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Moon rules over the following sectors of the Stock Market: - Petrolium - Shipping - Oil and Gas Moon has the affinity to the following commodity and metals: - Mineral water - Soft drink - Cold drink - Milk - Milk products - Silver - Aluminum - Pearl - Oil - Peppermint - Alcohol - Rice Mars Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio, gets exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer.

The Sun is the centre of the Solar System of planets used in Vedic Astrology. Therefore the Sun rules all types of central things such as the central government, the centrally powerful person in an organization, and so forth. In ourselves, the Sun rules our centre, which is our soul. The Sun is the source of light for all other planets. Planets in Vedic astrology A guided understanding on all the 9 planets that find a mention in Vedic astrology. Read about Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. The planet which rules a specific zodiac sign will give an individual the characteristics related to the zodiac sign. The placement of the ruling planet is also very important to predict the important characteristic of ypur personality and the significant events of your life as well. Mars Planet Understanding Mars Planet in Horoscope/Birth Chart in Vedic Astrology Mars Mars is planet of fire, heat and anger. This planet is given due importance in Manglik Dosha. When mars is in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from Ascendant or from Moon sign Manglik Dosha is formed.

In terms of Astrology, planets play a very important role in shaping the life of an individual. The placement of planets in our Horoscope somehow affects over lives and also determines our future prospective. In fact, the whole scenario of our life depends on the placement of planets. If a planet is well placed in our Horoscope, the results will be positive. On the other hand, if a planet is weak or badly placed, it will affect our lives in a negative way.

According to Vedic Astrology, when the planet is positioned well in the birth chart of a person, it is called a Good planet or Benefic Planet. While badly positioned planets are called as Malefic. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are considered as Benefic Planets. While Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are inauspicious planets.

planets are placed in certain bad houses such as 6th, 8th, 12th, it also gives negative results.


So, in this article, we are going to discuss some Astrological remedies by which you can overcome the bad planetary effects in your Horoscope.

Remedies For Sun

The mighty Sun is the significator of our Soul. It is often called the King of all the planets. The bad placement of Sun in the birth chart of a person results in laziness, general body pain, saliva secretion and problems in getting a government job. The best remedies to make your Sun strong are:

  • Offer Surya Namaskar every morning, it helps to please the might Sun
  • Always start your day by eating something sweet and drinking water
  • Immerse Jaggery and wheat in the flowing at least once in a week
  • Avoid the intake of salt especially on Sundays
  • Wearing Ruby Gemstone is highly recommended
  • Worship Lord Vishnu

Remedies For Moon

Moon is the planet of the mind and emotions. It is responsible for all the mood changes in a person. However, the bad placement of the Moon results in Mental illness, mood swings, lack of interest in doing anything, problems in love life, quarrel among family members. The best remedies to get rid of bad planetary effects of Moon are:

  • Maintain good relationships with family members especially your mother i.e never do anything against her wish
  • Consuming Milk in silver utensils helps to get rid of the bad effects of Moon
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha
  • Always wear white clothes on Mondays
  • Wearing Pearl Gemstone is highly beneficial
  • Keep a glass full of water near your head at night during sleep.


The Red hot Mars is the planet of energy and bravery. It is often called as Commander-In-Chief of the celestial bodies. Malefic Mars can give rise to knee pain, improper circulation of blood, dark circles around eyes, irregular menstruation, criminal activities. Best remedies to make your Mars Benefic are:

  • Worship Lord Ganesha every morning
  • Keep fast on Tuesdays
  • Wearing Red Coral Gemstone is highly recommended
  • Donate some food to the poor every morning in a copper vessel
  • Immerse Jaggery in the flowing water
  • Always carry a Red color handkerchief or napkin.
  • Recite Gayatri Mantra whenever you feel low or weak


Mercury is a youthful planet that rules over your intelligence, skills, and wisdom. Bad placement of the Mercury results in teeth related problems, a decrease in sexual tendency, weak nervous system, problems in speech and communication. To overcome the bad planetary effects of Mercury, follow these remedies:

  • Worship Lord Vishnu
  • Feed cows with green grass or fodder
  • Donate milk and rice to any temple nearby
  • Wearing Emerald Gemstone is highly recommended
  • Provide gifts to the unmarried girls
  • Maintain good relations with your cousins and siblings


Jupiter is Guru and represents teachers, education and grasping abilities. If Jupiter is present in 6th, 8th or 12th houses, it can cause a negative impact on the natives who may have to face several difficulties. You might face a huge loss in business, frequent hair fall, problems in marriage, etc. The best remedies to make your Sun strong are:

  • Wear saffron or yellow-colored clothes on Thursdays
  • Apply a mixture of saffron and turmeric paste on your forehead.
  • Wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is highly recommend
  • Worship Peepal tree on a regular basis
  • Eat yellow colored fruits especially Bananas
  • Wear a solid gold neck.
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Venus represents beauty, pleasure, romance and also a significator of relationships. However, if your Venus is weak you may face problems with your wife, skin diseases, problems in sleep, low sperm count, diabetes, etc. In order to make your Venus strong, here are few remedies for you:

