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The Vedic Astrology recognizes nine heavenly bodies as planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Sun, Moon and Moon's nodes Rahu and Ketu are also treated as planets in astrology. Vedic Astrology does not take Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in account. Moolatrikona sign is one of the important concept in vedic astrology. A planet in its moolatrikona sign is very comfortable as it is the original house of the planet. “Moola” means roots and “trikona” signifies the triangle house that is the fifth and ninth house. Planets In Vedic Astrology The influence of the planets or Grahas in Vedic Astrology is significant. Their relationship to one another at the time of birth influence personality traits and life events. General qualities of the planets are described here. In vedic astrology, every planet matures around a particular age. Before this age arrives, a planet behaves in an immature way and the full results of the significations of the planets cannot be seen.

Planets and body parts in vedic medical astrology. Hindu medical astrology planets and diseases. Know which planets denote which disease. Body parts and disease related to different planets.

Hindu Star Sign

Planet and Body Parts It Denotes

In vedic medical astrology, a planet represent some or the other part of the human body. During the unfavourable planetary transit or ashubh graha-dasha, a person has to suffer from one or many disease. The health complications is represented by the planet that gets affected. For example, Saturn planet represents leg, joints and bones. If a person is suffered by malefic Saturn, the person will suffer from weak bones, damage and loss of limbs, bone fracture or muscle pains. New moon vedic astrology 2021 calendar. In Indian astrology, the 6th house is mentioned as the house of disease and sickness.

Sun Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Stomach, bone, right eye, heart, skin, belly, head constitution of body.
  • Health Problems: Eye troubles, high fever, heart disease, stomach disease, skin disease, bone fracture, leprosy, mental illness, brain trouble and relapse of past diseases.

Moon Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Mind, heart, lungs, eye, brain, blood, breast, body fluids, intestines, renal ducts, lymphatic duct and artery.
  • Health Problems: Sleeplessness, asthma, blood problems, diabetes, lung disorders, cough, throat problems, weak knee and respiratory problems.

Mars Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Blood, marrow, energy, neck, veins, genitals, neck, red blood cells, anal, female organs and body energy.
  • Health Problems: Problems related to blood and veins, brain ailments, physical injuries, pain in the eyes, blood problems, genital diseases, weak bones, piles and knee problems.

Mercury Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Brain, hair, face, chest, nervous system, skin, nose, gall bladder, lungs, tongue and arms.
  • Health Problems: Skin disease, muscular disease, chest pain, typhoid, paralysis, cholera, loss of hair and arm injuries.

Jupiter Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Jupiter is the karaka of thighs, fat, brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, ears, tongue, memory, spleen etc.
  • Health Problems: Diabetes, serious health complications related to kidneys and lungs. Also diseases related to ear, pancreas, lungs, thighs and loss of memory.

Vedic Astrology Planet Today

Venus Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Overall physical appearance, face, facial expressions, eyes, genitals, urine, reproductive organs, throat and glands.
  • Health Problems: Injuries on face and eyes. Reproductive disorders and genital diseases. Throat ailments and blood loss.

Saturn Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Lower body parts, legs, bones, knee, bone-joints, muscles, teeth, skin, hair and ears.
  • Health Problems: All health complications related to lower body and bones and muscle. It also causes stomach pain, muscle pain, deafness skin disease, joints pain, blindness, hair loss and paralysis.

Rahu Planet

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Legs, neck, lungs and breathing.
  • Health Problems: Breathing problems, respiratory disease, lungs problems, ulcer, cataract, stammer, spleen problems and cancer.

Hindu Astrological Chart

Ketu Planet

Planets In Vedic Astrology Houses

  • Body Parts It Denotes: Belly (stomach), feet and claws.
  • Health Problems: Ketu is associated with sudden mysterious diseases and health ailments. It causes stomach disease, fever, intestine problems, ear problems, stomach pain and physical weakness.
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