Uranus in First House in Vedic Astrology This position of Uranus bestows originality of thought and action on the native and it strengthens the independence of his nature. It indicates a certain degree of mental brilliance and scholarship. He has an original outlook on life.

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Neptune is another extra Saturnine planet in Astrology, In vedic Astrology Neptune is named as Varun specially in Naadi leaf Astrology. Though it is far away from our Earth still they have effect on our life for good or bad happenings. Uranus – The Prajapati in Vedic Astrology U ranus, Neptune & Pluto are also called extra Saturnine planets in Astrology. It doesn’t mean Vedic Astrology has no clue about these three outer orbit planets. In vedic Astrology they are named as Prajapati, Varun & Yam. Find your planet using your date of birth! Vedic astrology is based on 9 ruling planets, whereas Indian numerology considers that the meaning of a number between 1 and 9 is linked to an associated planet. Born on 2, 11, 20 or 29: you are 2 and depend on Chandra (the Moon).Gender: feminine, stone: the pearl Born on 3, 12, 21, or 30: you are 3 and your planet is Guru (Jupiter). Prasna astrology in telugu.

Our ancient seers while writing the divine knowledge of astrology dint see these Outer planets, which got discovered recently only by the astronomers (compare to other planets)

[Time of Discovery – Uranus (March 13, 1781), Neptune (Sep 23, 1846), Pluto (Feb 18, 1930)]

An accurate prediction can be made without considering these planets as well, as our ancient Jyotish is robust & impervious to any flaws. But going by the fact how strong weight-age western astrologers give to these planets & not forgetting the ultimate objective of clairvoyance (Which is to help humankind). It’s important that Vedic astrology practitioners should also start involving Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in their analysis. Some basic facts about these outer planets (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto), which I found true in my research

Ruling Planet Uranus

The effect of inner planets (personal) happens on the tangible & material level in an individual’s life (Education/ spouse/ health/ wealth etc), whereas outer planets (inter-personal) due to their slow moving nature & position in the natal chart effects you on a deeper inner conscious level

They can be defined as, Uranus (The unexpected) – Rebellion, sudden events, surprising turns of fate; Neptune (The Dreamer) – , Mystic, visionary & intuitive; Pluto (The power-machine) – Insane energy & transformation


• Uranus – Uranus represents rebelliousness & sudden events, so in order to adapt to its extreme nature we need to develop our individuality in the areas pertaining to that house where it is sitting in the horoscope. As, Uranus takes us outside the normal norms & force us to behave in a taboo breaking way. Like choosing an unusual different career or marrying someone completely different from our innate personality. Though, this placement is a boon for adventure lovers or people who love challenges on a daily basis. But there are segments of people who seek contentment in stability, who remains at the suffering end because of the extreme nature of Uranus. The solution lies in accepting the changes and disruption in one’s life rather than resisting them.

Planet Uranus In Vedic Astrology Today

• Neptune – Its placement shows our deep longing for the affairs of that House. If placed in the 2nd House of family, native will try to connect in a profound way with his family members. It would become like a worship or spiritual practice for the native to go deeper in the matters of his family. Neptune is considered an important planet for the people in Media, cinema, music, astrology or occultism profession, as it requires an individual to have an intense imaginative, dreamy, intuitive & fantasy filled personality. On matters pertaining to conjunction, it gives strong connection with the matters which conjunct planet represent. For example, you will find people with their Neptune conjunct Moon having a strong spiritual connection with the Motherly figures. As a remedy to control this power, it’s advisable for the individual to expand or transcend its attention to a broader horizon rather than restricting it to a narrowed level

Planet Uranus In Vedic Astrology

Uranus Astrology Symbol

• Pluto – Pluto is the biggest ego destroyer & acts like Lord Shiva in a way. Wherever it is placed, an individual needs to destroy his ego centric ideas of “I & my” for the matters of that house. As, it has been seen that people tend to have maximum frustration with the matters of that house where Pluto is placed. For example, Pluto’s placement in the house of spouse (7th) could lead to frustration, power struggle & ego clashes in the relationship. The only remedy to Pluto power struggle lies in developing the opposite house. For example, if the placement of Pluto in the 2nd House is giving struggle within family, you should learn to develop the inner peace (8th House); If it’s placement in the 10th house is giving hard time in career, you should seek help in the form of psychological counselling & rest (4th House); If its placement in the 3rd House is giving problems with excessive energy or potential, one should seek refuge in the Higher learning, wisdom & Gurus to subdue it (9th House) Unless it is prominently featured in a natal chart, its energy normally lies dormant

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