  • Worship Goddess Laxmi
  • Consume more Ghee and Amla
  • Donate a cow in charity.
  • Always keep a coin in your pocket
  • Try to maintain a good relationship with your wife
  • Wear clean white clothes



Saturn or Shani is the God of Karma that represents discipline and hard work. However, the conjunction of Saturn with Sun creates a lot of problems in your life. Malefic Saturn can cause accidents, frequent hair fall, illness & weight loss, fast aging, loss in business. Some remedies to get rid of bad planetary effects of Saturn are:

  • Recite the Mantra of Lord Shani on regular basis
  • Feed the birds with water or some light food for 21 days
  • Pour mustard oil or alcohol on the floor in the morning after sunrise or sunset.
  • Completely avoid eating non-vegetarian
  • Mostly wear dark green clothes
  • Do not drink milk during nights.
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In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is considered as the shadow planePisces daily horoscope february 2021. t and it forwards a person towards all the virtual & materialist stuff. However, if Rahu is Malefic it promotes quarrels at the workplace, sleepless nights, problems in love life, loss of a job. Some Astrological remedies to overcome the bad planetary effects of Rahu are:

  • Worship Lord Shiva and recite Laghu Rudra on regular basis
  • Worship Goddess Durga to grace Rahu
  • Keep sugar in your bag under your pillow when sleeping.
  • Wear dark blue colored clothes mostly
  • Always mix a cup of milk to water every time you take a bath
  • Donate some food to the poor in the silver plate every morning


Ketu is the second shadow planet after Rahu and represents spirituality, motivation, meditation, and selflessness. However, Malefic Ketu can create pain in knees, stones in kidneys, urinal problems, lack of faith in religion, etc. Best Astrological remedies for Ketu are:

Planet Rules Copper Vedic Astrology
  • Donate white and black blanket made of wool in a religious site or temple.
  • Worship Lord Shiva
  • Donate sweet food to orphans
  • Wear Yellow or Lemon colored clothes
  • Eat food mostly in silver plates
  • Perform Ganesh Pooja, it helps to remove the negative effects of Ketu

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Our solar system consists of nine planets. Out of these 7 planets are considered in Astrology. According to Vedic Astrology, these seven planets represent parts of our bodies. Mercury is the ruler or significator of our skin. Strong Mercury in a chart represents vibrant skin. Afflicted Mercury in the chart represents diseases related to the skin, whereas a glowing and healthy skin is the sign of strong mercury.

Author: Nitin Kashyap

In this article, we are looking at how skin diseases are governed by Mercury and its various afflictions. Natural malefic planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Sun affect Mercury in different ways. Rahu indicates problem with diagnosis of the diseases, Saturn is dry planet and Mars and Sun cause fiery diseases, which can cause wounds or festers to appear over various parts of the body. While Mercury represents skin, the afflicted house and sign will determine which part of the body and its skin will be affected, e.g., for face, 1st house will be involved, etc.

According to Wikipedia around 3.5 % of world population is suffering from this disease. The root cause of this disease is still unclear. Its symptoms can hence be linked with Rahu. We have seen many cases where the Rahu-Mercury combination can give such problems. Mercury Rahu combination in a particular house signifies problem in the body part owned by the house. For example, if t this combination lies in 3rd house, then arms could suffer from Eczema.

Donate blankets to the needy ones and wear Emerald can improve the condition.

Often misunderstood by people that dandruff is a hairy issue. But it is related to skin. Dandruff is quite a common problem faced by around 50% of the planet. Dry skin is the most common reason for this problem. Dandruff is an on and off issue. In winters, it’s become extreme. Saturn is a dry planet (शुष्क ग्रह). So, role of Saturn influence over mercury is quite necessary for dandruff. It’s a scalp disorder so, Aries sign must also be affected by a Saturn Mercury combination.

Donate sesame and groundnut.

According to Ayurveda reason for having pimples is due toexcess of Pitta (पित्त). Influence of strong Sun and Mars over ascendant and Mercury could be one of the astrological reasons for it. Although it appears to be a small issue, but recent researches reveal that in some patients the agony of acne may result in depression. This should be recognized and managed.

Donate wheat and jaggery every week. Avoid spicy eatables.

This is also a problem of diagnosis. Around 2% to 4% of world population is suffering from this mysterious disease. Till date, primary root cause of this disease is unknown. Because of sudden outbreak or visibility, it make a great negative impact on the mental level of the native. Relation of Mercury with Rahu-Ketu axis is a major astrological factor for it.

Feeding birds and by providing medicines to the needy patients are the two very effective remedies.

There are lots of other skin disease too. Covering all those disease in just one article is quite difficult.Apart from above prescribed remedies, one sure shot remedy for any kind of skin disease is the Emerald. Emerald is the natural gemstone of Mercury. So, by wearing this green stone one can boost up the traits of aforesaid planet. And ultimately achieve unblemished and glowing skin.

Vedic Astrology Planet Today

A good quality emerald might be out of the budget for a large section of society. For them Peridot and Green onyx are very options. On the recommendation of a competent Astrologer one should wear Emerald for skin related issues.

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