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Both “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” and “The Ascendant” are here. Daily Forecasts Join The Astrology Training Lab and get Daily Forecasts, 8 hours of free classes and much more. Thirty-Two Best Vedic Astrology Podcasts For 2021. Latest was Weekly Horoscope: 2 Essential Ayurveda Practices Full Moon in Virgo/Hasta. Current astrology updates from Sam Geppi - Vedic astrologer - as well as interviews with other astrologers and healers. Astro Kapoor's Podcast. A spiritual mood may come over you due to planetary. Vedic astrology is a precise science that maps the configuration of celestial bodies in the sky as well as in the human life. It is an ancient science that has been practiced on the Indian subcontinent for over 10,000 years. The knowledge of vedic astrology was initially. Geppi realizes that to many in his Western audiences, vedic astrology is hocus pocus, unscientific and mindless. But to most of the world, that is not the case. The medical systems and spiritual traditions of many cultures reliably use vedic astrology and other holistic, cosmological patterns into their daily life.

Planetary War – Mars, Jupiter and Venus in Leo
This week (and at the end of last week) Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Leo are very close. Timing of getting vehicle vedic astrology. When planets get this close to each other they are said to be at “war”, and in general it shows things that can get both confused AND strengthened at the same time.
Planetary War – Mars, Jupiter, Venus in Leo – VIDEO

Planetary War is where planets get very close together – too close in fact.

Planetary War Vedic Astrology Sam Geppi

When this happens their energies get mixed and confused, but also powerfully aligned for intense actions. Regardless of the rules for which planet is winning the war at any given time in the Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) the sign and planets involved will all be issues.

Planetary War Vedic Astrology Sam Geppi Online

Now issues related to personal strength and video (Leo) and having the courage to go for it (Mars) as well as the principles and inspiration that fuels your fire (Jupiter) are all powerful aligned and should be until the end of the month.

Planetary War Vedic Astrology Sam GeppiVedic astrology predictions

Vedic Astrology Chart Calculator

Venus energy (our relationships / cooperating with others), is being sacrificed now a bit – unless those others are also aligned with a common vision and purpose.

Moon moving through the “Liberation” section of the Zodiac. The Sagittarius – Pisces section of the Zodiac is about the soul being liberated. We seek a meaningful answer in Sagittarius, then commit to that vision in Capricorn, then want to share that with humanity in Aquarius, then let go of it all in Pisces.

Sam Geppi Astrologer

Exalted Mercury Moving fast
It is still a good time to organize your life and get things together, as Mercury is still in Virgo and exalted. Mercury is about to disappear behind the Sun, which will purify our communications. More about that later.

Vedic Astrology Chart

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