong soul level connection between partners. This combination makes people value spiritual matters more than practical worldly aspects.

The reason for that is hidden behind the most selfless and humble zodiac sign Pisces which is ruled by a spiritual planet Jupiter.

It also reflects the heart of individuals with this combination. They are very selfless, humble, and caring from deep inside and these characteristics are best expressed in relationships.

When people with exalted Venus fall in love, they develop an abundant amount of feelings that they express in a miraculously adorable way.

For them, there is no beauty in the relationship without the spiritual bond between souls.

These natives give much more value to inner beauty than outer beauty. After all, the maturity of the soul makes a person shine from inside to outside.

However, in mundane life, it may be hard for Pisces Venus people to find their suitable partner, who live up to their dream-like expectations. Pisces represents the world of perfection and dreams where Venus longs for a perfect life partner. They are willing to remain alone until they find their suitable soul-mate.


In relationships (Venus), they are also extremely sacrificial (Pisces). For the sake of love, they are forgiving and ready to do anything to save a relationship by various instances such as forgiving big mistakes or even surprising their partner by meeting them on the other side of the world.

They are the best examples of people who care unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Negatively, it can cause selfish and ungrateful people to take advantage of the kind heart and selfless heart of Pisces Venus natives.

Sacred Sensuality

Venus is also the planet of sensuality and enjoyment. When the energies of this planet are exalted, it also reflect amplified desire for sensuality.

The 11th diposition formed by Venus belongs to the triangle of desires which multiplies their sensuaous nature to a great extent.

As Venus is dignified in the most spiritual 12th zodiac sign, they are capable of controlling their desires and therefore not interested in immoral satisfaction of pleasures.

Instead, they seek the purest form of physical enjoyment which can be only possible through real soul connection. In fact, the best feelings are felt and cannot be touched. Hence, they are not amused or turned on by physical beauty only.

For them to be satisfied, there must be abundant inner beauty and purity which ultimately arouses their highest senses.

Sociable & Kind

The 11th disposition signifies social activity, friends, and communities. An exalted Venus greatly amplifies the energies of the 11th disposition.

As a result, individuals with this combination are inherently eager to reach out and socialize with large groups of people and hang out with their friends.

Pisces is a very humble and caring sign which reflects their desire to arrange gatherings and nurture their close ones and friends often. They are one of the most hospitable people in the world.

The 6th disposition formed by Venus signifies service. Hence, they also enjoy hosting their friends at home and amuse them with various enjoyments, such as games, social events, or cooking together. They also love to serve dishes and take care of their guests selflessly.

They love to hang around with groups of people with the same interests and mindsets. These natives are very active in communities and eager to create beautiful creations, especially when it comes to art, beauty, fashion, and luxury.

Special Charm

The exaltation of Venus, the planet of beauty, provides an exceptional magnetism and attractive appeal. Natives with this combination possess a special charm and beauty. Their attitude and aura make them very cute, sweet, and adorable naturally.

Vedic astrology calculator

Vedic astrology karka rasi favorable states. Their charm is best expressed from inside to outside. That is to say, when they socialize and interact with people, their special charm becomes apparent and others are naturally drawn to this warm energy they radiate.

If the exalted Venus is anyhow linked with the ascendant, then it also blesses with exceptionally beautiful physical appearance.

It also amplifies the sensibility of sensory receptories of the human body, especially those related to feet (Pisces). Hence, people with exalted Venus respond very passionately to various stimuli of the body.

Spiritual & Philosophical

Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, signifies philosophy, higher wisdom, and purity of the soul according to Vedic astrology.

Hence, exalted Venus in the sign of Jupiter indicates a highly righteous person with a generous soul and philosophical mindset.

People with this combination are inclined to perform numerous good deeds in the world, community, or society.

As Venus rules the natural 2nd house of speech, they possess excellent speaking abilities and ready to speak up anytime when needed.

In addition to that, they gain a lot of public recognition with lots of respect for their kind acts.

Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces is also the planet of a higher wisdom. Exalted Venus in this sign indicates being very knowledgeable on matters that involve spirituality, higher wisdom, religion, and faith in general.

This wisdom enhances their sense of justice and righteousness which in turn provides them with success in undertakings and competition. Not to mention, they are capable of successfully managing large charitable events and communities.

Desire For Comforts

Venus, despite being a spiritual planet is also the planet of hedonism and luxury. Because the energies of Venus as well as the ones of the 11th disposition (desires) are amplified with exaltation, these individuals have greatly increased desire for a comfortable lifestyle.

They crave luxuries that make them feel cozy, comfortable, and satisfied. As they have increased sensibility, they adore to relax their bodies and receive the best kind of sensations through luxurious vacations and sensual activities.

With that being said, they desire to be pampered and deeply nurtured by their partners as well. This relaxation is not only superficial but also helps them to soothe and relax their souls. When this happens, they feel as if they were in heaven above the whitest and softest clouds.

