Nakshatra-wise Jupiter transit dates of 2021 Capricorn (D) (Debilitated, but Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga applies)At the beginning of 2021 Ushada: Upto 07 Jan 2021 Shravana: 07 Jan 2021 - 05 Mar 2021 Dhanishtha: 05 Mar 2021 - 06 Apr 2021Aquarius (D) (Growth, social reforms and spiritual progress)06 Apr 2021, Tuesday Dhanishtha: 06 Apr 2021. 2021 Planetary Transits In Vedic Astrology, Planetary Transits has an important significance. As per Indian astrology planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc. Are constantly moving on their defined path. This entire activity is often termed as Planet Transit, which effectively differs from one planet to another. Perhaps the most notable planetary configuration of March - April 2021 is the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the sign of Taurus from February 22 – April 13. The Rahu-Ketu axis moves naturally retrograde through the zodiac, spending about 1.5 years in a pair of opposite signs and taking approximately 18 years to move through the entire zodiac. Saturn along with Jupiter will be conjunct Sun and Mercury which makes it combust from 13 January till 10 February 2021. As per traditional Vedic Astrology, Saturn being combust is not given much importance in almanacs, as it is not a natural benefic and never considered for muhurtas in auspisicious events.

As per Hindu astrology, Ketu is placed at ninth place according to theplanetary transit (Grah Gochar). Ketu is considered to be the planet of Krishna Varna(कृष्णवर्ण). Also, the shape of Ketu is considered like a blazon (flag). Ketu when in transit inone's house attracts a lot of negativity and bring a lot of negativeness in the effectedZodiac house. As per Indian Vedic astrology and legendary manuscripts, Ketu is the halfpart of Rahu. As per ancient scriptures, it is said that after Samundra Manthan(churning of the ocean) Lord Vishnu had separated Rahu's head from his torso with hisSudarshan Chakra (सुदर्शनचक्र) which is a spinning, disk-like weaponry having 108 serrated tipsused only by Lord Vishnu and only one of it's kind. The head born as Rahu and the torso wascalled Ketu.

Vedic Astrology Transits

Phase of Ketu Transit

When we talk about Ketu in planetary transit (please note that Ketu is alsoan imaginary planet as per Indian Vedic astrology just like Rahu) Ketu or travels in one zodiaci.e. thirty degrees (30°) within 18 months, due to which Ketu (Rahu Grah Gochar) takes about18 years to travel the entire zodiac signs. Ketu barricades the preferment of any house in whichits position is not at a favourable stage in once birth magazine.

Ketu is most auspicious and beneficial for the Scorpio Zodiac in a leadingposition and at the same time is in the lowest house in Taurus Zodiac. Sagittarius july 2021 horoscope. The effect of Ketu inScorpio Zodiac is very promising and Ketu's effect in Taurus Zodiac is not contemplated verywell.

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Planetary Transits Vedic Astrology 2021

Effects of Ketu Transit

Planetary transits vedic astrology 2021 horoscopePlanetary transits vedic astrology 2021

If we talk about the relationship in the planetary system, then therelationship of Ketu remains equally the same as Rahu. Shani (Saturn), Budha (Budh) Mercury andShukra (Venus) are friendly planets with Ketu. While transiting in their favourable houses Ketugives auspicious outcomes in their zodiac signs. Surya (Ravi), the Sun, Chandra (Soma), theMoon and Mangala (Mangal), Mars and Ketu are enemy planets. Whenever Ketu is the same house withthese planets, Ketu gives adverse effects in the Yuti and their zodiac signs. Have neutraleffects when paired or transiting in Jupiter's house. Ketu gives moderate results in theirzodiac signs. Besides this, all sorts of skin ailments related to hand and foot and diseasescorrelated to stomach are affected by the transition of Ketu in one's house at anon-favourable place. Ketu in favourable position aggregates to increase once clan in terms ofnumber and social status.

Are you also being troubled by the shift of planet Ketu's Zodiac housesor are you willing to know how the planet Ketu will be transiting in different Zodiac houses andits good or adverse effects? Know the complete information about the zodiac sign of Ketu planet.


Planetary Transits 2021 Vedic Astrology

Ketu Transit 2021 Date and Time

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