Moon the most significant planet in Vedic Astrology, the lord of 4th sign and natural 4th house Cancer. Moon is a planet of harmony, beauty, imagination, psychology in Astrology and the natural significator of mother, emotion, mental condition,imaginative power, market place, mind, prosperity, trading, peace of mind.Moon is feminine, cold, moist, nocturnal, negative, passive and fruitful in. With the Moon in Pisces, you are likely to be a highly impressionable individual – strongly influenced by the compassionate, creative, imaginative, romantic and idealistic aspects of life. On an instinctive level, you may have a natural affinity for the abstract or intuitive. Ruby slipper astrology blog compatibility. Moon Sign Forecast For Pisces in 2021. Pisces - Meen Moon Placed in Pisces Nakshatra - Poorvabhadra last quarter, Uttarabhadra, Revati. Indian Star Sign:Poorvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra 1,2,3,4; Revathi 1,2,3,4 padas. Name starts with sounds (Dee, Du, Tam, De, Do, Cha, Che) Rashi gem - Pukhraj Yellow sapphire Favorable colou r- yellow.

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Vedic astrology predictions

Vedic Astrology Scorpio Moon

The day might not turn out to be a cherished one. You will be confronted with hurdles in most of your matters relating to work as well as home. It is advisable that important meetings and journeys should be rescheduled for some other time as you.. MoreTomorrow Horoscope

Pisces Moon Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Aries Monthly Horoscope: Overview Planet of Influence: Mars Predominating Emotion: high level of confidence and major focus on travel, competition, siblings, children, and higher education As per Aries Monthly Horoscope of April.. More
Vedic astrology moon in pisces

Vedic Astrology For Scorpio

The year 2020 Aries Horoscope predicts that this year will be full of struggle and hard work for you and your relationship with your friends and family will improve during this year. You may start a new work in January or February but it will not.. More
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