The best thing with this combination is that with a strong exalted Venus in Pisces, their desires are fulfilled for the most part. As the 11th disposition also signifies the fulfillment of wishes, their life is full of beautiful desires that make them feel great and contented.

Gainful & Charitable

The 11th disposition also denotes gains and profits. Hence, as these energies are amplified with an exalted Venus, these natives are also blessed with abundant gains and rewards for their discipline.

The best part of it is that even though they are materialistically fortunate, they are not greedy nor selfish. Their selflessness is ensured by Pisces, which is the most humble, generous, and selfless sign.

This also means that they love to take part in charitable events. They are always willing to share a portion of their wealth with others, especially to support the unfortunate.

With that being said, they are tremendously compassionate. They are capable of putting themselves into the shoes of others and feel their actual pain.

Such individuals will be popular and celebrated in communities for their compassionate, humble, and selfless traits.

Quarrelsome & Choosy

People with this combination also have a very critical viewpoint regarding love, beauty, and marriage which makes them highly sensitive and quarrelsome.

This trait makes them also very choosy about their partners. This is completely self-explanatory as they desire the best out of love.

Their excessive attention to details regarding their life partner is their natural protecting shield which repels unsuitable and selfish people away.

If the partner can not spark and satisfy the abundantly loving heart of the native, they are not willing to waste time and energy for them.

The reason for such trait is the fact that Venus in Pisces is in 6th from its another sign Libra. This makes them very critical and choosy regarding partnerships and marriage.

Libra also signifies balance, peace, and harmony, which signifies that they crave for a harmonious relationship where both parties treat each other equally and respectfully.

Proficient & Disciplined

The 6th disposition is also about discipline and organization. A strong Venus in Pisces brings the best out of these significances.

As a result, this combination makes these natives very skilled in organizing day to day matters. They are also very disciplined and with great attention to detail.

Their exceptional discipline combined with their organizational skills makes them very good and reliable people who can handle complex tasks in work, business, and home.

Despite being inherently one of the most gentle people in the world, they are on the other hand very demanding and become furious if there’s a lack of harmony and organization around.


As the 6th disposition denotes competition, in the positive light, these natives are extremely competitive and willing to face oppositions despite being very gentle from inside.

What makes them furious is when someone behaves immorally, unjustly, or unrighteously. With that being said, most of their opponents are the bad ones. They fight for and represent those who behave righteously.

In fact, Venus itself is the planet of justice because of ruling over the sign of Libra (the scales of justice). Therefore, not only that they are righteous, but also extremely justice-loving. They are always willing to serve and protect balance, peace, harmony, and justice.

What is more, the strengthened 11th disposition also makes them gainful and fulfills their wishes. Along with great competitive abilities and great strategy, they are able to win over their enemies.

Pisces Venus Love Language

Pisces is a water sign which makes women with this position of Venus very loving, caring, attached, who are able to provide a lot of warmth and nurture to their partners.

They are also extremely selfless, humble, and kindhearted as Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which provides such characteristics.

As Venus is exalted in Pisces, it makes the feeling of such women very strong. They are miraculously romantic and express it brilliantly with an intonation of warmth and affection.

As from exceptionally strong Venus, they also have a great talent and love for all kinds of arts, from music to painting. Hence, it is important for them to share these interests with their partner.

Suitable Partner

Natives with Venus in Pisces have a strong desire for a life partner who is spiritually evolved and very sensual.

Their partner should also have great artistic and aesthetic senses. Also, their partner should be moral, ethical, and humble.

More than that, they truly desire a life partner who is a hopeless romantic and with whom they can share the same amount of love, care, and affection mutually. Together with their partner, they aspire to dive deep into their special world of fantasy and imagination.

In other words, they have a strong desire to seek, find, and connect with their soul mate.

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Pundit Rahul is extremely empathetic, an excellent listener, professional and always patient, trustworthy and encouraging. Our sessions together enabled me to gain clarity in order to make positive changes and move forward.” Thank You !!!
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I highly recommend the vedic astrology services of Pundit Rahul, who is a very professional, attentive and motivating person. I really appreciated his approach, very practical and targeted, adapting perfectly to the objectives I had initially.
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I’m so grateful to have met him on my path and I highly recommend Pundit Rahul. Thank You!
Astrologer Life Coach is described as someone who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. This person helps you get from where you are in your life to where you want to be. Pundit Rahul has not only helped our son on this journey, but he has also changed our lives. Thank You !!
Thank you again Rahul for your follow-up and your precious advice !!
– Darie Moutou – Finance specialist
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Pundit Rahul has ben there for the family 24/7,through the good and bad times. He is always cool calm and collected, and able to help when perhaps our judgment was impaired by our emotions.Thank You !

Rahul is an amazing Astrologer ! A great human and professional who really cares about his clients giving his time and dedication to help someone to improve his/her career and personal development!

I am thankful for his guide and engagement as my Astrologer mentor!
I totally recommend his services!”
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Premarital Sex In Astrology

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