Vedic Planetary Ephemeris What are planetary ephemeris The planetary ephemeris record the geocentric positions of the planets on any given day. Using this section you can find out how the cosmos looked at the time of your birth or at any date. Raman's New Millennium 50 Year Ephemeris is set in Raman's Ayanamsa. On January 1, 2000, its value was 22 degrees, 24 minutes, 44 seconds. Raman's 110 Year Ephemeris of Planetary Positions is in 360 degree TROPICAL notation.

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The “Sidereal Ephemeris” is computed and designed for astrologers who study or practice Jyotish (vedic astrology), as a ready reference for analyzing past, present and future trends. All the calculations are given according to standard Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa (Lahiri Zodiac) in arc degree and minute. Along with planetary longitudes, it also gives nakshatra and nakshatra pada positions for all mentioned celestial bodies. This is a unique feature that no other freely available ephemeris provides. Moreover, daily lunar days (tithi) of waxing and waning Moon are also shown as enclosed digits. Retrogression status of wandering planets (tara graha) is listed as (R) along with their longitudes (arc degree and minute).

On every page of daily longitudes, four grey-coloured boxes are given at bottom of every page. The first box on left hand side gives ingress of Sun and Moon in Rashi (sidereal sign). The second box shows date and time of new/full moon as well as lunar and solar eclipses. Third box yields the ingress date and time of 5 wandering planets and nodes in Rashi. While the last box provides miscellany astrological and astronomical information, for instance, planet’s station (retrogression and direction), rise and set, declinational change, maximum brightness of Venus and Mars, and maximum elongation of Jupiter and Saturn.

This “Sidereal Ephemeris” follows alphanumeric abbreviations which are more popular among practitioners of Jyotish. The digital output is initially produced in Portable Document File (PDF) format. It is easy to access, read and store in all computers, mobiles, smart phones and ipads, provided Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar application is installed. All the output is designed in a printable page layout of Letter/A4 size with landscape orientation.

(…. or How the Capricorn Moon Tripped Me Up)

Has the astrological ephemeris anthropomorphized into a monster jumping out of the page and trying to strangle me? Any astrologer spending time on social media is being bombarded with almost every element of what once was only found only in the fine print of an ephemeris. On a daily basis I am informed about the current or going moon sign, planetary aspects, what all the asteroids are doing, nodes and so on. It is as if the ephemeris has turned into a monster and is trying to devour all my attention and time. If I read all the information and advice given, I would not have time to live my life.

There is a place for all this information, but is it as important as it sounds? Does the Moon, Sun, planets, nodes, asteroids etc. aspecting something new or moving into a different sign have any meaning of any value? Does Uranus in transiting Aries have any noticeable impact upon the world? In my experience, there is always meaning associated with these types of events in a horoscope, but even in a focused environment of a chart, the meaning is usually facile. Many astrologers claim that planets transiting signs do have distinct correlations to the world in general but this is mainly the position of evolutionary astrologers? I have never seen any convincing analysis confirming any noticeable worldwide impact of planets in signs.

When I am informed about the Moon changing signs every 2 ½ days, it is presented as something that is highly relevant. Now I have been a keen follower of the transiting Moon for many years, and while I cannot remember any correlation of the Moon sign with worldly events, except perhaps occasionally with full moons, I have certainly seen countless examples of the Moon activating houses in horoscopes. The Moon in Pisces seems to mean next to nothing to the world or me but the transiting Moon in Pisces in my 2nd house is a totally different story.

Not all Moon signs have the same power or intensity because every transiting Moon occurs within a lunar month. The Moon in a sign at full Moon will be totally different to the Moon in the same sign in another lunar month. Also, most astrologers seem to overlook the ‘sting-in-the-tail’ Moon sign when, near the end of each lunar month, the transiting Moon returns to the same sign that rules the whole lunar month. Though the lunar month is on the wane as it approaching its end, it suddenly gets reactivated and reinvigorated due to the resonance between the transiting Moon sign and the sign of the lunar month.

If I had kept note of all the transiting Moon through houses incidences I have encountered I could write a lengthy tome on the subject. Therefore I will restrict myself to the very last sting-in-the-tail event, the transiting Capricorn Moon near the end of the last Capricorn lunar month straddling January and February 2016. The point of this exercise is to demonstrate that the key significance of the transiting Moon is not the sign it is in, but the house it activates.

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My 12th house Capricorn moon experience (February 2016):

  • I did a nutshell written chart for a friend but did it for a time 12 hours wrong
  • I did not check my rechargeable batteries in my noise cancelling headphones so on my flight from Australia to New Zealand, I could not watch any (12th house) movies as my headphone batteries were flat. However, the plane did not crash or get delayed or cancelled!
  • To ensure that I slept well, despite the jet lag of the 3 hour time difference in New Zealand, I took a suitable sleeping tablet but got woken up in the middle of the night with a mosquito bite in the middle of my back so I could not easily scratch it. It took ages to get back to sleep.

