Replica Prada Handbags can be said to be an old brand, but because of its pursuit of perfection, no matter how old or young, the brand’s awareness is no worse than any other brand. Since the late 1970s, Miuccia Prada took over the charge of PRADA, and began to add a little clothing design. Until the late 1980s, PRADA was still an Italian brand specializing in leather goods in everyone’s mind. However, in the style of “advocating minimalism” in the 1990s, the simple and cool design style Miuccia is good at became the mainstream of clothing, so the PRADA-designed clothing that often inspired by “uniforms” became minimalist fashion. One of the representative symbols.

Many designers from different cities around the world are lovers of Replica Prada Bags leather goods. New York’s Donna Karen is also carrying a black nylon cloth series of PRADA bags. In the past two years, PRADA has also vigorously developed some popular styles of leather bags Prada Etiquette Super Soft Cowhide Leather Shoulder Bag, such as small shopping bags, colorful colors, and easy The maintenance of the canvas material detonated another wave of bag popularity.

In the shoe series, although Replica Prada Bags has always been connected with the design and echoed each other, but its styles are all the popular leader of footwear. For example, square lasts, wedge-shaped heels and metallic doll shoes and they are all trends brought by PRADA. From leather goods and clothing to shoes and underwear, PRADA has become a complete boutique kingdom, and its territory has also expanded to the whole world.

For the first time, Replica Prada Handbags decorated the blue inner label on the outside. The leather label on the front of the new PRADA Etiquette bag is the fabric label originally hidden in the lining of the ready-to-wear garment. The overall design exudes casual elegance. The interior also uses blue as the keynote, exquisitely matching the color of the external label.

Etiquette means “label” in French-it refers to both the real label and the invisible symbol, which is between the label and the nameplate. Present a gentle classic with a more extroverted role, and at the same time question the role of the nameplate as a symbol of an external, variable identity (although the nameplate is often separated from the series it represents, the label is always fused).

Etiquette fully demonstrates Replica Prada Handbag contrasting rules, in stark contrast to the past signs. Etiquette’s orthodox and rebellious attitude presents a sense of camouflage: it is both a restrained nameplate and a public label, which has an increasingly obvious symbolic meaning.

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Prada Cahier Dupe

RredditorAugust 21, 2018

Prada astrology embellished velvet shoulder bag. Bronze hardware and saffiano leather trim. Adjustable shoulder strap, 20.5' drop. Flap top with magnetic closure. Interior, leather lining; two open pockets. 4.5'H x 7.1'W x 1.6'D.

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This is an authentic PRADA Saffiano Cahier Mini Astrology Bag in Black. This stylish shoulder is crafted of black leather with black textured leather on the top of the bag and features aged brass embellishments with an astrological motif and chain link shoulder strap with a saffiano leather shoulder pad. The crossover flap opens to a black leather interior with patch pockets. Prada 1BH018 Astrology Embellished Cahier Bag In Black. Regular Price: $2,850.00. Special Price: $205.99. Add to Wishlist Add to Cart Add to Compare.


Prada Cahier Astrology Velvet Shoulder Bag


Prada Cahier Astrology Bag Leather


Prada Cahier Astrology Bag



I didn't think a $27 rep could do this to me, but my heart actually stopped for a moment when I opened the Prada box {which is honestly, pretty accurate}. This bag is GORGEOUS and I can't stop looking at it. You'll definitely turn heads a little with this one, even in New York. The fact that the metal embellishments weren't filled in black like on the auth REALLY bothered me, so I bought black nail polish and filled it in thanks to the idea from u/tradercats! I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in case anyone is wondering, and it worked perfectly. I didn't do it precisely with a toothpick or anything, I just filled it in and used nail polish remover with tiny pieces of cotton ball to clean up the excess. Surprisingly, the nail polish remover didn't ruin the hardware at all and the bag looks even better now.

Prada cahier celestial astrology bagPrada city calf cahier astrology bag

Satisfaction: 10/10. I carry this bag even when it doesn't match what I'm wearing because I love it that much. I'm more than likely ordering a second one so my sister can carry it for homecoming.

Quality: 9.5/10 for the price. Strap feels a little flimsy and unsnapped twice, but that's only because I was stupid and didn't realize that you need to snap both snaps on the strap, not just one. Ever since I figured that out, it's stayed put.


Accuracy: 1/10 without the nail polish because the hardware not being filled in is a major callout, 8.5/10 with the nail polish.

-1 for the strap not being leather {to the best of my knowledge. This only really matters if someone else is touching your bag, which in New York means someone's about to get yelled at for trying to purse snatch my ass.

Vedic astrology james kelleher

-.5 for the rectangle gap that is the 'r' in Prada on the front. I honestly thought it was a lot worse than it actually is and was upset that 'Milano' didn't seem to be aligned, then I zoomed in on the stock image of the auth on the Saks website and was basically like 'holy f*ck that bag looks like a rep.' The Saks bag online image doesn't have Milano in alignment really at all and there's also a rectangle shaped gap in the 'r' of Prada, so okay Saks, thanks for making my bag look more passable.

Fun fact: I actually did go into a Prada boutique here in NYC trying to find the auth version of this bag to compare and also because I love the rep so much that I want to buy it auth, but the sales associate didn't have it, then tried to find it in any Prada store in the city and couldn't, then thought that this bag might be a Saks exclusive? No idea what's going on over there at Prada. Walked in with my Gucci Soho Disco Studio and rep Dior Mitvah Tarot Twilly and she didn't even look twice and was super helpful, in case anyone was wondering.

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