Pluto personifies wars and mass catastrophes. A planet of enormous collective energy, the ruler of nuclear energy. In astrology, this is the highest manifestation of Mars. But unlike the latter, Pluto is a collective planet, and it affects the destinies of entire generations of peopl. Astrology Astrology Planets - Pluto and Astrology. Pluto was discovered on the 18th February 1930 by Percy Lowell and it coincides with the greatest discovery of mankind-the atom bomb. With the discovery of Pluto the world has been confronted with the notion of immense power.

Recently, I received this email from a reader:

I suggest you update the ruling planets zodiac sign chart because Pluto isn’t a planet anymore…

This reflects a somewhat popular idea that since Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, it is no longer valid in astrology.

I will explain why Pluto is just as valid as before, regardless of its classification.

As humans, we are part of a universal field consisting of an ebb and flow of energy.

This ebb and flow of energy is regulated by any bit of matter floating in space.


Or, at the very least, this energy current is affected (or mirrored?) by any bit of matter floating in space.

This ebb and flow of energy controls our oceans’ tides, seasonal harvests, and animal migrations, among many other things on Earth.

Any piece of matter floating in space causes a ripple in the energy flow. If it’s composed of matter, and even gas is a state of matter, then it matters.

To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Juliet, what’s in a name? That which we call Pluto, by any other word, would cause the same ripple in the energy flow.

Just because Pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet, it doesn’t make us automatically immune to its effects on the ebb and flow of energy across the universe.

My reader suggests that since Pluto is not a “planet” anymore, that it cannot rule a zodiac sign.

However, as Steven Forrest has so brilliantly noted, the classification of “planet” itself is arbitrary. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are hard little rocks, while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are gas giants. According to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the term “planets” includes hard little rocks and gas giants, and everyone seems okay with this.

In addition, just about everyone understands that when astrologers include the Sun and Moon when we say, “planets,” we do so only for convenience. Of course, we know that the Sun and Moon are luminaries rather than planets. For convenience, when we say things like, “planets in the signs,” we are talking about the planets and the Sun and Moon.

And sometimes Chiron.

Even Chiron, the minor planet (sometimes called a comet) is allowed to be included in the term “planets” without anyone making a fuss about it.

Here’s the kicker:

In astrology, the term “planets” includes hard rocks, gas giants, luminaries, sometimes minor planets and nobody has a problem with that. Add to that Pluto, the demoted dwarf planet, and everybody loses their minds.

The email above is not the first email I’ve received requesting that I remove Pluto from the Planets page.

If we take a step back and look at the big picture, including Pluto when we say “planets” is not as outrageous as it might seem. As I explained above, astrologers are mostly using the word “planet” for convenience, similarly to how the IAU is using the word “planet” to group together little stony worlds and gas giants.

What Is My Ruling Planet

Pluto is valid because it’s composed of matter. All matter matters. The rocks and stones are matter. The gas giants are matter. Asteroids and comets are matter. And Pluto is matter.

And yet, it is not only matter that matters. It is said that we exist in space and time. While space may be filled with what we call matter, time is filled with something else. Whatever that “something else” is, numbers and mathematics have helped us organize it somewhat, even if we can’t see it. These things also matter, and they are also valid in astrology. That is why we have things such as the Vertex, Ascendant, Midheaven, Arabic Parts, midpoints, hours, minutes, seconds, etc.

Scorpio december horoscopes. Scorpio Yearly Forecast 2021. Hello from the other side, Scorpio. At least you may have felt like an Adele anthem since 2018 with the signals trying hard to escape from the supermassive black hole of your communication zone. Blame the heavyweights in here. Saturn, Jupiter and yes, ruler Pluto.

Enigmatic and paradoxical, Pluto functions subversively and invisibly to transform by elimination and metamorphosis. Pluto operates with extreme power, and when it manifests it usually causes one to feel out of control.Pluto Planet AstrologyPlanet

Pluto Planet In Tamil Astrology

Pluto in a chart shows how power of any kind will be exerted. Pluto always compels and it can compel to high, virtuous achievement, or to villainous behaviour within or outside the law.
Pluto causes hidden and subterranean states to break forth and erupt. Pluto has rulership over volcanoes from which molten lava erupts, destroying everything in its path. But later the lava helps build a rich soil for plant growth. Like earthquakes and volcanoes, Pluto brings about a climax in the life with much disturbance and upheaval, followed by calmer and more wholesome conditions. This may occur in daily affairs or in the emotions; Pluto is often the planet of the “healing crisis”.Pluto Planet Astrology
As Robert Hand points out, Pluto is connected to breakdown and decay, so it is also connected to those elements of society that reflect breakdown and decay. This is the source of Pluto’s association with underworld elements, organised crime, and people who are so socially disaffected that they represent a threat to society. The socially disaffected are only a manifestation of Pluto’s power. Though criminals and terrorists seem to be what destroys society, they are merely the agents by which the destructive power already inherent in the situation manifests. They are not the source of the destruction, and even if they were eliminated, something else would replace them as agents of that power.
Plutonian people also take on the positive role of assisting others who are going through Plutonian transformations. Pluto is also associated with healers and therapists, both psychological and physical, and those whose who teach techniques of self-transformation. Plutonians may also appear as religious or spiritual leaders who stress rebirth after death – either literal or psychological. Therapists, healers, gurus, spiritual leaders, and the like are the most positive Plutonians of all because they are most in touch with the central theme of Pluto, the death and rebirth of the soul.

Pluto Planet In Hindu Astrology

Since Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, there must be a transcendence of desires (physical, material, emotional) for inner illumination and spiritual enlightenment to take place.

Astrology Pluto Meaning

When Pluto contacts a planet or point in the natal chart, it seems to deepen and intensify those things that that planet represents. Pluto is not only the significator of secrets and hidden things in general but is also responsible for the uncovering and surfacing of whatever had been buried. And the longer it will take, the greater the effort to keep them concealed, the more devastating the consequences when they do surface but also the greater the potential for self-transformation.
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