October 2020 Pisces Horoscope predictions suggest that professional concerns along with external objectives will be in focus this month. Planetary strength is situated in the northern sector of the chart. However, planetary aspects make domestic issues also. April 18, 2021 to April 24, 2021: Free Pisces Weekly Horoscope. Also provided free Pisces love, career, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscopes for 2021. 2021 Love Horoscope for Pisces Jupiter moves into your spirituality sector in December 2020, dear Pisces, and so begins a feeling of being spiritually protected and confident on the inside. This is all in preparation for the upcoming Jupiter in Pisces transit that begins in May when freedom is a huge theme in your life.

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Today's date: April 27, 2021
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Symbol: The Fish
Ruling Planet: Jupiter / Neptune
Ruling House: Twelfth House
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Body Parts: Feet
Keyword: 'Subconscious'
Date with Destiny: Cancer, Scorpio
Avoid: Sagittarius

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This is good time for the nubile those who are waiting for the right match, matrimonial prospects will gain momentum whereas misunderstanding may crop between lover and beloved. Confrontations and clashes are indicated leading to a problematic and disgraces situation; altercation with the close ones is also suspected. Renovation and home cleanliness will keep you busy, may shift to new home. Financial condition will rise in the starting but fluctuate during the month.

Pisces october horoscope 2020

October Pisces Predictions

Opening of the month will be very good, you will be granted with health and wealth. Family and friends shall be quite supportive and you would be free from all the problems and worries. You would be going well in profession and discharge family responsibilities happily. Financially you will be strong, but in the later days of first quarter confrontations and clashes will be frequent. Stay aloof from worthless pursuits and arguments otherwise you will quickly pick quarrels with the strangers even leading to a problematic and embarrassing situation, may suffer disgrace also. You will be hurt by someone close badly. This would be a very short period of two – three days then after the things will become normal and you may plan tour to refresh yourself. Renovation and home cleaning will be the most prominent activities throughout the month which will consume most of your time and money. You will have to invest considerable amount over home renovation. During the second quarter you will gain mental balance and enjoy comfortable life. You may invest for future prospect which would be quite profitable. The time is most suitable for the nubile those who are waiting for the suitable match because the matrimonial prospects may get momentum. In profession you will devote time and manage the office work properly. Due to some silly thing you could be scolded at home; this is make you listless again. Your daily schedule will be disturbed by the influx of guests at home. For professional growth you may learn new technologies and professional ethics. However you will enjoy happy moments with family and closed ones in merrymaking and entertaining. During the next quarter you would be somewhat selfish in materializing your end. You will devote time to hobbies and interest towards religion and spiritualism will be very high; may devote considerable time in reading religious literature and offering prayers. But during the later days of quarter it will be hard to accomplish even the easy task on time. You will feel challenges at every instance of life. From the health point of view you will have to be cautious since some season ailments may surface. Very soon you will emerge from the bad phase and the service problems will subside. During the last quarter your work shall be appreciated, reputation and honor will gain heights. You may come in contact with any VIP who will be very beneficial in materializing business affairs apparently. But during the later days you will lose your confidence and may feel demotivated. Tiff on minor issues is suspected. You will see everybody with a suspicious eye.

Pisces October Horoscope

Pisces October Weekly Forecast

Pisces October Horoscope 2019 Youtube Free Youtube

Pisces October 1st – 7th
Pisces will be blessed with an auspicious phase between 1st and 2nd. You may hear only positive news from every corner, may have wealthy, prosperous and happy life, friends and relatives will be helpful, you will get everything that you want during the phase. Financially you would be on sound footing. All the life problems would be resolved as per your expectation and career progress will be fast and steady. But the period between 3rd and 4th may give you some worries because Moon in 12th. You may get deeply hurt emotionally by some close one or you may have banter with less known fellows, clashes and confrontations will be the part of life. Mentally you would be puzzled and tensed. You may not be able to maintain required focus in professional arena hence career progress may hamper. Between 5th and 6th both good and bad things may happen in accordance. You may plan to go out on tour or sightseeing trip to rejuvenate yourself. The journey could be conducted in connection to profession and you may get only mediocre results. Take care of what you eat or drink else minor seasonal ailments may surface. However most part of 7th will go in cleaning and maintaining of home or office premises, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm which will in turn develop a positive atmosphere within the family.

Pisces October 8th – 15th
8th will give you much relief from the prevailing circumstances. Mentally and physically you will be strong enough to handle any situation. Life would be comfortable happy and easy but no significant gain is indicated in professional front. Between 9th and 10th you may feel a new surge of energy, pending works would be finished, you will complete the important document on priority basis and also some investment could be made which will bring only expected returns in due course of time. The period is quite favorable for nubile, they may come across with suitable matrimony prospects. Their relationship can be switched to the next level. Between 11th and 12th things may not happen in positive direction. On some matter you could be questioned in house, image can be sullied and you will remain tensed and morose all the time. 305 degrees miami. Influx of guests may hamper your day schedule and you may not find ample time for other important work. Home renovation work can be undertaken which will enhance the expenses drastically. Between 13th and 14th you will be keen to learn new techniques to materialize your end. This would be knowledge enriching phase may pass time in the company of enlighten literature. 15th will go in merriment in the company of family, friends and likeminded fellows. The day will go happily.

Pisces October 16th – 23rd
Between 16th and 17th you may receive the most expected thing, spiritualism and religion will attract you much hence may devote considerable time in offering prayers and practicing religious rituals. You may be selfish because you don’t want to be distracted from your main task. The approach will be clearer and you would be committed to professional work. Between 18th and 19th you may start home renovation or cleaning work. You may transform into innovative and radical approach to see the world. During the period you would be itching to do something big, may get partial success as well. Those who are associated with creative and innovative streams may get significant recognition. However the period between 20th and 21st would be challenging. Take care of your physical health, don’t take tension and take proper rest else you may trap in seasonal ailments. You will have to apply more efforts to turn easier tasks. Professional progress will be hampered due to unexpected hurdles. You may feel exhausted and tensed. But the period between 22nd and 23rd you may get relief up to some extent. Working conditions will improve. Job seekers may get suitable job opportunities as per their qualification and skills. Most of the prevailing worries may be subsided with lesser or no efforts.


Pisces October 24th – 31st
Between 24th and 26th you will have all favorable phase. Your all accomplishment and works will be appreciated widely. Honor and reputation graph will experience an upward movement. You will be dedicated and focused to professional chores; work efficiency will be very high as a result pending tasks would be completed with amazing speed. Family atmosphere shall be hilarious and members would be supportive. You will be confident and contented to see the things moving in the expected direction. Rivals and opponents will be brow beaten and competitors may not dare to challenge your supremacy. Between 27th and 29th you may attend some social gathering; new people will come in contact including some VIP who will be very helpful in giving an upward swing to your career perspective. You will spend quality time with family and kids. Life would be easy, comfortable and peaceful. You will be satisfied with your achievements. Between 30th and 31st the tide will be adverse. You may feel down and neglected for no apparent reason. Misunderstanding may crop in personal relations; there would be strained relations between lovers and beloved. Remain cool and collected if you don’t want to get indulge in any quarrel or arguments. Follow the policy of ‘think before you speak’ else the situation may turn against.

Pisces Horoscope Susan Miller Monthly

Pisces October Horoscope

Pisces October Horoscope

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