Karma police! Stoic Saturn is the whistle-blowing taskmaster of the skies. According to astrology, Saturn governs time and the wisdom and expertise that comes from slow, steady and structured growth.

Saturn is like a demanding father who knows exactly when to push harder. He knows how much we can put up with and this is why he is presenting the changes every 7 years. To give us time to digest the changes and learn. Nov 11, 2020 Power of Saturn in Astrology Posted by The Tarot on Nov 11, 2020 in Astrology, Tarot Reading This video is talking about the details of planets saturn in astrology, and how it impacts ones life, and how it’s responsible of huge.

Saturn is the mythological father of hedonistic Jupiter, enforcing a timeout and scolding us when we get a little too carried away. Like a master architect, Saturn is the planet who likes to work from a blueprint, understanding where the rules and restrictions lie—then calculating savvy solutions based on empirical data.

While strict Saturnian energy can feel like a buzzkill, we ultimately benefit from its maturity and planning prowess. Saturn spends two-and-a-half to three years in each zodiac sign, giving us a solid window for strengthening and developing specific areas of our lives.

With Saturn, we reap what we sow.

Every 29.5 years (approximately) comes the Saturn return, a maturing rite of passage marking Saturn’s homecoming to the sign it was in when you were born. The first return can happen between ages 27-30, depending on Saturn’s degree in your chart. Scorpio money horoscope january 2021. The planet’s heavy-hitting energy will make itself known, bringing opportunities to quickly grow up and even take on powerful roles of authority.

Saturn also turns retrograde every year for approximately four and a half months, which can stall progress and force us back to the drawing board to ensure that we’re building everything on a solid foundation.

Taskmaster Saturn applauds perseverance and shows us where we should keep on pushing! This is the planet that rules structured Capricorn, the zodiac’s Sea Goat (a WTF creature if ever there were). With its aquatic tail and two front legs, the Capricorn Goat makes an unwavering ascent to the top of the mountain for the win.

  1. The Test of Saturn in Astrology Esoterically Saturn is known as the planet to bring tests and challenges through limitations or fears, where we have a cross to bear. It is about routine, hard work and discipline. It can relate to our own self respect, putting in the necessary time to work towards a goal.
  2. Saturn Overview: In astrology, Saturn represents restriction and structure. Its influence is associated with hardship and adversity that can build our character and teach us important lessons needed to overcome life’s hurdles. Saturn is also about reality itself, and the burdens and responsibilities we must bear in order to succeed, complete our tasks or fulfill.
Saturn in astrology chart

Saturn is known as Father Time or, as astrologer Alan Oken calls him, Lord of Karma. With Saturn, we reap what we sow. Saturn governs the legacies we leave behind and our lifetime achievements. Our careers are also directed by Saturn, as this planet will show the interests we find worthy of hustling for. Although the expertise may take decades to catalog, we’ll be driven enough to keep trying, learning and focusing. Someone born with Saturn in technology-driven Aquarius, for example, may develop a groundbreaking scientific invention or become a leader in a social justice movement. While a Saturn in sensitive, homespun Cancer could be the glue that holds the family together, or even make a living developing residential real estate. To find out your Saturn sign, run a free chart here: www.astrostyle.com/free-chart.

Saturn’s influence is definitely mighty. As the second largest planet, it is also the last one that we can see with the naked eye. Saturn actually gives off more energy than it receives from the Sun, symbolic of how this planet drives us to produce, hustle and draw on our inner reserves of strength. Before telescopes were around to sight Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Saturn was also the co-ruler of Aquarius, the zodiac sign that governs the future. So don’t get it twisted: Saturn isn’t totally stuck in the past! In order to build, one must also look forward—and remain a few steps ahead of the game.

Saturn—and people with a strong Capricorn influence in their charts—can be as inventive as they are diligent. This planet can keep us ahead of the curve while also reminding us to adhere to tradition.

Where do you long for status? Saturn can reveal our desires (or lack thereof) to keep up with the Joneses. Cool composure is Saturn’s gift. This elegant planet bears gorgeous rings made of dust and ice. (Hello, ice-encrusted knuckle duster as a reward for your hard work?)

The shadow side of Saturn is a domineering or power-hungry drive. In mythology, Saturn was said to have eaten his children because he feared one would overthrow him! Spanish painter Goya even depicted this in the famous work, “Saturn Devouring His Son”. Eek! How far will you go to win? Should the ruthless tyrant within rise up, lean in to the zodiac sign that Saturn is transiting (or its natal position in your chart) to restore your good sense.

There’s definitely no cakewalking where Saturn is concerned. Study Saturn’s placement in your chart and you’ll see where some of your earliest struggles lie. Someone born with Saturn in communicative Gemini may struggle with speech and self-expression. We, in fact, have this placement in our chart. As children of an immigrant father and grandparents, there were multiple languages and accents in our home which affected our pronunciation of words, and even brought teasing from other kids. Yet, having to keenly listen in order to understand gave us a knack for language, which translated into careers as writers—and the ability to decode the complicated lexicon of astrology. Public speaking and podcasting are part of our work as adults, too. So there you have it, an example of Saturn’s influence in triumphing over the odds. Just. Keep. Pushing!

To learn how to work with Saturn’s energy, below is a handy guide:

Planetary Stats: Saturn

  • Changes Zodiac Signs: Every 2.5-3 years
  • Zodiac Sign It Rules: Capricorn (traditional ruler of Aquarius)
  • Day of the Week: Saturday

Saturn governs:

  • Maturity
  • Structure
  • Discipline & work ethic
  • Time
  • Karma
  • Government, banks, corporations
  • Prestige, status, authority

Special positions of Saturn:

Domicile: Capricorn
The planet’s home base, an easy flow if placed here in the chart.

