1. The astrologer has to analyze the time of birth, place of birth, during his/ her birth time the associated planets like sun, moon position and predict the zodiac sign and nakshatra. The first character of a child’s name can be predicted by nakshatra. Usually most of the Hindu children’s names as per God and good things.
  2. The Vimshottari Dasha, commonly referred to as the Planetary Period System, is a predictive formula that reveals the timeline of when karmas indicated in the birth chart will be activated. Per the rules of Vedic Astrology, there are certain houses (sectors) of the chart that are strongly associated with life changes.

What is predictive Nakshatra?

Hindu Vedic Astrology Horoscope predictions free can be seen through our software by entering your date of birth and time details. These Astrological predictions are based upon the placement of planets in various houses and raashis of your chart.

As per Hindu ancient Vedic astrology, the zodiac has 12 signs. Zodiac comprises millions of stars that are at light-years distant from us. Their lights reflect on us and affect us in numerous ways. The zodiac signs are subdivided into 27 constellations that are known as Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. Each Nakshatra consists of 4 parts called padas. Total Zodiacal obscure comprises 360 degrees. Thus each zodiac sector corresponds to 30 degrees.

In contrast, if we calculate for each astrology Nakshatra sector, it consists of 13 degrees and 20 minutes, making the astrological study more minute and clear-cut. It gives a microscopic view of the planetary impacts making the predictions more precise and truthful. The Janma Nakshatra pada indicated by the moon's position at the time of the native's birth and is known as nama Nakshatra or Janma Nakshatra. Nama-Nakshatra plays a crucial role in shaping a person's personality, attitude behaviors, and potential. Thus predictive Nakshatra is an essential branch of Vedic astrology to get a bird's-eye-veiw to predict a native.

About Predictive Nakshatra Course


Predictive nakshatra course is a complete package of study that bears detailed information about the nakshatras. It includes the advanced concept of Nakshatras, Padas, and their analysis. People often misinterpret this course as the study of the personality traits of nakshatras, but the fact is that the course consists of a review of nakshatras. It includes all the classics behind each Nakshatra. The classics like Narad Samhita, Satya Jatakam, Jataka Parijata, and Chandra Kala Nadi possess the manifesting information about the nakshatras and their effects but in the coded form. Classics reveal enormous information related to the impact of nakshatras upon a native's life, including the review of remedies. Studying and decoding these classics is a hard nut to crack, but we have successfully done it and served it over the tray for you in the form of an interactive webinar.

Predictive Hindu Astrology

What predictions can you make after mastering the course?

Predictive astrology Nakshatra course is a course purely focused upon the study of nakshatras. Predicting through nakshatras can help one to get a complete insight to study the minute pinpoints of the birth chart. The astrologer can accurately predict the future life promises of marriage, children, career, finance, and a lot more. It also considers the strength and weakness of a planet in the horoscope. The knowledge of predictive astrologyNakshatra can help an astrologer to analyze the existence of various yogas and ensure the result of the yoga or Yoga bhanga i.e. cancellation of a yoga. It also reveals the current status by analyzing the birth Nakshatra and existing Nakshatra of the day or a specified period. It helps explain the current situation to seek out the real opportunity or to eliminate any obstacle by analyzing the remedies based on prediction. The perfect feature of predictive Nakshatra is benefiting the native who is even not sure about his birth timing. In a nutshell, we can say that predicting through Nakshatras ensures the level of accuracy in the astrological prediction by eliminating the conditions of ‘could be’ ‘might be’ or ‘would be’ thus, the projections will be a sure shot.

Course content –

Hindu predictive astrology
Detailed analysis of each Nakshatra
Understanding Sage Narad’s way of using Nakshatras
Expansion of Sage Narad’s concept by various ancient scholars.
Assessing the strength and weaknesses of the planet with the impact of Nakshatra in the birth chart and current situation
A precise description of essential themes and shadow issues relevant to nakshatras and their esoteric importance
Timing events using Vimshottari Dasa.
Concepts of Yogas and Yoga Bhanga (cancellation of yogas)
Predictive Hindu AstrologyHindu predictive astrology archive

Mercury point of exaltation vedic astrology. Course duration

The Overall Course duration of the Predictive Nakshatras occupies 12 sessions, where the span of each session is 2 hours.

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Course Material

Predictive nakshatra course is a highly advanced course of ancient astrology that is the extraction of decoding the old classics. Finding out such rare study material in the market is not at all possible. We have done a lot of research and studies to decode the classics and prepared a PPT of the whole course in a relaxed and understandable language. We provide the PPT to the students that we have made considering all the knowledge that we have derived after decoding the classics and legends; thus, the student gets the complete ease to learn and study through a detailed PPT prepared by us. These PPTs are sufficient with all required information.

Hindu Predictive Astrology Pdf

Note: Video Recording of Every Session Will Be Provided To Every Student After Session.

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