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  • I had arranged to do a talk on the astrological ages at the very end of the Capricorn Moon in the city of Auckland, New Zealand but I was unaware of the holiday situation in New Zealand. It just so happened that the Sunday night talk was followed by a public holiday the following day, so only about half the normal number of people turned up to my talk. However, according to my weekly horoscope from Mystic Medusa for Aquarius (my rising sign): “The dark moon weekend works well for … making ready for a beneficial move.” At the end of the talk, I discussed the possibility of returning to Auckland, New Zealand soon to do a Vedic astrology for western astrologers workshop plus contact details for astrologers in Wellington, another city in New Zealand, with the possibility of doing a talk or workshop.
  • In preparation for my talk on the astrological ages in Auckland on Sunday evening 7th February 2016, I decided to download the Fifth Dimensions song “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” – very 12th However, I also downloaded a virus – the Wooden Seal virus, again with a seal associated with the 12th house. I did not discover the effects the virus had on my laptop until the next day, and it took 5 days before I could figure out how to remove it.
  • Finally, I commenced my five day trip to New Zealand in the 2 ½ days of the Capricorn Moon, and because the 12th house rules holidays, especially to islands and enchanting places, I had a magical time in New Zealand including some stunning ocean swims and body surfing.

If the above 2 ½ days transiting Moon had occurred in another monthly lunation, probably only one or two of the above would have occurred in the absence of resonance with the larger Capricorn monthly lunation. The transiting Moon is no big deal, even when being analyzed by the house it rules, and if something major does occur associated with the transiting Moon, it is bound to be also associated with some other major astrological activity.

Whenever I travel overseas, I try to avoid travelling when the Moon is in my 8th house, because the 8th house is 12 houses from the 9th house of international travel. As examples, I have had one cancelled flight due to volcanic activity. In another case, involving a short 2 ½ hour flight from Bali, Indonesia to Darwin, Australia commenced in an 8th house Moon but changed into a 9th house Moon mid-flight. We were seated in the front row in the default ‘business’ class section of an Air Asia flight. My partner and I had the window and center seat, and there was someone in the aisle seat. Upon take-off, this person put their headphones one, started their music, and then commenced singing along to every song. This was like Chinese water torture (or now we can say American water board torture). After about an hour I discovered three empty seats further back in the ‘business’ class section and we moved there. It just turned out, that this change of seats occurred just after the transiting Moon entered my 9th house (using whole sign houses of course). Saved by the Moon!

The reason I am a keen follower of the Moon is that the monthly lunation cycle of around 29 days has the Moon transiting through all the zodiacal signs at the rate of approximately one sign every 2 ½ days. This is similar to my sub-periods of the astrological ages where every sub-period is affected by its parent period. The sub-periods of the astrological ages also have their sting-in-the tail resonance.

In my work with clients, if I could only access all the planetary transits and aspects to natal planets on the one hand, or the sign and house position of the secondary progressed Moon on the other hand, I would always chose the secondary progressed Moon. The secondary progressed Moon provides me with greater context about what is happening in the life of my client than all the transits combined. When I conclude the natal horoscope analysis, my first port of call for predictions is always the secondary progressed Moon, and transits are a minor aspect of my predictions unless a particular aspect is formed that particularly activates the natal horoscope. Any transiting outer planet aspecting the Sun, Moon, ascendant or ruling planet is always worth examining. Most of the other transits are just a waste of time even though they will have real correlations. The monthly lunation cycle is more relevant for timing events in a client’s life compared to the transiting inner planets and mass of unimportant aspects by the outer planets even though each and every one of these unimportant aspect has some miniscule correlation to the person’s life.

And finally, the deification of astrology by so many announcements of the Moon moving into Pisces, Mars in Scorpio or whatever, detracts from astrology. Why, because ‘deification’ is ruled by Pisces but Pisces is opposite Virgo. The deification process undermines Virgo’s clarity and purity of detail, two of the most important elements in astrological analysis. Do guitarists deify chords? Do artists deify colors? Do footballers deify the football? Some eccentrics in these fields may deify the object of their attention but it is not common. The deification process in astrology is all unnecessary. We see it in the irregular cosmic convergences where basically, many planets are conjunct in the same sign or have some other special association, but to what end result – nothing, or next to nothing.

Astrology is chiefly about (Scorpio) perception combined with (Aquarius) lateral thinking and (Cancer) cycles. Historical research has shown that these are the three signs repeatedly associated with major advances in astrology. Pisces is not amongst them. Many astrologers want astrology to be more than astrology, and a vehicle for their spiritual outlook. Astrologers have this freedom of choice because the science and art of astrology is ostracized from academia – this means it is a free-for-all and anything goes. You, as an astrologer, can do whatever you like, and deify any or all elements of astrology, but there is a price to pay – lack of clarity.

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AirAsia X Airbus A330-343X, 1 December 2009 Copyright by Mehdi Nazarinia

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