Detriment: Cancer
Opposite sign of home base, may need to work harder to integrate the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart.

Exalted: Libra
The planet’s most powerful position, indicates ease and added fortune with using the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart.

Fall: Aries
Opposite sign to the exalted position, can indicate struggles with utilizing the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart.

This article discusses the role of Saturn in Astrology, in particular its rulership of Capricorn and Aquarius as well as its role in the development of the soul.

Time to transit the zodiac: 29 years

Time in Each Sign: approximately 2 and a 1/2 years.

Glyphs of Saturn

The alchemy sign for lead. It symbolises the soul (crescent) under the laws of matter. Here we have grounding matter above, weighing down the mind or spirit of a person. Saturn is therefore the lawgiver imposing rules and structures. The downward sickle can also indicate harvest and growth reaping the harvest of your hard work.

Mythology of Saturn

Saturn was named after the Roman God of agriculture and harvest and of Time. According to mythology, the God Saturn stole the position of king of the gods from his father Uranus. The throne was later stolen by Jupiter.

The Ray of Saturn in Astrology

Saturn represents the soul’s journey into matter in order to establish:

  • Order out of chaos
  • Beauty out of ugliness
  • Peace out of contention

The world can be a chaotic, contentious and ugly place. The qualities that Saturn brings can help us make our time on earth easier by allowing us to transform these negative qualities into a more structured life, with aspects of beauty and hence giving us more peace in our daily living.

In early life a strong Saturn is responsible for the willpower to establish our individual identity and achieve our goals, sometimes regardless of the cost. This is to do with self-preservation:

  • Financial security through accumulation of wealth and material belonging
  • Emotional Security through the domination of others
  • Mental security through the accumulation of knowledge.

As the individual matures, they base their actions not just around their own personal goals, but they also take on responsibility for the welfare of those around them and the world at large.

On the spiritual path this need for self-preservation is replaced by a selflessness toward a greater cause and responsibility to all life through brotherhood. From here we get the influence of Uranus, the octave ruler of Aquarius

Saturn Planet In Astrology

A weak Saturn Ray can lead to irresponsibility (lack of planning for the future for example), indecisiveness, dependency on others, a lack of focus, being at the mercy of the emotions and many other distractions as well as problems with accepting authority and an inharmonious relationship with one’s father.

Rulership of Saturn in Astrology

Saturn rules both Capricorn (negative) and Aquarius (positive).

  • Saturn Ray in Capricorn

Capricorn Soul Lesson = service in action. Capricorn is Saturns Earth Sign, realistic and practical in the way it goes about things, although both Saturn and Capricorn have a pessimistic side.

Saturn Meaning Astrology

In Capricorn the Saturn Ray manifests qualities such as: ambition, tenacity, and good management of time and resources, responsibility.

Actions are based on sound reasoning rather than ruled by the heart and natives like to plan for the future so they know where their life and finances are heading. This leads them to jobs where there is a good deal of responsibility. They work through good organisation and planning rather than intuition and inspiration. They are cautious and determined in their outlook.

They are often devoted and faithful to their family.

What Does Saturn Mean In Astrology

Relevant jobs = diplomats, civil servants, heads of business and governments, teachers

Associated House = 10th. Early in life the 10th House rules one of the parents, the one who has most power over the child’s outer life. Its shows the parents position in the world and thus the child’s place in society. Later the 10th house indicates the child’s subsequent career, ambitions and public attainment in the world.

  • Saturn Ray in Aquarius

Aquarius Soul Lesson = brotherhood.

Aquarius is Saturn’s Air sign and this produces increased strength and depth to the mind and the subsequent development of these ideas into practicality . The air signs teach the lesson of brotherhood:

Gemini (brothers, sisters, cousins)

Libra (partners, enemies)

Aquarius (friends, groups in a wider sense)

In Aquarius the Saturn Ray gives a dispassionate understanding of the needs and welfare of others. Natives are often found in organisations with some altruistic purpose. More advanced souls will align to Spiritual Groups and as these interests awaken they will align under the influence of Uranus, the higher octave ruler of this sign.

Relevant Jobs = Professor, Scientist, Social Worker, Fundraiser, Environmentalist

Associated House 11th. House of friendship and cooperation in groups. This commonly centres on those groups following an altruistic purpose.

Saturn in Exaltation & Fall

The Test of Saturn in Astrology

Esoterically Saturn is known as the planet to bring tests and challenges through limitations or fears, where we have a cross to bear.

It is about routine, hard work and discipline. It can relate to our own self respect, putting in the necessary time to work towards a goal.

What happens when saturn is strong

Physically =physical disabilities, poverty, oppression

Emotionally & Mentally = fears, emotional imbalances, difficulty learning & relationships with others, critical outlook on others.

The test of Saturn is to bring the will of the self into alignment with the will of the divine. Through: patience, humility, perseverance as the two come in to alignment, we see the soul reflecting the will of God regardless of circumstance.

Saturn in the Horoscope

Saturn in our horoscope shows us which area of our life will be subject to delays, hindrances, limitations and tests. It wants us to be the best we can with what we have and develop qualities such as perseverance, self discipline, maturity and our own self respect.

Saturn in Astrology Keywords

Below are some of the keywords that describe Saturn in Astrology:


Saturn in Astrology
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